Spoilers: None Pairing: Nick /Monroe established relationship Rating: PG Warning: Reference to Sex

In this chapter Monroe hates going out in the rain because he always ends up smelling like wet dog so Nick thinks of an indoor activity that will keep them busy.

It's been a long week for detective Nick Burkhart. He's had to deal with two completely human murder cases as well as a string of vandalism caused by rebellious, teenage wesen. He's ready to work out his frustrations by doing some Grimm training in the woods with his blutbad boyfriend.

"You don't look ready for the woods," Nick comments when he sees Monroe. The blutbad is sipping coffee in the kitchen. He's wearing a pair of Kakis and a nice sweater. His clothes are hardly suitable for running around in the forest.

"Dudes, it's raining," Monroe says as if it's obvious.

"It's just a little drizzle," Nick counters. "So we'd get a little wet; It's nothing to worry about."

"Naw Man, I can't stand the rain," Monroe explains. "Not even a little bit of rain. Just the smallest amount of rain makes me smell like a wet dog. It's horrible. The smell invades the entire house and takes weeks to get rid of."

"Alright fine," Nick concedes. "No forest today. What are we going to do instead?"

"Well we can't practice outside," Monroe says. "But I bet I can find a way to keep you busy."

"I'll bet you can ," Nick replies suggestively. He pulls the blutebad into a heated kiss.

"I was gonna suggest you clean the house," Monroe states. "But sex is good too."

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