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Summary: One Year has passed since the White Collar team brought down Jannie Santiago. Their latest case just happens to fall in her area of expertise. When the White Collar team can't solve it on their own, will they turn to Jannie for help? And what does her alias Jaden Halden have to do with it? What happens that shakes her up?

This is the sequel to my story The Spanish Theft.

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Don't Waste Good

Chapter 1

It was just another day in the office for the white collar team. They had gotten their newest case and had been working on it for about a week now. They were going over the latest evidence. Peter asks, "So what do we know about this guy?"

Diana starts, "He takes two paintings from old buildings and then places a bomb to go off a half hour before any one arrives the next morning."

"He can be as sloppy as he wants because he knows we can't get any concrete evidence on him. The bombs turn up nothing. This doesn't match any previous crimes and we can't pull any prints." Neal adds.

"Forensics and bomb squad came up with nothing. They couldn't even identify where it was made or where the pieces could have been bought." Jones mentions.

"So we got nothing." Peter states. "None of our Harvard Grads can tell me where that thing came from."

"There may be another option, but I don't think you are going to like it." Diana adds.

"What?" Peter questions.

Neal sighs, "Jaden Halden arms and bomb expert."

Diana says, "Jaden Halden is one of Jannie Santiago's aliases."

"You can't figure anything out on our bombs? Peter asks looking at Neal.

"No exactly a bomb guy." Neal mentions.

"What are you proposing we do?" Peter questions.

"Talk with Hughes and see if he is willing to cut a deal with her. If we can get her to agree to a C.I. deal we may be able to crack this case." Diana explains.

Peter asks, "A permanent deal?"

Jones states, "She is good. You always say don't waste good. We need her as much as she needs us."

"Hughes won't go for me being in charge of two C.I.'s on anklets." Peter says.

Diana adds, "You won't be. Jones and I will be in charge of monitoring her movements like you do with Caffrey."

Jones hands Peter a file. "Look it over and consider the possibility."

The other three leave Peter's office while he thinks over what they had just presented him with. He knew that Diana and Jones were up for the challenge, but he wasn't so sure that Jannie was C.I. material. She was a lot like Caffrey, but she was also very different from Neal. They were right, though. She was very good. Peter had decided, if they thought this could be beneficial then he would go with it.

Peter picked up the file and went to Hughes office. After explaining the situation to him and Hughes giving Diana and Jones the double finger point he agreed to let it play out on a temporary basis. If she could help them close the case Hughes said he would make it a permanent arrangement.

Diana and Jones were headed to the prison where Jannie Santiago was currently held at. When they arrived they were shown to an interview room, if you could really call it that. It was a larger room surrounded by bars containing a few picnic tables.

They sat down at one picnic table just as Jannie was being brought in by a guard. The guard waited for her to sit down before leaving.

She was wearing a blue jump suit pants and a white tank top. It appeared her top was tied around her waist and her hands were cuffed in front of her.

Jannie says, "Agents Berrigan and Jones."

Jones says, "Jannie we are working on a case..."

"The art bombings." Jannie interrupts. "I read the newspaper."

Diana says, "Yes, and our guys can't figure out anything on them."

Jones adds, "So we need your help."

"I don't understand." Jannie mentions.

Diana adds, "We know one of your aliases, Jaden Halden is known for being an arms and bomb expert. We need her to help us with this case."

"I have no idea who you are talking about." Jannie comments.

Jones says, "When we raided the hanger the day we arrested Matthew Keller, we got a hit of you alias, Jaden Halden. We need you to be her in exchange for a deal."

Jannie admits, "She died the day you arrested Keller. She was one of my aliases that Keller created. She was someone who I never wanted to be. Everything I stood against was outlawed by her. I swore I would never be her again. I'm sorry, but I can't help you."

"How would it feel to be able to have some freedom? Not be cuffed while you are having a simple conversation. Have your hat back. Be able to Skype with your fiancé." Jones goes on.

