As a planet on the far side of the galaxy fell into its sun, its most renowned scientist placed his newborn daughter in an experimental rocket.

"Our world will soon be gone, and because of those government fools, so too will our race. I'm so sorry that the legacy must fall to you, Kara."

Lara, his wife, added a series of data-encoded crystals to ensure that their daughter would one day know where she came from, and that even in death, her birth parents loved her.

Jor-El said, "For the past few months, I had begun to despair in my search for a suitable planet, but one has turned up at the last minute. A beautiful, blue world. The third planet in orbit around a yellow sun. From the calculations I've been able to run, its atmosphere should be more than adequate to support you, and while the gravity's lower than it is here, I feel that it won't be a concern."

After Lara kissed their daughter on the forehead, Jor-El closed the cockpit and activated the thrusters.

"But, more than anything else, I have studied the people of this planet. And while they are primitive in the face of our science, it is above all else their capacity for good, that causes me to believe that you will be loved and cared for."

Convincing himself one last time that this was the best course of action - for his daughter, for his species, and his civilization - Jor-El punched the controls, sending the vessel on its cosmic journey.

The rocket escaped the star system just as Rao went nova.

Two Japanese children were training in the woods outside their home when the girl happened to look in the sky.

"Hey look, Kyouya, a falling star!"

Kyouya stopped himself from kicking her legs out from under her to take a look.

However, the star seemed odd.

"If I'm not mistaken, Miyuki..." His eyes narrowed. "Then that falling star is heading in this direction."

Miyuki's expression said it all.

A moment later, and the kids were briefly by the shockwave, ears ringing from the deafening roar of reentry.

As the dust settled, the brother asked, "Miyuki, are you all right?"

"Ehn... I'm fine, big brother. I wonder what that was...?"

"Miyuki, wait!"

Heedless of her brother's warning, Miyuki hopped over to the crater.

"Kyouya, I think this is some kind of spaceship - it's definitely no meteor!"

Concern at her reckless actions beginning to show in his voice, Kyouya tried to stop her...


But she opened it anyway, and her top half suddenly disappeared as she bent over, giving anyone interested a nice view.

Then she popped up with a baby in her hands, wrapped up in a red blanket.

"Look Kyouya, she's so cute - wait, you thought it was going to have some kind of tentacle monster inside, didn't you?"

Eyes narrowed at his troublesome younger sister, Kyouya muttered, "Always expect the worst..."

"Jeez big brother, you're too young to sound that grumpy! Anyway, let's go see what Mom and Dad think!"

While it didn't affect Kyouya so much, it was clear that the star-baby's cuteness was getting to Miyuki. Knowing that she'd cheerfully ignore him if he tried to stop her, the brother just rolled his eyes and went with it.

A few hours later, Shiro and Momoko had a discussion that, while probably important, was something the author couldn't motivate himself to write out.

The next day, the super-cute redheaded star-baby was in the family registry as Nanoha Takamachi.

So here I am, ripping off Shadow Crystal Mage's 2814 verse. Don't worry, though, he practically dared me to do it.