So this story is set in both the height of the roman empire and Terra Nova, I will state the time change, but it will be pretty obvious. So enjoy….also, because I am writing two other stories at the same time and outlining several others, I kinda would love to hear if this story is going in the right direction or if I should just give up.

"What is it?" Zoe Shannon, a five year old olive skinned girl, asked her older sister as they both stared at the coin on the ground. Neither willing to touch it.

"It looks like an Aureus. It's a roman gold coin I recognize it from my plex, but….why would it be here?" Maddy Shannon was holding her sisters hand, both girls were wearing sun dresses. Zoe's yellow, and Maddy's emerald green flowing when the breeze came by.

One reached out to touch the coin, feeling the dirt under it and suddenly a flash lit the air as two screams filled the silence.

By the time someone came to check what was going on, the two girls where gone, sucked into a portal….into another time.




Marcellus Claudius Magnus stood on the balcony of his villa, watching his goods come in. He was relatively young and one of the more successful merchants in the shoreline cities. Trading with Africa, and much of Asia made him a very wise businessman and the years of being a soldier before has made him brutish and violent as many women say.

Probably why he hasn't married yet, but he was a father. Two very blonde hair children waved at him. The only thing they seemed to share was that they both had blue eyes. Though the children were not related to him, he loved them. Seven year old Leah Octavia Magnus and Sam Caius Magnus. His adopted children.

"Father!" Leah called when she saw him, waving and smiling wide. "Come see!" Did he mention that Leah was an artist? He would buy regular clay pots for her to paint, after she painted every room in the house quiet beautifully, of course.

He nodded and grabbed a pair of pants, yes pants. There were not commonly seen in the Roman Empire but he had seamstresses make them, he was just more comfortable in them.

But he did need a tunic to go over his powerful upper body, as he walked through his bedroom to the hall. The stone walls of the house were cool, thank the gods, but he dreaded going outside where no rock would keep the air cool.

On the base floor were several rooms, his house large and showing in his wealth, but his favorite thing was the pool/water fall. An amazing structure done by a friend, though to be honest he could also swim in the ocean, his home was on the shore.

"Daddy, Look." She pointed at the still wet pot, blacks and golds adorning it and showing Minerva in all her glory on it.

"Lovely, but where shall we put it?" he asked, kneeling to look her in the eyes.

"The fountain. When it's dry." She said as an afterthought. "Lets go play Sam." Soon the children were off. Laughing caught him and he saw many merchants he traded with, some servants and slaves watching his interaction with his children.

"They have a good father no?" One said but Marcellus heard, and that made him proud. He never had a good father around, and he wanted to be the best.

He went to the tables and took over, writing, buying and selling or trading the day away. He did this every few days when the merchants had shipments that came in.

"You may be a great father, but trust me, when you must find her a husband….it is much harder." An old merchant grumbled as he placed a basket of the finest figs on the table. "Three gold coins." He asked and Mark gave them over with the words:

"She will never marry, she must be my little girl forever." This brought a laugh, but Mark couldn't imagine marrying his daughter off.




It was evening, the sun just went down when Mark said farewell to the last merchant, his young children asleep on a large sack of flour nearby after watching him work for hours. He leaned down and gently lifted Sam, then Leah into his arms. "Time for bed little ones. Diana will watch over you." He whispered.

"Daddy, the pot." Leah mumbled coming to wakefulness quickly. "We must put the pot at the fountain." She yelled, her brother waking and soon agreeing with his sister.

"Alright, the pot, then the pavilion, then bed." He surrendered to their will, placing them down to grab the large clay container.

They made it to a pavilion structure next to the huge pool, a fountain and two empty pedestals inside. "There father." Leah pointed, holding her brothers hand.

"Your wish is my command." He spoke in an over exaggerated tone, but placed the pot on the right most pedestal. "Okay, bed." He turned back but his daughter stopped him.