Jannie asks, "What are you proposing?"

Diana sets down a file in front of Jannie. She skims the file then adds, "So let me get this straight. I help you solve this one case and I become a permanent Confidential Informant with the FBI. Meaning I serve out the rest of my sentence while confined to a tracking anklet. I will have a two mile radius and the two of you are to monitor me."

Diana agrees, "That sounds about right."

Jones adds, "You don't have to make a decision right now. Call us when you do. I just want you to think about the innocent lives you could save by just helping us with this one case."

They both get up. Jannie calls, "Wait. Can you leave a case file for me to read."

"Of course." Diana states then walks out with Jones behind her.

The guard comes and escorts Jannie back to her cell. She reads over the two files the Agents had left. They were right. She was the only one who could figure out these bombs. No FBI Agent could crack these in their wildest dreams.

Diana and Jones return to the office and are greeted by Neal. He asks, "Did she go for it?"

"Jones gave her a very convincing speech, but I'm not sure if she will say yes." Diana answers. "Could you go talk to her. Let her know what she is missing out on."

"I can try." Neal agrees, "What did she say exactly?"

Jones supplies, "She said Jaden Halden died the day we arrested Keller. Jaden outlawed everything she stood for."

"I can work with that." Neal says.

At the end of the day Neal headed over to the women's prison so he could talk to Jannie. He got signed in as a visitor and Jannie was brought to a visitors station. There was a piece of glass the separated the two of them and they were talking through telephones.

"Jannie. Neal says.

"Neal." Jannie replies. "It is so good to see you. See some familiar face."

"Kyle still gone?" Neal asks.

"Yeah. I get letter though." Jannie replies.

"Diana and Jones came by today, didn't they?" Neal questions.

Jannie agrees, "Yeah, they did. Offered me a deal."

"Offered you a deal that would be stupid not to take, unless there was a pretty good reason not to." Neal counters. "Offered you the same deal I have now." pointing at his anklet.

"They want me to be Jaden Halden again. I can't do that. She is someone Keller created." Jannie mentions.

"I don't understand why you don't want be her. You are willing to give up your freedom so you don't have to be her." Neal adds.

Jannie replies, "I swore I would never do guns or drugs and she represents both of them. I don't even recognize myself when I am her."

"Just ask yourself one thing, is the cost of not being her worth it for the innocent lives that could be taken or is the sacrifice worth it for a little while." Neal counters.

"I will think about it." Jannie says.

Neal adds, "If I were in your position I would take the deal. They don't offer these deals to anyone. You are good. It would be a shame to see you waste it." He then gets up and proceeds to the exit.

Jannie was taken back to her cell. She reads through the file of the case and saw that two agents were killed in the second bombing. The first bombing there were 5 innocent civilians killed. They didn't see it coming. Sometimes they never do.

Diana went home that night and smiled when Christy greeted her. They were having a nice dinner together. After dinner they were relaxing on the couch when Christy asks, "What's wrong?"

Diana answers, "The case we are working on, the art bombings is just really tough. The FBI forensic teams can't get anywhere with the bombs. So I thought we could bring in a CI, Jannie Santiago to be exact."

"The art forger you guys caught last year." Christy states.

"Exactly. One of her aliases is perfect except there is something about it that she won't be her." Diana says. "We offered her the same deal as Neal if she helps out on this case."

Christy explains, "A criminals alias is like an undercover op sometimes. There are things you have to do that you regret. Things you don't want to talk about. Give her a little bit of time."

The next day Jannie was reading the newspaper when she came across an article about another bombing. This bombing took three agents and two soldiers. Jannie calls, "Guard."

The guard comes down her way.

Jannie asks, "May I borrow your phone?"

The guard answers, "Make it quick."

Jannie dials the number on the card she had. After a few rings she hears the voice on the other end says, "Berrigan."

"Agent Berrigan, it's Jannie Santiago. I wanna accept the deal."