Request by Greensk8ergurl. Sequel (?) to "Daughter of Evil." Narrator is Kagamine Len. I know it's been a while since an update, but now that school's back in, I can't crank these out like I was at the start. I'm still taking requests, but they won't get done very quickly. And lighter songs are acceptable, too: all these seem to be pretty depressing and dark. Though if you want to request dark ones, that's okay. Just don't expect anything new for this for a while.

Servant of Evil

We were born within an hour of each other. Of course, she being older, she would be the one to take over when the time came. I never minded; I didn't have the temperament for a ruler.

It was apparent from an early age my sister was ambitious. She would always speak about when she'd rule, and how her kingdom would be. She spoke fluently and with such charisma…I often found myself talked into a lot of stuff that I knew was wrong. But I probably would've done it anyway. All I ever wanted to do was make her genuinely happy. What brother doesn't want to see his sister smile?

I got the news on the eve of my thirteenth birthday: My parents were dead. Killed in their sleep, rather horrifically, their throats cut. I had trouble containing my tears, but through them I could see my sister being told the same news with a face of stone. Then they mentioned the fate of the kingdom, and how there would have to be a new king. They said the next heir was my sister, and she would take the throne in the morrow, when she was thirteen. She nodded, not blinking once. I knew what had happened in an instant. I told her my suspicions when they had walked away.

She threw her head to the side and smiled her large, overly-faked grin. "And that will stay our secret, right?"

I had to tell. But I was so conflicted. My sister was a murderer? But I knew what would happen to her if I told. But I couldn't not tell.

"If it does?"

"You, my brother, will be a trusted advisor and servant. Get to stay in the castle."

I narrowed my eyes. "And if it doesn't."

Her grin grew wider and she closed her eyes, cocking her head to the side. "No one speaks out against the queen and keeps their head. Of all people, you, younger brother, ought to know that." On that note, she skipped away.

A year and a half passed. My sister had grown ruthless and insane with her power. But something else had changed as well. She would retreat to her tower for hours on end, then come back down with a much improved disposition. I could not figure out what was causing this, but I wanted it to go on forever.

She called us, the servants, all down to discuss something one afternoon during this period. She said she wanted a grand ball held in her throne room the following weekend. "Invite all from the neighboring kingdoms: I don't want it too obvious what I'm trying to accomplish."

Ahh…she was hiding something. The others set off to immediately start the preparations, while I took my spot at her right hand. I looked at her. I asked what she was up to. She was speaking about her heir. But no fourteen-year-old girl – not even one with such foresight as my sister – thought about her child. All she thinks about is the process. A young lady wants love, no matter how cold she was. So, that must've meant…

"You seek a prince, my lady."


Here's where I decided to tread in a dangerous water. "If I may be so bold, is there one you have in mind?"

"No, you may not be so bold." Her face became red and she looked away, arms folded. I decided it was best if I dropped the subject.

The night of her gala came in. As the rest of the servants, I was stood in a spot with a tray of food on little picks, waiting to serve all those who came by. The Violet lady and her Knight came by and said hello, all the way from Murasaki. From our sister nation came the duchess of Kiiro. And then she came over.

The princess of our neighbor Midori.

I knew she was coming, but I never actually saw her. Something invisible hit me in my gut and I nearly dropped my tray. I regained my balance, only to look up and see her approach. She was a sight to behold. Her long teal hair was tied back in twins and she walked with a grace unlike anything I'd ever seen. She came over and took one of the picks, sticking the morsel on the other side between her smooth pink lips. She placed the stick back on the tray with the other discarded picks and smiled at me. I felt myself blush. She wouldn't leave.

Then she spoke. Her voice was high and fluttery, leaving a similar feeling in my core. I didn't even actually hear what she said.

"Excuse me?"

"Huh?" I said stupidly. She was still looking at me.

"I said, this doesn't look like a very fun job."

