Inside a decrepit building Cobra Commander surveys the area. Zartan stood a few feet away with his arms crossed, smirking at the once powerful commander.

"So what will it be my dear Cobra commander?" Zartan asked the other, he knew he already won and that the Commander would be at his beck and call. The commander had gained some serious damage after the Joes had destroyed his base and it was Zartan that found him. Cobra Commander owed him so much Zartan smiled at his future plans. The other man walked stiffly away his breathing laborious.

"I will be your pawn but I ask of you to do me just one more favor." Cobra Commander coughed and waited for Zartan's reply.

"Sure thing Commander what is this little favor?" Zartan was sure it was a small useless favor that he could get done easily.

"I want to know the whereabouts of a certain person. Can you find this out, Zartan?" Cobra Commander turned to the hooded Chameleon.

"Heh...that all ya want? Sure it won't take me long. Tell me the name of this person and we can start." Zartan waited for the commander to give him information.

"A woman that was once named Madja. I need to know where she might be." Coughing once more Cobra Commander leaned against the wall as his strength started to wane. "Find her and I will do what ever you want Zartan." He sat on the ground closing his eyes as Zartan approached him.

"Fine, I will find this woman for ya. Stay with my gang and restore your strength I need you to be alive when I came back." Zartan left to find his close contact that has a way with finding out about people. 'Piece of cake.'

The ride to South Dakota was a boring one and Nicky felt like he wanted to jump out of the car from Roadblock's singing. The others were more subtle about their annoyances but Nicky wasn't having it.

"EH! You can't sing Roadblock so STOP IT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Tunnelrat wanted to punch the seat in front of him that roadblock was sitting in. He knew better than to mess with the big guy physically though.

"Well I guess since you said please." Grumbled Roadblock as he turned off his music, he was getting bored of it anyways.

As the Coyote sped on, Duke saw the welcome sign of the city.

"Well there's Custer. So her location would be on the west side of the city. Should we stop for some questioning?" Duke really wanted to stop but he asked their 'leader' on what to do.

"Sure, I could use some fresh air anyways." Scarlett sighed and resumed looking out the window. Almost everyone smiled as Scarlett agreed with Duke, excited to get out of the vehicle.

"Wait...stop the car please." Spirit stood up and grabbed the top of Duke's seat. Duke glared at Spirit for a second before he drove to the side of the road and stopped.

"What is it Spirit?" Duke asked seriously wanting to reach the city before dark.

"I sense...I sense something." Spirit walked out and looked on to the mountainous area covered in green forests. Duke unbuckled himself and also got out of the vehicle.

"Ripcord? Do you sense something too?" Duke asked Weemes.

"No...wait." Ripcord closed his eyes as he felt something.

"It's the spirit world...someone has opened a path." Spirit ran off into the forest and Duke yelled and gave chase.

Scarlett looked on and sighed. 'at this rate we won't find Madja.' She got out followed by tunnel rat, roadblock, and snake eyes. She surveyed the forest before she gave Snake eyes a nod. The ninja nodded back and ran after the other two.
"Well what do we do then Red?" Tunnel rat asked miffed at the situation.

"Well what can we do?" Scarlett directed it to herself than to the others.

Suddenly a whistle was sounded that pierced through the forest. The three prepared for a possible attack. Out of the forest walked a young male that looked at the three in curiosity.

"Why is a kid out in the middle of no where?" Nicky asked aloud and relaxed his stance.

"Don't lower your guard so soon private!" Scarlett yelled back unsure if this could be a trap.

"Whoa whoa! Quiet you crazy adults! Otherwise you might attract them to this place." The kid placed his index finger to his lips and smiled, winking at Scarlett. She glared but said nothing.

"Who are 'they' and are they dangerous?" Tunnelrat went straight to the point and wanting to know if there was a threat.

" could say they're dangerous. Only to those that are bad though or so that's how the legend goes." The kid talked very quietly and the three strained to hear him.

" this just folk lore you're talking about?" Roadblock let his guard down while he talked and that was when he felt a sting in his neck. His vision was edged in shadow as he tried to warn the others but he saw that they too were in the same state as he. 'Guess Scarlett was right...again.' Roadblock and the others fell to the ground unconscious.

"You know you could have been more gentle with the red head." The teen asked aloud as a cloaked figured stood atop the Coyote.

"Aww...someone has a crush. Now is not the time, a spirit guardian has sensed the opened path. We need to stop them before they reach the cave. Tie these three up and meet me at the cave entrance Hawke" The cloaked figured then disappeared in a bright blue flash.

"Yeah yeah. Great that big one is gonna be a pain in the ass to move." Hawke was not looking forward to his new mission.

Duke cursed as he was cut from the pine branches, Spirit was making it difficult to catch up to.

"Spirit! Stop!" Duke yelled hoping Spirit would actually stop. 'Or just slow the fuck down so I can catch up and punch you.' Duke growled in frustration as another branch smacked him in the face while he wasn't paying attention. Duke suddenly saw a shadowy figure out the corner of his vision, Duke turned his head to see the ninja.

"Snake Eyes! Can you catch up to Spirit? I-gruh" Duke smacked into a trunk of a pine and fell. The ninja was soon by his side.

"I'm fine...just go and catch Spirit." Snake Eyes nodded and then was off. "The next time I see Spirit...I'm gonna ouch!" As soon as Duke stood up there was a sudden pain in his neck. Duke felt the back of his neck and pulled out the dart. 'What the hell' Duke soon lost his balance and fell, staring up he noticed a masked face looking down at him then only darkness.

A/N...Omg I am so excited for where I am trying to get to...yeah...someone opened a path to the spirit world...bad because demons and other spirits now have a chance at gaining a physical form. The Wanderer was the one that managed to lock the evil and the dead to remain separate from the living and physical. The stone holds the power to distort reality thus allowing teleportation as well as other features. What has become of Madja and who are these people that so far got most of the Joes. Will Snake Eyes be able to catch Spirit? lol I am typing it as I post this so stay tuned!