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" Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard American Airlines Flight number..." said the overly cheery voice of a woman echoing in the plane.

"UUggghh can the plane just take off already!" said a frustrated and impatient Emabelle as we sit patiently-well some of us - waiting for the plane to take off.

"Oh shut up Ema you didn't even want to leave Phoenix in the first place why are you in a rush now?" I say rolling my eyes facing her seat next to mine while i hear the chatter of my other two sisters in the seat behind ours.

" Well can you blame for not wanting t o go Forks is one of the coldest, wettest places in the continental U.S. The only good things that's coming out of this is that we get to stay with dad and not have to stay with Renee and her hubby Phil. God knows she doesn't want us invading their precious alone time any longer."

She replied crossing her arms with a disgusted look on her face because of the behavior of our so called mother.

Let me fill you in for those of you who are otherwise uninformed. My name is Isabella Swan or Isa for short. I have red-brown hair, brown eyes , and pale skin. I am sort of shy but still out spoken.

My sister Emabelle ,or Ema, has black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin as well. She can come off as a bitch if you don't know her because she's very protective of the ones she cares about.

My other sister Arabella, or Ara, has dark brow hair, brown eyes, and tan skin from being outside alot playing sports.

Last but not least is Anabelle, or Ana, who has blond hair , blue eyes, and has skin thats a few shades lighter that Ara's but darker that Ema's of mine.

( link of what the sisters look like: www . polyvore in_this_together/ set?id=51441100 )

My sisters and I are quadruplets and we are on our way to live with our dad, Charlie- (who is also the chief of police their) , in Forks, Washington because our mom says its time for us to spend time with our father , when really she just got tired of us getting in the way of her and Phil starting their new life together. Well she is kind of right-for once- we need to spend more time with our father than just the occasional phone call and te monthly letters. We used to spend summers their but Renee has found it more convenient because we did all the house work while she was out.

Another reason why we think we should stay with our father is because we need a little bit more of guidance and maybe a teacher. See there's more to my sisters and I than the average person we are shifters, as in we shift into animals or and sometimes other people or only shift parts of our body if we concentrate but we need to also my sisters and I have powers . Like I can control earth and the weather and heal people, Ema can control fire and can control people -(like their minds and make their limbs move without your consent), Ara can control water and time(she can fast forward , rewind, skip, slow it down, etc), and Ana can control air and can teleport. We all have telekinesis. So even though we have these gifts we still need to learn how to control them a little better and hoping our father would help for he is a shifter himself .

"Please stay buckled and prepare for lift off." said the once again too cheery voice over the intercom.

"Oh thank ", was Ema's reaction