"Oh…" I looked at my feet. "Well…it's okay. At least it's simple. A fool could do it!" What was I implying about myself? I tried to pull my foot out of my mouth and said, "Plus, I get to hear the band play, and pretend I'm dancing."

"Oh," she said, smiling again. "Well, perhaps you should see me later. Toward the end when your tray is empty. I can dance with you. I rather like it."

Words escaped me. She wanted to dance…with me? The servant? It wouldn't be allowed. So, like an idiot, I just laughed and said, "I'm afraid that's not possible, or proper."

"Oh, it's a party! I don't care what's proper. And, besides, it's just a dance!" And with that, she finally left.

How stupid can you be?

My tray did eventually run out. So, I stood off to the side, hoping the princess would come back. I would do it right this time. She didn't come back. There was a rather big crowd gathered in the center of the throne room. I went to one of the guests, a lady with hair palest blue. She was looking up over the crowd on her toes, seeming excited and jealous at the same time.

"My dear gentlewoman," I said to her. She looked at me.

"What can I answer you, knave?" she said, smiling.

"What is happening? In the center?"

"I can't see it." I offered her a hand. She stepped on my hand and I lifted her frame up. She gasped and grinned hugely. I brought her back down. She looked at me.

"It's the prince of Ao! I heard he was looking for a partner! He's dancing with the princess of Midori! I think he may have found who he's looking for! You should've seen his face! Oh, perhaps my friend and I can lift you." She cast her head around, looking for her friend.

I waved her down, my heart sinking lower by the second.

"I really think he'll take her!" the girl kept saying.

I shrugged, stuffing my hands into my pockets. "It might be just a dance."

"Oh, don't ruin it with that attitude!" she scolded playfully.

I nodded once and walked away. The gala was to end in a half hour. There was no point in me getting another tray, so there was also no point in sticking around a party I technically wasn't invited to, just to watch my heart slowly break. I walked over to the throne. It was vacant. As the crowd dispersed, I noticed my lady was nowhere in it. I went to the Violet Knight and asked him if he'd seen her.

He looked down at his princess and asked her the same thing. Both said they hadn't seen her for a while. I grew concerned; while fairly certain that nothing would happen to her, I was more worried about her being on her own with her dangerous mind. I went to the logical place: her tower. I grew more anxious with each step I took up her winding staircase. The top of the flight led to her bed chamber. I opened the door.

I heard terrible screaming coming from inside. I flung it open all the way. My lady was in a horrible fit: her belongings were being flung across the room. The curtains were ripped from their rods. She herself was a frightening sight. Her hair was falling out of its knot and it was apparent when she turned around she had been crying. She looked deranged…more so than usual.

"Ojô-sama," I said loudly. She cocked her head to one side, as she was so prone to doing. She stared at me, contemplating her next move. It was not a good one to which she came to a conclusion. She took up a candlestick from the table, causing all seven tapers to fall to the desk and floor. It was apparent she was going to use it for battery as she started toward me. Unfortunately for her, I had gotten rather good at dodging her over the years. I took one step back as she brought her weapon toward my head, then advanced quickly before she could bring it back up. I pinned her arms to her side as I brought mine around her. I fell to my knees, dragging her with me.

"Ojô-sama…Onee-sama…" I said, petting her hair, trying to just console her into calming down. I think in that second, I figured out what the entire goal of tonight was. While my jealousy was depression, hers was rage. She wanted the prince of Ao. I wanted the princess of Midori (even though I knew damn well I couldn't have her). We were both unsuccessful in our goals. But, see, my sister was not used to not having things go her way.

"Servant," she said to me the next morning. She stood and led me to the tower entrance, but down the other stairs. I had a bad feeling I knew where she was taking me.

Surely enough, we were headed to the dungeon. I could tell by the iron smell the old blood was giving off. I gagged on the scent. It was as if my sister couldn't smell it. She led me to one of the torture rooms and I immediately considered running. Unfortunately, with my sister, it was a "damned if I do, damned if I don't" sort of deal. So, I stayed.

