(Terra Nova, Year: 85 million years in the past)

Maddy sat next to Theon, the tiny baby in his hands. "Really?" She smiled wide.

"Yes, we can't exactly send him back, nor can you all stay with the Shannons." Taylor proceeded to inform her about the house he found for her when Mars walked out of the shadows and rubbed against his legs.

He patted the animal's head without hesitation while listing off safety precautions Maddy had to take to integrate Theon into Terra Novan society. As soon as he was done he called for her parents and Malcolm, who were outside the command center.

The moment Malcolm saw the orange cat he squealed in delight, "I never thought I would ever see such a magnificent creature as this before." He fawned over Mars as Jim's brow lifted for a second.

"You good there, Malcolmus?" Jim asked as the man stroked the soft fur.

"Perfectly content." He replied. "Might I examine him?"

"Sure, just be careful. Do you mind if I get Theon home, I'll need to go over some things with him to get him ready for his first day of work tomorrow." She rose and smiled at her father, showing Henry to him. The baby was quiet well now, he had a heart arrhythmia that her mother said he would grow out of and helped him along as much as she could.

Maddy was actually surprised her parents were letting her keep the child. She rocked the tiny boy as her father looked at him. "He sorta looks like me."Maddy passed the baby over to her father who expertly cradled him."Aw, look he has my nose."

"Jim, he's not related to you dear?" Elizabeth leaned against the doorway and watched her husband, daughter, and apparent grandson. She hated the fact that her daughter went through what she did, but she honestly didn't know how to fix it.

All she wanted was a better future for her family and Elizabeth couldn't even give her eldest daughter that.




Zoe smiled at Skye, the girl had been playing with her for a few hours now, they had already played several games of stone toss which she learned in Ancient Rome from Leah and Sam.

But at the moment Skye was chasing Zoe through the kitchen saying that she was a dinosaur on the loose. Skye nearly caught her twice, but let her go each time.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home." Josh yelled as he entered the house and Skye grinned evilly, Zoe seeing this.

Zoe stood in the doorway to the kitchen, the lights on as the sun had gone down hours ago. "Josh, in here." The young girl called as Skye hid at the side.

"Hey Zo, what are you doing, wha!" He tripped as Skye jumped on his back, laughing after the initial shock. They were sprawled on the kitchen floor when Zoe got on her hands and knees and laid out next to her brother. Both the older kids laughed at the little girl's actions before Josh was scooping her up. "What are you doing still up? Bed, go brush your teeth." He ordered and set her down for her to obey.

"So," Skye said idly as Zoe ran to the bathroom. "Where have you been?"

"Malcolm's lab, he says with Maddy's help he can have the mother board repaired in a little less than a week."

"Perfect, well, I was thinking, you could sneak over to my house tonight."

"And do what?"

"Well, II was thinking we could play around with pillows, blankets, and my mattress. I'm sure we could keep Hunter up all night." She smiled coyly, waiting for him to catch on. Zoe came out of the bathroom and asked to be tucked into bed which Skye happily did while Josh was still processing what she said

"Oh my god." He said slowly, before grabbing her hand and leading her to the family room. "We're building a blanket fort." Skye had to refrain from slapping her forehead or rolling her eyes.

So….I have really bad writer's block…(Sigh) It's been hard writing anything lately…So I was hoping if I could get suggestions for maybe Josh's plot line and Zoe's…

Anyways, this is a little piece I wrote for the next chapter, but haven't fit in with everything else yet and is unedited. Enjoy. And please HELP!

Maddy was breathing hard, tightly grasping her husband's hand. What were they burning in that temple that had her lungs all jacked? She took in a shallow breath and tumbled in the street.

"Maddy, love?" Marcellus wrapped and arm around Maddy;s waist as she began a harsh coughing fit. When she pulled her hand away there were droplets of dark red powering the back of her palm.

Marc lifted her into his arms. "Home?" She nodded and the children followed. It too her nearly an hour to get through the streets to get to the temple in the first place…how was she going to get home in time to stop from drowning in her own blood?