Bonding With The Violet Rose


Naruto x Ino


Story Start


It had long become a common occurrence that he found himself dealing with the occurrence being the beautiful platinum blond haired girl being held in his arms like this. The features of the boy who held her, made it nearly impossible to miss him. He had blue eyes and blond, spiky hair. He had tan skin and rather usual facial features, whisker marks that framed his face. Maybe it was the residual genetic effect on some sort of old blood line.

He was currently wearing an orange tracksuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red swirl on the back, a large white collar, orange pants, and blue sandals.

The girl in question had fair-skin and was average height with emerald colored eyes. Her most noticeable trait was her platinum colored hair done in the style of a ponytail with bangs covering the right side of her face. The length often draped down to her face.

Her attire consisted of small silver hoop-earrings and purple, fairly revealing clothing. The clothing was that of a short purple vest like blouse with a raised collar, a skirt that was cut off on the sides and bandage on her stomach and legs, not to mention purple and white elbow warmers with this.

''Ino-chan.'' the boy softly called out to her.

She couldn't but feel comforted in his arms. The warmth of his body was also nice. ''Hhm?'' she softly moaned as she looked up.

''Why do you put yourself through it?'' he softly asked.

She could see it in his eyes. The concerned was evident, ''Naruto-kun,'' she sighed, unable to form the words.

''Uchiha Sasuke is a bastard. Just because he's the Rookie of the Year doesn't mean he has to be...well a bastard!'' Naruto stated again, unable to come up with anything else. ''He has you and every girl falling over themselves to talk to him and he completely ignores them.'' he didn't understand why Sasuke pushed people away, when he himself gladly welcomed anyone who was willing to be his friend. His list was small, but precious none the less. The Hokage, Teuchi and Ayame, Kakashi, Hinata, and Ino. All of them in a matter befitting a family member except the last one. He couldn't call her family when he knew deep down he wanted her to be something else besides a family member.

How many times was this topic brought up? How many times was Ino hurt by him? How many times did she sneak into his apartment and cuddled up next to him. ''Can I, stay here?'' she tentatively asked. It was so, Un-Ino-like. This was not the cocky and feisty blonde that Naruto knew, who didn't hesitate to boss him around.

''Sure,'' he responded with a soft, warm smile. ''Only if you guarantee your parents won't hunt me down and skin me alive.'' He playfully teased her.

''Both are on a long term mission.'' She whispered, snuggling deeper into his chest. She felt him undo her ponytail. ''Why you do that?'' she asked, struggling not to yawn but failing.

''I find your hair down rather cute.'' he honestly answered before draping his arm around Ino's back. Naruto had become accustomed to being close to Ino like this, so he didn't react or become fluster like in the past.

''You idiot, who told you to mess with my hair?'' she teasingly remarked. It was at this moment Ino knew. At this moment her mind finally connected what her heart had been telling her. That friendly, energetic, kind, devoted Naruto was her gardener.

It was a term her mother Mouko used. It was a story that her mother used to tell her. While most girls were told stories of princes and white knights, Ino was told about a gardener.

The man who could carefully remove the thorns and would tend to the needs of the flower. He would be able to eliminate the weeds and even help a dying rose to its full potential, breeding new life into it.

Naruto was that gardener. He didn't put her down or make her feel useless or ugly. He didn't make her feel like she wasn't good enough. Who was there for her and she was sure would never abandoned her. Rising up slightly Ino's eyes met with Naruto's as she leaned over, her nose brushing against his causing the blond to blush a crimson red. ''I've been an idiot. The answer's been in front of me the entire time. You're my Gardener, Naruto.''

Naruto wasn't given a chance to respond as Ino pressed her lips against his. Naruto shuttered in delight, as Ino's hands moved up and cupped his face. When the kiss finally broke after a few seconds both of them were left breathless. ''I'm glad, that you were my first kiss.'' she told him after a few seconds of silence.

''Ino-chan, I thought, but what about...'' Naruto was cut off as Ino placed a finger against his lips.

''I made my decisions. I'm yours and you're mine. It's as simple as that. Got it!'' Ino authoritatively spoke and Naruto merely nodded, a smile forming on his lips.

That was then Ino leaned over, her form pressing against his as she removed the finger and kissed him again that night the two of them well asleep in each other's arms.

The sound of something awoke Naruto with a start. Turning to his left Ino was laying on her side, her face facing his as faint breathing escaped his mouth. After a few seconds he made out the noise. It was sobbing. He turned and saw who was making the noise.

''Kakashi-nii-chan, what the hell!?'' Naruto hissed as his adopted guardian wiped the tears from his good eye.

''Minato-sama would be proud. Way to go Ototu.''

Naruto didn't know whether to be more annoyed by the fact of his guardian's bad acting or the lack of privacy. ''Hyuuga Hinata is waiting for you outside. Should I tell her you're,'' he took a glance at the sleeping Yamanaka Heiress. ''...indisposed at the moment?''

Naruto could only groan in response. Why did Kakashi always insist on ruining his moments of happiness?


Chapter End


As you can see this is a slight canon retelling. Its obvious that Naruto befriended Hinata at a young age. Their relationship is none romantic; some other things have changed like Naruto and Ino being friends for another particular reason. Stuff like this will be elaborated in future chapters like always.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy another single pairing fic. I'm on fire and expect more fics.