Chapter 11

Previously on White Collar:

Diana questioned, "MP's? Your meaning to say this guy would have know that Clarke's team would get back early and was hoping to cause pain to a certain con artist." Diana didn't like the sound of this.

"Doctor says he is in critical condition. The next 24 hours are crucial. It doesn't look good though." Jannie said as she explained Kyle's condition.

When the doctor exited the room Keller took this as his moment and entered. Jannie felt something off. She drew her gun and came face to face with Keller.

Jannie stood holding a gun and Keller was laid on the ground. Diana asked, "What happened?"

"Blamed me for not being able to pay off his debt to the Russians. Said we would be even if I used the pension money I would receive. He threatened me. If I didn't he was going to kill me." Jannie explained.

Jannie was inside Kyle's room. She took his hand in hers again and leaned down over his body. She couldn't stop the tears that fell this time. She cupped his face with her hands and placed one last kiss on his lips. Jannie whispered, "Goodbye Kyle."

Present Time

Peter, Jones, Diana, and Neal were all gathered in Hughes office. Hughes looked over his three agents and Consultant. He now had another Consultant in the conference room. She was cuffed. She shot Keller. Was it in self-defense? Maybe. But they needed time to go over this.

Hughes said, "I know this whole situation is nowhere near anything anyone suspected but this is going to take time. There is going to have to be a formal investigation into what all happened as well as OPR investigations. This is all standard procedure."

"Are you saying she has to go back?" Diana asked. She had started to like the con artist over the past few weeks. They also made an agreement. She never wanted to go back on that.

"Yes." Reese stated. "Until all aspects of the investigation are completed."

"How soon?" Peter questioned. He was not very fond of the idea to begin with but Jannie had proven to be valuable. No one could say for certain if she had pulled the trigger in anger or in self-defense. None of them had known her long enough to say so.

"I can try to postpone it until after the funeral." Reese mentioned. "That would mean someone has to be monitoring her anklet 24/7."

Jones and Diana shared a look. "Done." Diana agreed.

Reese looked to Neal. "A few years ago when Kate passed you were feeling the pain she is feeling right now. Caffrey I need you to talk to her. Find out where her head is at before we can even begin to think about what we do next."

"Don't you guy's have shrinks for that?" Neal asked as he looked between all the agents in the room. He was very curious as to how they wanted to play this one out.

Hughes nodded, "We do, but we also have something better, we have you. None of our shrinks would be able to get her to talk. You know the way she feels right now. And if all else fails con her into talking with you."

"Con man conning a con artist. This will be a new one." Neal stated before he left the room and entered the conference room. The others had gone down to the squad room to get a better view. Diana was mainly focused on reading Jannie's body language. Peter was seated at Neal's desk and was focused on reading both hers and Neal's lips. He knew this was not easy for Neal.

Jannie looked up and saw Neal had entered. She had given him a slight smile.

Neal began, "Haven't picked the cuffs yet?" He sat down in a chair across from her.

"Don't believe in wasting my time on a pointless task." She commented. "One of the agents will be right back in here to redo them the second I do." Jannie stated. She knew it was mostly true.

Neal nodded, "How are you doing with all of this?" In all honesty Neal was having a hard time with it because this situation was a painful reminder of Kate.

"My hu.. husb.. husband is dead. Keller is dead and now they are deciding weather or not they send me back now or in a few days after the funeral, but either way I know I'm going back. They have no choice as they say." Jannie said as she sat straight up no longer with her feet on the table leaning back.

Neal looked straight into her eyes. He simply observed how the ice blue pupils he looked at just hours ago that morning no longer existed. Now as he looked into them all he saw was cold and darkness. Even the few times Neal had gone to see her while she was in prison they never looked like this. "About three years ago I was headed to an airport hanger. I was walking towards the plane where Kate was awaiting. I was almost to the plane when Peter called my name. He had found me and started to talk me out of leaving with Kate. I get it I really do. I know what it feels like to have everything you ever wanted and then in a blink of an eye it all disappears. It's not a fun feeling. I know no one envies the position you are in. But we got Keller."

Jannie nodded, "Yeah, we got Keller, but if there was ever something I learned about him is that there will always be a guy to pick up where he left off. So Keller may be dead, but there is another guy out there carrying out his plans. You blink and the one you love is gone. Kate, Kyle. Who's next? For our sake I hope we don't ever have the answer to that question."

Neal agreed, "I hope so too. Let the system play it out. I didn't believe in it back after Kate was killed and I almost shot and killed the wrong guy."

"And see there is the difference between me and you. You, Neal can use the word almost in that sentence. I unfortunately don't have that luxury. If I hadn't pulled that trigger I would not be here right now and yet even though he is dead I don't feel relieved or better. Kyle is dead and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do." Jannie replied. She stopped and just thought back to the moment when the bomb went off and then coming down off the ledge of the balcony she saw them load Kyle into the ambulance.

Neal looked at Jannie. He recognized the look. She was flashing back to the moment, thinking about it way too much. She probably wanted to remember every last detail seeing if she had dome something different if it would have made a difference. "Jannie don't do that there is nothing you can do to change what happened. You and I both know that."

"There was a guy. He was in there with me. He interrupted me disabling the bomb for about 1 minute. If I had had 10 more seconds I could have stopped the aftereffects, which are usually worse than the explosion itself. Only difference is the aftereffects were set up to hit downwards." Jannie commented remembering the man that almost succeeded in his goal of stopping her.

Attempting to get off the sad subject Neal said, "If you weren't stuck here in New York where would you go?"

"Italy. There is this island right off the shore. Has one of the best beaches. Kyle and I always talked about going there. It is romantic, beautiful, and gorgeous. Everything I always imagined for a honeymoon. I guess some dreams die-hard. What about you? If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?" Jannie explained remembering her promise to Kyle.

Neal replied, "Somewhere nice, small, island like. I like a change in scene every now and then but then again my resources are limited." Neal motioned towards his leg.

Diana and Peter came in. Diana undid the cuffs. Peter ordered, "Take her home."

Diana left with Jannie following closely behind.

After Peter was sure they had left he turned to his Consultant. "I want you to keep an eye on her the next couple of days. Her anklet will be being monitored, but don't let her do anything stupid."

Neal nodded then left the conference room. He began to head towards home.

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