The Joes managed to infiltrate an abandoned Cobra facility in the desert to ensure all weapons and toxins are properly disposed of. The location was given by Scarlet's father rather reluctantly after Scarlet had asked him if there were any other facilities of cobra that they need to know of. Snake Eyes was situated outside to patrol the vicinity when he was surprised by an arrow, it had almost hit his neck had he not turned at that moment. The ninja flipped backwards, running towards the entrance to the facility bright feathered arrows trailing behind him as they missed their target. He heard an elk call that he guessed was really his enemy. Snake Eyes paused and he could make out a hazy distorted image of a man, the distortion brought on from the heat of the desert sand. The male had a buffalo crown head piece with white war paint, leather vest with leather chaps over jeans. Snake Eyes drew his katanas and waited as the other approached.

"You there! Why have you come to this place?" Snake Eyes was caught off guard by the question considering he had no way of answering. He touched his throat and shook his head to try to convey his disability.

"Ah like the Great Wanderer you are silent but I can tell you long to speak. I must warn you of this place my fellow brother. This place was abandoned long ago. Even though Cobra tried to reopen this facility, the Great Spirits have forbid any acts of opening the door to the Spirit World. I had thought you were an enemy of the spirits as I would like to think of myself as a spirit protector. The Wanderer incarnate gave that man her key in order to help mankind. She was greatly disappointed and she fled from this place." The man showed his bow and arrows and placed them on the ground.

"I have need of you to find this Wanderer incarnate. I have relayed to you the story the nearby tribe had told me. I am from the sioux tribe and I have need to call upon the Great Wanderer so that my tribe may once again be at peace with the great spirits." The man sighed. "It has been a long journey. Come I may be able to decipher the information you may find in this facility." The man motioned for Snake Eyes to respond. Snake Eyes was intrigued by this story. He knew that Scarlett's father had obtained the crystal by some means but to think that he obtained it from an indigenous tribe? Did they once have such technology in the past to activate the stone?

"The Crystal was the Wanderer Incarnate's key to the Spirit world. Only she and the Spirits have knowledge on how to open the 'Door'." The man sighed waiting on Snake Eyes to make his move. Just then the facility's entrance doors opened to reveal Duke, plasma pistol at the ready.

"You O.K Snake Eyes?" Duke kept his eyes on the new comer and walked closer to the two.

"I mean you no harm. Please, I require your help. I need to find out what happened to the Wanderer Incarnate and where she could possibly be. I thank you for infiltrating the facility, I had expected it to be difficult to open." Spirit smiled nervously and waited for the newcomer to allow him to move freely.

"Uh...ok then. Um...and you are?" Duke was confused not like it was any different when dealing with snake eyes.

"You may call me Spirit Talmos. I am part of the Sioux Tribe and I seek information inside that facility." Spirit dropped his hands as his muscles ached from readying all those arrows.

Duke was still suspicious but he wanted the others' opinions before he started playing cop again. He radioed the others to come outside, Scarlet outright refusing while the others quickly ran to Duke's side. Duke was annoyed at Scarlet, she seemed like she was once again obsessed with cobra or rather the information that cobra had been hiding.

"What's the matter Duke?" Roadblock said staring at the stranger. The man was tall and wore very 'unique' clothing styles. 'I don't like the looks of this.' Roadblock straighten himself to make him appear taller so as to intimidate the stranger.

"This guy says he needs some information from the facility. Says he is from a sioux tribe?" Duke could tell the man was a native american but he wasn't very knowledgeable about specific tribes. "Anyways, he attacked snake eyes and now he wants peace. Any objections?" Duke asked.

"Was the ninja hurt?" Tunnel rat asked squinting from the harsh light of the afternoon sun. He hated deserts and wanted to stay at the base but Duke ordered him to go as he was the only medic Duke trusts.

"See for yourself T-rat." Ripcord pointed to the silent man and Tunnel Rat sighed in annoyance at his nickname.