She picked out her tool: a rusted dagger, still covered tip to hilt with blood. I kept my eyes on it as she held the instrument out.

"Take it." I did as told. "Now you are to go to the nation Midori, keep that hidden. Say you are there on my behalf and request a private audience with their princess. I know of this girl: she won't refuse. Then you are to take the blade there and push it through her heart. I want this done no later than Thursday night. Understood?"

I couldn't. Not only wasn't I capable of the murder, I surely couldn't do it to the girl I liked that much. But I loved my sister too. I knew what she wanted to accomplish: she wanted the princess of Midori out of the way. With her out of the way, there was one less competitor for the heart of the prince of Ao. I had to choose. I took it on faith that she would protect me. After all, I was her little brother…right? Even in that shell of hers, she still had to understand that I was the younger twin to her older.

And, it wasn't as if I'd ever have a chance with the princess, anyway….

As promised, the princess let me have audience with her. She leaned forward when she saw me. She was perhaps less splendid than she was at the party, but nonetheless she was beautiful.

"Ah! The traysman from the gala in Daidaiiro! How pleasant. I suppose the queen has something she sent you for, or did you just come under your own power? Would she even let you do that?"

All the while she wouldn't stop smiling, just like that night. I fingered the implement sheathed in my pocket. I couldn't.

"Well, you don't have to stand by yourself," she said, getting to her small feet. She walked down from her chair and started toward me. I untied the makeshift sheath from around the bloody dagger.

She was mere meters from me. "So tell me: what has Daidaiiro-ojô-sama sent you for?" She was right up to me in the middle of the room. I looked right into her eyes. They were so warm for being blue-green. They were looking into mine softly, welcomingly. They were friendly eyes, but perhaps something else? Was she not as interested in Ao as my lady thought?

Her pretty green eyes grew wide in horror as I got lost in them. She backed away from me; my arm followed. Her head looked finally at her breast, whereupon a large red stain spread across her gown. The dagger…had my arm acted autonomously? I knew the last thing I was thinking about was the mission. Her look at her own blood was the last action of her head before she fell to the ground, breathing heavily. I stared at her, horrified at what I'd just done. She looked at me, gasping as her broken heart struggled to keep beating. She was expecting me to call help. But while I wanted very much to help her, I wasn't stupid. If I called for help, I'd be arrested and executed because, who else could've stabbed her in the chest? And if by some miracle the guards of Midori didn't have me put to death, my sister would be outraged that I didn't finish the job correctly, that I'd clearly chickened out, and she'd either have me killed or do it herself on-the-spot. I was screwed either way. The smartest thing was, however cowardly, to find my way out of their through a window and flee back to my kingdom. I cried that night.

The news was officially released the next morning. My sister seemed pleased but remained as stoic as she did on the day we learned our parents had dies. At least she seemed happy. My small condolence was that I'd satisfied her. I reminded her about the funeral, and that she had been invited to attend. She refused the invitation. She had no idea what her absence said about her role in the princess's death.

A man came in that day. He said he was a guard from Midori. Under the grill, it was impossible to recognize him. He pointed at me. He named me the murderer of the princess. He said there could be no other: I was the last to see her before her untimely death. I couldn't contain my shameful flush but tried to remain as my lady, stony. He then insulted farther by saying I lacked the brain to do it myself and moved his finger to my sister. Her face stayed the same, except for the faintest widening of her eyes. Also, her knuckles became white as she clutched her throne's arms. The man gave her a day to confess.

Which of course she had no intention of doing. So, in my sister's twisted mind, the only way to cover up bloodshed was, well, more bloodshed.

"The lot of them are worthless anyway. I didn't remember his face, so all the men have to die. And a kingdom is no good with only womenfolk, and the children can't survive alone. So, kill them all. It would be crueler to let them all die without the men."



I'd had enough of this. She had talked me into too much already in our short fourteen years. I wasn't having any more of it. "I'm not killing any more. Not again. That was horrible. You have no idea."

