Twokinds Lemon

A/N: Alright, well, I've never written a lemon or anything remotely smutty before, but I figure everybody needs to write one, for the experience if nothing else. At any rate, wish me luck, (as much as I hate to say it, I've never has sex myself so most of this is based off the few other lemons I've read.) And yeah, I'm definitely old enough to be writing this. And to be drinking. And all that other good stuff. *Shifts nervously* Eh heh, yeah.

Also, in case I failed to make it clear enough, this chapter is essentially PWP, and if you're underage or don't want to read smut, or even if you finished the previous chapter in its entirety, just skip this chapter. Really.

She refused to meet my eyes, but I suddenly felt a strong sense of self-loathing for causing her to sound so... crushed. I growled at myself - unfortunately loud enough for her to hear me - and my anger must've carried over to my tone when I spoke.


She looked up and flinched fearfully,

"Please! I'll never... you'll never have to see me again! I don't... I'm sorry!"

I pushed her up against the wall roughly, yet careful not to cause any pain. I wanted to be angry at her for thinking I wanted her gone, but I couldn't manage it. I purred her name into her ear,

"Kathrin, I am never going to let you go. In fact, I plan on making you mine at the soonest possible opportunity."

She gaped at me in surprise for a moment, before blushing furiously when she understood my intentions.

"Ah, Trace- What do you..."

She trailed off as I begun nuzzling her neck with my face, stopping occasionally to alternate between planting light, teasing kisses and more passionate and arousing (if her cute moans were anything to go by) ones. While she was distracted by the attention I paid to her neck, I slowly and subtly massaged lower and lower on her back, until I was rubbing her perfect little ass. Under different circumstances, I probably would have commented on the smoothness of the fur on said ass, but there really wasn't a romantic way to do so.

I eventually returned my mouth to hers, and this time we traded saliva, out tongues wrestling for control. I was surprised at how hard she fought - I was glad to see that being a slave for her entire life hadn't broken anything about her - but eventually I was victorious. She moaned into me as I gently squeezed her firm hindquarters, and I almost couldn't prevent myself from taking her right then and there. I reluctantly pulled away, breathing deeply and rapidly, then trailed a hand around her leg and slowly drew it up her leg and up to her chest.

The light grey fur was no longer quite enough to hide her perky nipples, so I leaned down and flicked the tip of one with my tongue, tweaking the other with my free hand.

My other hand slowly glided away from her ass and I spread her legs, using a knee to support her. My hand moved towards a much more sensitive area and she squeaked lightly when I found it. I brushed the fur covering her lightly, causing her to try and squirm into my hand, but I refused to let her. I slowly brought a single finger into contact with her lips and she gasped. I trailed my finger up the outside of her snatch, not using any significant pressure, and finally stopping just before the nub at the top.

She suddenly moaned, a low and incredibly hot sound, as I gently rubbed against it, massaged it with a thumb pad. She was less like putty in my hands and more like jello, barely able to remain standing. I continued my assault on her breasts, then slid the very tip of my index finger into her, causing her to flinch, tense, and cry out as she orgasmed. She collapsed into me and I placed a gentle, loving kiss on her cheek before picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

I climbed into bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her as she shuddered and panted, trying to dispel the heat from her body.

"Oh... Ah... Oh God, Trace... That was- that was amazing."

I made small circles on her back, calming her until she was capable of coherent thought. I didn't want to ask my next question, but seeing her face contorted into an expression of pure ecstasy had increased my desire to have her by tenfold.

"Kathrin, how far are- How far do you want to go?"

She hesitated, then smiled lovingly and sensually at me, causing my heart to race again.

"Trace, you've taken care of my for as long as I can remember, and I've loved you the entire time. I've wanted this for a long time."

This wasn't my first time with a woman, but it was my first time with a Keidran, and I had certainly never loved anyone like I loved Kathrin. I returned her passionate gaze, then began to strip off my own clothing. She blushed furiously at the bulge in my underwear, then gasped as I removed them, allowing my 7 inches of man some much-needed air.

