"What did you do this time Green Lantern!" Razer growled from his station.

Just moments ago Hal had thrust them all into a couple of red lanterns fire. They defeated them but this also left them with possible damage.

Hal looked at Aya worriedly as she started to calculate the damage.

"There is damage to the exterior of the ship." Aya stated.

"Can we fix it?" Hal asked.

Aya lifted her head slightly as she calculated further.

"Yes, I have found a planet within range with the materials we shall need for repairs." Aya said.

"How long will it take Aya?" Hal asked.

"We will require three days" Aya responded.

"Great" Kilowag broke into the conversation. "Just had to go and break the ship again Jordon."

"Hey! Its not as bad as last time!" Hal responded.

"Aya." Razer broke in through the faces that were being made by Hal at kilowag now. "There is not anything dangerous there this time is there or Vermin?" His facial expression changing from indifferent to disgust.

Aya Sat at her station and Calculated again.

"I have no information on this" She stated flatly.

"So you do not know?" Razer asked.

"Correct" Aya said.

"Great." Razer grumbled slouched over the back of his chair crossing his arms.

"Well we will have to take our chances." Hal said in his I am in command voice.

"Plotting a course now" Aya said and turned to face the outside window after taking a moment to watch Razer's Reaction.

[Author's Note: My New GLTAS Fan fiction since "When I Find you"! I hope you enjoy this one! I'm planning on about five chapters but I always end up with more so I have no idea what will happen! Also this story has nothing to do with "When I Find You" which is sad.. but I wanted to do something different. Thanks for reading!]