"The name i-" Tunnel Rat was interrupted by a staticky message from Scarlett.

"Everyone should come and see this. The new comer too."

"This just keeps getting better and better." Duke groaned and then motioned for all the others to head inside. He waited for Spirit to grab his fallen weapons and join them.

"Thank you." Spirit said passing Duke.

"We haven't done anything." Duke shook off the thanks and made his was to the elevator.

When the group reached the level they had left Scarlett they were surprised to see holograms of various crystals throughout the laboratory. Scarlett waved for them to come closer.

"I think I found some history on the crystal that allowed teleportation. It's a rare crystal that was noted by various historical journals but there were never any specimens. Until some how my father managed to get his hands on one. I think I need to talk to h-"

"By the maker that is the crystal of the Wanderer. you know of this stone? I demand you tell me right now!" Spirit was angry that his race's most treasured artifact, the stone that once brought together every tribe to overcome a great strife had fallen into an outsider's hand.

"I wouldn't do that buffalo man." Ripcord readied to activate his alternate form. Duke had his plasma pistol at the ready.

"How do you know of the crystal? Cobra kept this information locked tight. was a native american artifact?" Scarlett was awestruck that the indigenous held such a powerful stone.

"Yes, the stone was used to open the gates of the spirit realm. Only the chosen Wanderer who held within their soul a fragment of the original Wanderer could use the stone's power. I believe the current Wanderer incarnate was held here and something went wrong. I need to find out whether she is alive or not so I might find away to calm my land's spiritual balance. If not, my tribe will be cursed until there is no trace of our lineage." Spirit clenched his hands in agitation. 'Why can't they see?'

Suddenly a new hologram popped up infront of Scarlett. It was a video file and if a nervous look to Spirit, Scarlett touched the file in order for it to play. Scarlett gasped as she saw her mother and father. They were talking with a young woman who seemed to be extremely happy. Her mother hugged the woman and looked toward the camera.

"This will mark the first day of your new life Madja. We'll help you get through this...together." Scarlett's mother smiled so bright and her father laughed as the woman bowed in thanks.

"Madja...let's go to the lab for some tests." Scarlett's father walked out of the frame and the woman soon followed. Her mother looked to the video and said.

"Today an Algonquin shaman has agreed to teach us their mysterious healing. Come on DeCobray lets go to the lab." the video ended and an electronic text moved across the room, end of journal entry zero zero five. Scarlett was left speechless for she had no idea her mother was also involved in Cobra.

"Madja...the young woman heard the Wanderer's voice and so she became the incarnate. However she was a fraternal twin and this has never happened in all passed down history. It was unfortunate but one had to be...removed." Spirit started to explain the woman's history rather abruptly and Scarlett shook her head in denial that her entire family was a part of Cobra.

"Spirit I don't think we need to kno-" Duke was cut off by a sudden radio message.

"Scarlett? This is your father, I just received a beacon of your location within my mobile device. I placed this beacon to alert me of anyone trying to delve into information that I promised would stay hidden. I would appreciate you keep whatever you found to yourselves and return to base immediately." Dr. O'hara sounded perturbed and when the radio clicked off.

"You heard him Duke. Let's move out." Scarlett headed over to the elevator her face expressionless.

"Wait Scarlett!" Duke hurried to her side. The others followed confused about what just transpired. Spirit hesitated and then joined the joes in the elevator.

"I wish to meet your father. If he knows anything about what happened to Madja." Spirit pleaded with Scarlett.

"You can come but...let me speak to him first. I have some questions of my own." Scarlett became silent and withdrawn the entire journey back to base. The others were starting to worry.

A/N: sorry for no update for so long. Anyways...madja is the algonquin word for hear. It is the her name the shaman granted her. Her real name is yet unknown for true names are kept secret in many tribes. What will Patrick O'Hara reveal to the Joes.