"You know I do."

"Your mind is sick and doesn't work like mine!" I shouted.

For once she looked at me like she was concerned. I melted in the gaze. She still had me around her finger. I was about to concede defeat when she spoke.

"Besides, your head's already marked. There's no way I could send you out there and expect you to come back. You've done enough."

She sent out everyone else to carry out the massacre. By Saturday morning, Midori was no more. The soldiers came back in the morning to their enraged kinsmen. She had sent out forty. Three came back alive.

I went to run an errand quickly when I overheard a meeting in the town square. On a soapbox in the center of a crowd, a woman in armor painted scarlet was giving a speech. I came closer.

"….taxes raised, productivity has been slashed! And all in the last two years! Now we see slaughter in our neighbor's yard? Isn't this enough? Haven't you had enough of this damn regime ruining every great thing about Daidaiiro?" The crowd roared. I hid behind an abandoned cart.

"She must be taken out! There is no other option! This has been going on too long!"

Taken out? Surely she didn't mean… I had to do something.

I paced in my quarters that night. I hadn't told her about the red knight's speech. I had to do something. I couldn't let her die. The tyrant taken out? Absolutely, but I don't think they were simply talking about taking her out of her position. We were talking gallows, the guillotine. I looked in the old cracked mirror on the wall. I hadn't a use for it in so long, I forgot how my own face looked. I didn't even see my face at first; I saw…my sister's….

That's it.

"I don't understand."

"Look, for once, do as you're told instead of giving the orders!" She looked like she'd just been slapped in the face.

"I can have you executed for that – "

"You still don't get it! They won't listen to you anymore! They're far more interested in your head than mine! The entire plan is so that they don't get your head! Now, again," I said, pressing a set of clothes into her arms, "wear these. Put on my cloak. And run. Run and never even think about coming back."

"And you'll follow."

I looked into her eyes. Their expression was unlike anything I'd seen. She actually wanted me there, by her side. Would she have ever had me killed? All of those times…was she just bluffing, knowing I'd do as told threatened with death?

"We'll see."

I saw she understood. She knew I wasn't coming back. Not this time. She dressed right there in front of me. I put on her dress. I felt ridiculous but had no time to reflect on it. I took the cutting knife from the table where I'd set it. I took all her hair behind her and cut straight across. She looked at me.

"Your hair's too short to be me."

"So I just keep the knife and scatter your hair on the floor around me. Looks like I just cut it. Like in your vanity." I smiled. She didn't return it.

"You have to come with."

"Onee-sama, you and I both know I can't."

She flung her arms around my waist. She had never been like this. Was this my sister? Or was I impersonating an impersonator? I pried her off. We had no other choice. She looked up at me, her face still blank, but the tears giving herself away. I kissed her forehead and pushed her away.

"Go!" I ordered. She turned and ran up the corridor. I gathered my skirt and ran after her, to show her the exit I just remembered I forgot to tell her she should use.

Once she was out, I returned to the throne room. I dumped the fistful of long blonde hair at my feet and sat in the throne, twirling the knife. I was as ready for it as I was going to get.

As I write this, I can hear the townsmen approach. I know my time is up. And I plan to face it with the stoic face I learnt from my sister.

Speaking of her… I don't know if she got out or got caught. After all, as the murderer of the princess of Midori, I was wanted too. I expect if she was caught, she'll be executed by my side. I doubt you'll ever read this, my Onee-sama, but I want you to know that every last thing I did in those short almost fifteen years we had together, I did for you. Every ridiculous, dangerous thing. All because I love you. Still. After all you've done, all you made me do, all you made everyone at your disposal do. And, if there is in fact another life waiting for us, I wouldn't mind – no, I hope with all my heart – I get the chance to be your twin brother again. And we'd have our childhood again, like we did all that time ago. And I'd still do anything to make you smile. Goodbye and good luck.