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Despite the very low level of actual skill shared between Soul and Maka in their first true kissing endeavor, they easily made up with lust driven fervor. It was rather messy business with much more saliva and biting than Maka had ever anticipated. Letting out a small squeak she pulled away as Soul's shark-like teeth grazed across her lower lip. She felt him stiffen beneath her for a moment as her hand pulled from his face to gingerly touch her lips.

"Sorry." Soul said meekly, running his tongue over his sharp teeth. He knew they could easily break skin, but he had grown up with them. He barely even noticed unless someone pointed it out to him and even then it was only for a few minutes. Tentatively he reached up his hand to brush against Maka's lip, her hand easily gliding out of his way.

"I guess…" Maka's eyes locked with his. "This is going to take some practice?"

The implications of her words were not lost on Soul as his mind went into light speed. Practice. Practice. Practice meant they would be doing this again. Possibly many more times again. The mere thought almost put a premature end to his night. Luckily, however, that managed to be staved off as Maka pressed her lips against his again and his mind went blank for a few moments. Simply enjoying the kiss he gained a small amount of control as his hand slipped to the small of her back and down to her ass. Slightly empowered by her words he gripped her firm cheeks, enjoying her groan against his mouth as his actions forced her more firmly on his cock. A cock that was still firmly trapped between Maka's wet lips and his own body. He was mildly sure that this was as close to heaven as one could be without actually dying.

It was stupid to her. Completely stupid that a kiss changed anything. Completely stupid that her taking off her shirt changed anything. But it did. It meant something that she didn't want to admit since the first time she had kissed Soul on the cheek. The first time she had agreed to let him touch her back. She didn't know exactly what it meant but she knew the most important part of the entire equation.

It meant trust.

She trusted Soul. She trusted Soul more than she trusted anyone else on the entire planet. Despite his sometimes sullen personality he was always there for her. He always had her back (and now her front). He always put her needs before his own, even the need for him to live. If there was anyone. Anyone she could even begin to consider doing this with and never regretting it, not even once, it would be him.

Lips never stopping against his she slowly raised her body up, feeling an instant desire to slam her hips back down and continue the friction, and reached one slender hand between them. She felt and heard Soul let out a groan at the loss of sensation, but she did not respond. Taking him firmly in her grasp she slowly pulled his cock into position, letting the head just kiss her wet lips as she opened her eyes.

Soul was staring at her, his body completely tense as she pushed him down onto his back with her other hand. His eyes showed both shock and desperation, but there was something more. Something she was sure only she would have been able to see in those red pools. There was a question. A question he didn't need to voice. Very deliberately she nodded and felt him relax as much as he could with the head of his cock pressing against her very wet folds. His hands still on her hips he slowly guided her down as she began to lower her body, muscles tensing as Soul truly entered her for the first time.

The pain was surprisingly slight from what horror stories she had heard in the girl's locker room, but there was still pain. A burning stretching pain, but nothing she couldn't handle. One didn't become a meister for the DWMA without being able to take a bit of pain. She also did not simply 'sink down' as she had seen many of the… adult actors do, though she hadn't really expected anything she watched to hold up in real life. Instead she felt a little of Soul melt into her an inch at a time as she slowly rolled her hips up and down. There was also something else though, that was actually taking up the forefront of her mind as Soul continued to sink even deeper into her.


Lots of pleasure. Pleasure that drew a long string of moans and mewls that was capped off with a simple utterance of 'fuck' as she finally sank the last inch and Soul was completely buried inside of her. For a moment she didn't move, savoring the simple feeling of being filled when Soul let out a pitiful moan. Looking up she caught his eye and saw the turbulent expression. He had been amazingly good during the entire ordeal, not moving an inch as she had taken control, his hands simply resting on her hips as she sank onto him. Though, he would be lying if he said the desire to thrust hadn't been at the top of his list of things he wanted to do more than breathe. Sensing his need Maka draped her body back over his and gave him a searing kiss as her hips began to gently rock back and forth.

"Maka." Soul gritted, twisting his head into the pillow as her movements almost drove him over the edge. "Can I…?" He couldn't finish his sentence as Maka's pace picked up slightly and he could only let out a groan, his fingers digging into her flesh.

"Yes." She whispered as she found his mouth again. With almost trembling movements Soul's hips began to thrust beneath her. But tortured as he was he was still extremely careful with her. His thrusts remained shallow but were still enough to draw a cry from Maka's lips. For more minutes than Maka could process they kept with this tempo before she felt Soul start to tense up and his thrust began to become more quick and aggressive, his cock going deeper into her each time. The wet sound of flesh on flesh filled the dark room as Soul pounded into her, his mouth moving down to her neck as her nails clawed against his shoulders. Vaguely she felt him sink those dangerously sharp teeth into her throat but she honestly couldn't care as they only added to the sensations she was feeling.

Hips a blur Maka felt a burning heat forming between her legs, growing hotter with every thrust of Soul's hips. Forcing herself to move faster even as she felt her body grow tired and sore she felt it begin.

The orgasm wracked through her small frame as she let out a sob of pleasure, her walls clenching tightly around Soul's cock. He let out a groan but continued to move in and out of her, so close yet still teetering on the edge.

"Maka." His voice came out more a growl as his thrust lost all sense of pacing. Through the haze Maka made a questioning noise. "Are you…oh god, are you on the pill?"

"Yes." Maka whispered, her soft voice in his ear sending chills down his spine.

"Can…Can I…"


Soul finally fell blissfully over the edge. Hips jerking up one final time he grasped her tightly, pulling her flush against his body. Inside her Maka could feel his cock spasm as he shot rope after rope of his hot seed into her. For another moment he held her, so tightly she thought he might crack her back, before finally relaxing slightly though his grip remained firm.

For a long time they laid there with eyes closed and bodies twined around each other. Neither moved nor wanted to move, Soul still deeply set inside of his meister. But eventually the cold of the room began to get to them, and Soul felt his meister shake. With slightly numb movements he pulled out of her, letting out a hiss as he did so. Still wobbly he tugged the covers of the bed out from under them and carefully laid them around Maka's form, though not his own. Staring down at her he wasn't quite sure of what to say until her eyes flicked open. Suddenly feeling very small in those large green eyes he began to rise from the bed, fully intent on returning to his room when Maka caught his wrist. Without a word she tugged him back into the bed, scooching over to the side to make room for him. Pulling the covers over both of them she placed a gentle kiss on his lips before rolling back over into her more comfortable position. After a few minutes of silence she finally felt Soul relax and in another minute he was asleep.

Smiling to herself Maka snuggled closer to him, smile widening as one of his large arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer and he buried his head in the back of her neck.

No. She still hadn't figured everything out about her and Soul and maybe she never would. But this. This right here should understood.

And that was enough.

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