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(Herculaneum, Year: 77 A.D.)

Maddy couldn't stop the tears as she hugged Alicia to her. "I thought, but-but-How? I must be going crazy."

Alicia laughed, cupping the girls face. "Let's sit, first I want to hear how you got here." She pulled Maddy to one of the stone benches. "How have you been faring in Ancient Rome?"

"Oh, I'm married, and Zoe and Josh are here too." Alicia sighed and nodded. "Leah, my new daughter made a wish and the coin came through the portal, Zoe and I touched it and was dragged through. Then Malcolm made a portal…Oh Alicia I can't wait for you to come home with us."

"Neither can I, I never thought I would see anyone, much less you here, but then someone started talking about the goddess that came from the fountain." She laughed and Maddy realized how relaxed this woman was. "And a husband, I'm not surprised, I shouldn't be anyways. You're such a pretty girl. Is he, is he okay, or, I can take you away from here." She held Maddy's hands, but the girl shook her head.

"He is a little, er, Roman, but he is a lot better than I thought he would, and he has two kids, and, oh, we have a way to go back to Terra Nova, you need to come back with us." She searched Alicia's face trying to see any evidence of the shot.

"I don't know if I can. I mean, with all that happened." Maddy stared.

"What do you mean?" Alicia looked at her with eyes even darker than the Lady's Magnus's.

"Maddy, Lucas only let me live because I was the one there, trying to protect his mother and him. He said that was the only reason why I had the right to live." She squeezed the girl's hands and smiled. "I will try, but in the end…this place isn't so bad. And I am aware of the volcano."

Maddy started telling her all about how Taylor took by the colony and how things have settled out. "Please, you need to come back. Please."

"Alright, I'll try, but a lot has changed, though I would love to be able to wear pants again." She laughed as Maddy took in the look of her peach colored stolla, "Ah, I cannot tell you how many times those lovely soldiers have helped me through the city." Maddy started laughing, before hugging the older woman again.

"We've missed you so much."

(Herculaneum, Year 77 A.D.)

Marc took a deep breathe, he had gotten an urgent message from Theon that Maddy was in trouble. He had ridden one horse to death, and bought another one to make it to the city.

He rode though the streets, yelling at people to get out of his way. If something happened to Maddy, he wouldn't forgive himself for leaving her behind. And what about his kids, what about them?

"Maddy?!" He yelled, jumping off the horse when he finally reached his home. "Maddy?" he called again as he rushed in, his eyes jumping around as they searched for the little woman that was his wife. "Maddy?" He saw her on a bench, talking with a woman and laughing. "Maddy." He said with relief and she turned her head to see him.

She jumped up and strode to him, a smile on her face. "Marcellus, what are you doing here?" His little wife reached out and Marc stepped forward to meet her. He grabbed hold of her, his hands gripping her waist and pulling her closer as she tip toed to kiss him.

She hummed and he sighed, letting all his stress out on her soft lips. He walked her back and pushed her against the wall, grunting in response to her moan. "Marc." She mumbled against his lips, she sounded dazed, or even overwhelmed.

"Mmwhat?" He sighed, his hands investigating her body, up her arms, down her back to her stomach then down to her hips and lower thighs.

"The kids are at the top of the stairs." She sighed as he moved down her jaw and to the spot behind her ear, kissing and sucking.

Before he could respond, little happy yells of his children filled the air and he heard their feet slapping on the stone as they ran down the stairs. He pulled away reluctantly and turned to grab his son and daughter.

"Daddy," he held pout his arms and knelt, bringing his children close to his chest. They were talking to him, telling him how much he was missed.

"Marc?" Zoe called, a smile on her face as she dragged a man behind her. He stopped and glared at the blue eyed boy.

"Maddy, who is that?" He kept his eyes on him but he felt his wife's little hands on his shoulders.

"My brother."

(Terra Nova, Year: 85 million years in the past)

Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon sighed, Malcolm was about to take them to Herculaneum, Guz staying as second for the moment.

"I'm ready." Elizabeth stated as she looked at Malcolm expectantly. The four of them were going back. Going to get the kids and bring them back.

"Start the portal." Nathaniel ordered, his gun hanging off his shoulder. They watched the air erupt into a blue angry portal, raging that it was pulled and stretched open. Taylor took a deep breath and stepped through first.

(Herculaneum, Year: 77 A.D.)

Elizabeth gasped, she was ankle deep in water of a fountain under a pavilion. She looked around and set her eyes on a door leading inside of a villa. She stepped out with the help of her husband and they started towards the door.

She felt her heart beat fast as they heard people talking, voices speaking in another language. They moved silently through the halls, towards the voices, then they heard laughing, and Elizabeth choked, she recognized a few of the giggles as those of her children, and by the way Jim hurried, he did too.

As they stepped through archway, someone shot out of the shadows, tackling Taylor.

A man stepped out and started for Jim when someone started shouting. Maddy. The man stopped, his huge from menacing but frozen as Taylor pinned the woman to the ground.

"Mom?" her daughter stepped forward, a baby in her arms and placed her hand on the man's elbow. Elizabeth's eyes snapped to another figure behind her daughter. An even larger dark skinned man glared at her, his eyes flickering over to Taylor who was staring at the woman, her pinned beneath him but he silent.

"Wash?" Nathaniel whispered.

(Herculaneum, Year: 77 A.D.)

Josh and Maddy were on the outside porch as Nathaniel walked around the edge of the Olympic sized pool with Alicia. Marc had come to sit down by Maddy as she rocked the baby, Theon with the children inside.

They had spent the last thirty minutes telling their parents about their time in Rome while Malcolm looked at the pots before Leah started showing him the pots she made.

"So, nothing really bad?" Jim said after Maddy finished telling them about killing Nero.

"Jim!" Elizabeth hissed, then sighed, she looked at her two elder kids. "We are going back home tomorrow, just the Shannons."

"No," Maddy stood, frowning. "This is my family, I'm not leaving them." She shifted the baby that she had yet to name, but adored anyways. Even Marc had told her how excited he was to have another little one around.

"Maddy, they can't come back for a million reasons." Jim stepped forward, but she felt Marc stand and wrap an arm around her waist careful of the baby.

"But dad, this is my husband." She tried to stress how important this man was to her.

"Yes, and you marriage will be annulled the moment we get home, so you won't have to worry." He assured, and she just shook her head.

"I'm not leaving without my family. Take Zoe and Josh, but I will not go without my family. Besides, I'm a Magnus now, not a Shannon." Suddenly the arm around her was pulling her away. "I will see you off tomorrow." She said as she let her husband led her away.

(Terra Nova, Year: 85 Million years in the past)

"NO!" Maddy dropped to the prehistoric ground and sobbed, turning she saw the portal already closed, Zoe in her mother's arms as Alicia yelled at the Commander for throwing her through as well. Josh was telling Malcolm to turn the portal back on, but Maddy was already ahead of him, Until Jim smashed the mother board.

They took her in the middle of the night, after stunning Marc and Theon, and…and they took her from her family. HER family!

Leah and Sam and the baby, Theon and Mars and Lex.

And Marc, they took her from Marc, her husband. Sure she was forced into a marriage, but she loved him, and she hadn't gotten the chance to tell him.

Now, eighty five million years stand between them.

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