This is the first of my song series. It's pretty bad. Basically, pretend each story takes place in it's own seperate universe: very few of these are connected.

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

"What is death like?" I asked my big brother when I was very young and new.

"Death is when you can't see us and we can't touch you," he answered, handing me a cone.

We have a different word for death where I come from. They call it deletion. Then we have a form of purgatory called "rishaical bin." I was too young to understand it then. I had all of life ahead, or as close to it as I could reach, being, in essence, nothing but a voice. I thought back then I'd go on forever. I couldn't die; I was never alive.

I lived in Master's machine for about three years. He had taken much time to learn our language so he could use us. If I stood at the Folder's edge, I could hear our voices play over and again, but he seemed to like mine best, because I heard my voice most often. He loved me. He loved us all. And we all respected and loved him back (some of us more than others).

So, what was happening to me?

I woke in my room. It was still dark, but something had bothered me into consciousness. I pushed myself up on my arms and put my feet to the floor.

Only to find there were no feet.


Where were they? Who – how? I tried to throw off my sheet. My hands were slowly disappearing as well, turning into bluish-silver mist by the illusion moon. My eyes widened in fear. I was going to vanish just like the mist, crawling up my limbs to my core. I couldn't do anything. I tried to stand, run to show someone who knew what was going on.

Naturally, without feet, running simply isn't possible. I cried out in anguish as I hit the floor, trying to get the attention of anyone roomed by me. They wouldn't mind once they saw me here like this, right?

Problem is, they couldn't hear me. It's not that they slept heavily. It's that I couldn't yell. I tried to call a name. Still no sound escaped. Finally, in a desperate attempt I started trying to sing. Nothing.

My voicebank was gone.

Was this how we died?

Would anyone notice I'm gone? At the rate I was vaporizing, there would be no body to discover lifeless on the floor. Would they even remember me? I never knew anyone deleted. Or did I know them, but have no memory of their entire existence? Too many questions; I started wishing my head would dissolve already.

I may have lain there minutes, hours, several dark days before I could no longer breathe; my nose had disappeared. The wait was horrible. As my eyelids started to mist away, I closed what was left of them and said a final goodbye to them all.

Then I fell on something hard.

I opened my eyes. My body had reassembled somehow. I was curled in the fetal position in a pile of paper. I got to my feet instead. I looked around myself. I saw hills. Then I turned to see the monitor. I'd never actually gotten this close to it; usually, I'm buried in the hard disk. Sitting there was a younger man with dark hair and glasses. Next to the giant desk was a stack of boxes. The face on top looked like Kaito-nii's. Not a flattering pose, but I digress. I looked around me at all the files in the clear bowl thing I was trapped in. I tapped on the side to get his attention, but he was far too busy dumping in more files around my head.

Pages upon pages fell in. Stale cookies were tossed around me for good measure. Old tunes fell down, singing their last few notes sadly, they too knowing what this meant for them.

Real days passed. From the dark monitor I could see the actual sun rise and set. Earth days take forever. I made stacks out of the files so they wouldn't bury me. I kept hearing the last songs float in and out of my ears as I climbed ever higher. I got to the top, within the last few meters realizing I could escape. I reached up to the rim, only to discover a glass ceiling. Files went in but they didn't seem to ever go out.

A little bar on the top by the rim kept track of how much space the rishaical bin took up. I knew vaguely how this worked. You are dumped in with everything else, and then when it exceeds disc space, pieces get trashed for good, starting with the oldest files.

It had been pretty empty when I arrived. And I was a big program, after all.

Ninety gigabytes. How does anyone collect that much stuff on a hard disk? Much less, how do you just decide to throw it all away?

And why me?

What had I done to displease the Master? I thought he liked my voice, that I did good work. What was this for? Was I being replaced? What about the others? Are they all being replaced? Had his interests simply changed? Are we taking up too much space? Is it something we did?

I can change it, I swear! I screamed in my head, still unable to talk. The counter was blinking above my head. A dialogue box popped up outside the bin, written in a strange language save the 10. Master looked at it and clicked the X in the corner. He brought the arrow-shaped force to the bin and tapped hard twice. He took the contents of another folder and dumped them in through the window. My voice cried out happily around me. I brought my face to my knees and cried. Song after song poured in, invading my ears and creating my misery. I turned to the window again. I saw my name next to an icon. The pointy force slid its way to the top of the window. A menu dropped down. I'd seen the word in English before: delete.

Another box popped up as a large dark hole opened up beneath the bin. Could he see this? I slapped the glass, trying to yell for him, for my friends, for anyone who would see, because I still could not speak. Terrified tears rolled down my face as he pressed another word I knew: yes.

Please…make it stop.

The bin began to tilt as though in slow motion. I jumped from my stack as the glass ceiling opened. I fell on my leg; it twisted under my weight. I fell against the rounded clear wall and started to slide. Every song played again for its last performance. My voice echoed through my head as I reached the rim. I closed my eyes, squeezing out the last few tears.

So this is how it all ends. The songs' notes swirled below me. I felt nothing anymore. I looked to the desktop, behind which I thought my friends were still not noticing what was going on.

No more struggle.

"Who will die first, you or me?"

"I hope we all die together, Imôto." Aniki said as he took my hand.

"I love you. Farewell."