"I've never, erm, seen one before. Is that thing really going to be inside me?"

I smiled at her, gently and soothingly,

"Do you trust me?"

She nodded instantly,

"Then I promise that there won't be any pain by the end of the night."

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, calming herself, then nodded to me. I crawled on top of her and as soon as we were face-to-face I forced my tongue into her mouth, wanting to hear more of her moans. I took my time, then prodded her folds with my member and reveled in my ability to make my lover squirm and moan. I gently chewed her earlobe, then whispered into her ear,

"Beg for it. Tell me how much you want me."

The change was instantaneous, she dug her claws into my back and hissed at me,

"If you are not inside me in the next ten seconds I will-"

She was cut off by a wave of pleasure and pain as I thrust inside her, only getting in a little ways until meeting a weak barrier and stopping. She growled, and I kissed her gently,

"This is going to hurt a bit, Kathrin."

She looked into my eyes and whispered to me, in a more normal tone,

"I love you, and I trust you Trace. There's nobody I'd rather have with me right now than you."

I smiled at her words, then placed a soft kiss on her lips and thrust, nearly hilting myself and causing her to flinch at the loss of her virginity. She groaned in pain and I massaged her neck and shoulders, allowing her to adjust to the foreign intrusion.

After a couple of minutes she nodded to me and I carefully drew back, then slammed back into her, causing her to moan in combined pain and pleasure. I repeated my actions, a little faster this time, and we fell into a rhythm, the night silent except for our heavy breathing and the occasional moan of pleasure. Some time later, I began to feel a familiar buildup in my crotch, and changed the pace, increasing how fast and how hard my thrusts were until I was slamming into her, filling her entirely, as fast as I possibly could.

Another minute, and she came, crying out in pure, unadulterated ecstasy, and clenching around my member, bringing me to my own climax. I collapsed on top of her, trying to keep the majority of my weight off of her. I slowly pulled out, then rolled off of her and studied her beautiful figure. From less than an arm's length away.

She let out a long, shuddering sigh and I smiled at how she could seem so innocent even in the afterglow of our lovemaking. My naked body rubbing up against hers had transferred my sweat to her fur, giving it a mussed and shiny look, and I could feel love - of every kind - pulsing between us.


She looked at me and I was overwhelmed by the look in her eyes; nothing but contentment and happiness for me.


"I love you. Entirely and completely. No matter what happens I promise I'll always take care of you."

She snuggled up to me and purred happily, and I held her close, enjoying the feel of her fur on my bare skin. For the next few hours we merely laid in bed. Eventually, however, I heard the tell-tale sound of the outer door opening, and I casually and unhurriedly began putting clothes on. I was about half dressed when the door was knocked twice.


My second-in-command walked in, speaking as he did so.

"Sir, the Keidran-"

He stopped when he saw Kathrin in bed, my state of relative undress, and my hair jutting out at odd angles, almost as if...

I saw his eyes widen as he put the pieces together. I silently put a finger over my lips and be spoke in a much quieter tone.

"Err... My apologies, sir. I hope I did not interrupt anything."

I smiled at him, "Don't concern yourself. Let's take this outside, where we don't have to worry about waking Kathrin."

He nodded, understanding my logic but seeming slightly confused at my motives, and we headed out of my personal chambers and into the main section of the tower.

"Now then, where were we?"

He inhaled, then spoke quickly.

"The Keidran are divided into two main factions, those that wish to make peace with us and those that would see us destroyed. About an hour ago, there was a disagreement, and weapons were drawn."

He took a deep breath to steady himself, then delivered the news that I suspected would be bad.

"It's a full-blown civil war, and the ones that would be with us are outnumbered, significantly. They'll likely be wiped out within the week, if not sooner. There's already been dozens of casualties and - if reports are to be believed - your mate's father is among them."