"Can I throw a coin in, for a wish. Please?" She begged as Sam nodded.

"I want a coin too." Sam wrapped his arms around his father's leg and soon Mark was giving them each a gold coin.

"Only this once, then bed." He said again, yes, Mark, the big bad looking ex soldier with quite the record and powerful business man, was a big pushover when it came to his children.

"I wish…."Leah was deep in thought as was Sam, "I wish….for a mom, who is beautiful and smart and loves me an' Sam and will read us stories….an', an' play with us! And a sister, I want a sister!" She finished.

"I wish for a dog." Sam said simply before both tossed their coins high in the air. A bright light washed over them and only Sam's coin plunked in the water.

Seconds after, Marcellus stood close to the edge, his children frightened by the light, stood behind his legs. Another bright light in the darkness and all that was left was the torches on the wall illuminating….and now a woman and young girl stood in the water of the fountain.

"By the gods." They both wore short dresses of lovely color and the smaller one held Leah's gold coin. However the elder one cried out and fell forward, Marcellus catching her….she must have been a fallen star goddess.

She was small and soft, her hair silken when it brushed against his face. Her small hand clutched his shoulder as her other one gripped her daughter's hand. "My goddess." He whispered, but she just pulled back, though his hands remained on the small of her back. And as Leah asked, she was very beautiful.

On wobbly legs both climbed out and collapsed on the floor, before the soldier lifted the little girl up and walked inside with her, his children at his feet.

When he returned for the woman, she was struggling to follow him, a look of worry etched on her face….Venus must have made her herself.

Her skin was the color of any Indian, olive colored and glowing. She had supple curves and long ebony hair.

She said something, But Marcellus didn't understand, he just lifted her up as well and took her into the living rooms where the children were.

The beautiful woman sighed after he wrapped both the girl and her in blankets, it wasn't cold, but he suspected that whatever happened was a shock to them.

"Father, my wish came true, we have a mother." Leah grinned, as she slipped off her couch and climbed up next to the woman, laying her head on her bosom.

"Where we? What year?" the woman finally spoke in very broken, very rough Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. Everyone knew it, whether first or second language.

"On the shores of Herculaneum." When he told her the year and date for that matter, she paled. "Are you alright….Wife?" He guessed the mother of his children would be his wife…and she was very desirable, but he didn't know if he wanted to force her into his bed.

"Wife?" She stared at him with large brown eyes that were like honey.

"Yes, my daughter wished for a mother and sister and you are here, which also means you would be my wife." He grabbed a bowl and small towel. "You will be a good mother to our children." She honestly looked like she had almost been killed.

"No, I am not here to be a wife or mother….I-oh no." the woman covered her face. "This isn't right." Her little one spoke, and the woman took many deep breathes before talking to her daughter. He didn't know what she was saying though, and that frustrated him.

"I am Maddy, and this is my little sister Zoe." The woman finally said, holding out her hand, he cupped her hand in both his own and brushed his lips over her knuckles. Venus has outdone herself, Maddy blushed and Marcellus very much wondered what goddess she is.

The slight pink made her ethereal, gorgeous beyond words.

Quickly introducing his family, Leah was just as happy that her new mother's sister could be her sister too….after asking young Zoe first.

However, Leah yawned and Marcellus was quick to get them too bed, Letting Zoe sleep in the same bed as Leah and Sam.

He even watched Maddy sing them to sleep, though he did not understand the words to the song.

But when it came to retiring with his new wife…well that was different.

She was hesitant, looking around often and biting her lip when she saw the bed. Their bed. Covered in soft mattresses, furs, pillows, and comforters, and most of all they would lay among those soft items, together. He took her hands and walked her to the edge of the bed.

Yes he had decided that he would make her fall in love with him before making her officially his wife.

"Come, safe." He stated, walking around to the other side and laying back on the soft bed. HE watched her do the same, about a foot between them, and he was the first to fall asleep.

It certainly had been a long day.

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