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Instrument of Violence

Chapter 5

Third Person POV

The people standing outside of the arena, crowded from the barbed wire fence all the way around the oval concrete pool-looking dome, shouted and brawled with each other as they waited anxiously for the two top-liked fighters to start. Ichigo Kurosaki and Grimmjow, who were staring at each other in mock hate – the orangette tense, and the bluenette carefree – shifted with the accumulative amount of stares they were receiving. There were never this many people when the two fought in different matches. Usually, the amount stayed at around two-hundred, but now….Now it looked like there was over a thousand.

This would make it a bit more difficult to escape.

The two fighters knew this, and which was why their hearts were thrumming in sync, whether they knew it or not. But they knew they were going to be deterred from their object of worry – escaping – because that's what they had hoped for in the long run.

Kurosaki himself was afraid. If they would not succeed in this….There was no telling what was going to happen. He and Grimmjow could be whipped, or chained up against a pole while the other fighters….The other fighters did stuff, or even shot in the foot or clubbed in the back of their head for disobedience. Aizen would even go as far as killing them and bringing them back to life, of course, under the monitor of Szayel, his most trusted scientist\doctor. Or maybe Aizen would torture them until they gave up and screamed for their lives, with flames and oil or nails and burns, needles or other miscellaneous things not being taken out. But it was worth it.

Because the idea of being free….

Grimmjow was also in the middle of a mini-panic attack. He wouldn't admit it to himself but he was scared as well – the thought of being tortured wasn't so bad for himself, but the thought of getting Ichigo – the thought of watching him tortured scared the shit out of him. So, simply, they couldn't fail. They just couldn't. Grimmjow would never forgive himself if he did. He wouldn't only be failing himself, but he would be failing his lover….Put pretty damn blatantly, he probably just landed Ichigo in a sea of death.

When the buzzer went off, neither of the two occupants of the ring moved. Classically, they began circling each other in the huge area they were placed to fight, and their eyes glowed in mock hate in the dim lights. People were shouting everywhere, hurting both of the men's ears as they gauged each other's skills. Of course, Grimmjow jumped forwards a little and Ichigo jumped back, a normal little beginning they had always used when fighting in the ring. People's voices roared.

Business owners, cops, lawyers, CEO's, anything of the like were surrounding them, waiting for the fight to truly begin. Grimmjow, never being the patient one, leapt first with his large claw-like nails bared, his sharp, animal-like teeth bared in reaction. Ichigo, always one to retaliate, jumped in first for the kill. Grimmjow blocked the testing punch and delivered one of his own, only to be caught in the hands of the man and swirled around. The bluenette fighter rotated his wrists and grasped onto Ichigo's arm, tugging slightly into him. At this Grimmjow held back as much as he could while still keeping in act while nailing Ichigo in the stomach with one of his knees.

He heard Ichigo groan and silently, he wanted to cry out and hold his lover, asking him if he was alright, but he only did as he was used to and ducked away. Ichigo regained his posture immediately and Grimmjow couldn't help but admire just how easy it was for the man to get over pain. He was no pussy either, but he would at least have to bend over a little bit more when he was fighting. Damn, that kid was tough.

Ichigo landed a solid uppercut to Grimmjow's jaw and turned around so his arms were locking the man in a headlock, squeezing. People around them continued to shout and scream like no tomorrow.

Seeing his moment, Grimmjow drove Ichigo backwards against their planned escape route. With their bags now in their vision, they backed in further until Ichigo was planted against a wall, the crowd continuing to cheer like they couldn't get enough of the fighters. "Now." Ichigo murmured in the bluenette's ear.

They reacted instantly. Grimmjow, being the stronger man, crouched down and lifted the heavy binding to the man-hole that further led to the sewers as Ichigo grabbed their bags. Reacting almost instantly, Ichigo threw the bags down the slightly bigger than the size of a trash can hole, Grimmjow following. This time, the roaring was not because of the fighting, but because there were two men escaping.

Two of the best men escaping, actually.

Ichigo's heart was pounding inside of his chest as he landed on his feet in about a foot of sloshy green liquid, Grimmjow landing not a foot away. Before they let themselves catch their breath, the two colourful men began bounding after their escape route, Ichigo throwing Grimmjow his bag on the way. The sounds of feet pounding behind them rang in each of their ears as the water began to slow them down when running, but being that the two were exceptionally strong in their legs, they were able to run faster than their average chasers.

"Left, Grimmjow!" Ichigo shouted as loud as a whisper would let him shout, hoping the sound didn't echo too much in the circular passageway. The sounds of water were enough. Grimmjow and Ichigo made a sharp left as they heard the sounds of feet gaining on them, and had to pick up their pace. Sharp panting was heard from the two escapee's, but otherwise nothing was said.

Ichigo led the way with his exceptional memory of learning the route, Grimmjow following close behind. The orangette could almost feel the warm breath – and on any other day, Ichigo would shiver and possibly moan at that action, but right now his mind was frantic and his arms and legs were pounding and his heart was racing and, and, and….It was all around fucking stressful.

From behind Ichigo, Grimmjow could hear the footsteps continue to gain on them. They were getting closer, and closer, and closer….

"There! Don't let them get away!" About two people saw them. Grimmjow and Ichigo flickered their gaze backwards and pushed further, their eyes wide and erratic at they prayed about not getting caught. The now seeable men increased their speed – they were only about ten feet away!

Ichigo began to panic as he saw how close the other people were. He couldn't see what was going on behind him but he could also feel the nervousness roll off of Grimmjow as they continued their actions of left's and right's. "I got 'em!" Someone suddenly shouted from behind him and on instinct and instinct only, Grimmjow turned around and roughly roundhouse kicked the man who had gained on them across the cheek, sending him flying in a concrete wall. Out of his peripheral vision, Grimmjow flinched as he saw the man's skull explode on contact against the concrete.

The remaining man continued to advance on the running refugee's, now about fifteen feet away. Grimmjow quickly caught up with his lover and tried to blink rapidly, turning a corner. "Fuck!" Ichigo suddenly shouted as he avoided a few gunshots from in front of him. Grimmjow and Ichigo immediately swerved around and tried to avoid the nicking sound of bullets passing their ears, noticing about three people in front of them.

Like a football team reacting to the whistle for a new play, Ichigo and Grimmjow plunged to the side and knocked their choice two on the ground. The man behind him was about ten, nine, eight feet away now. Grimmjow snarled and grabbed the gun from the man he had pinned under the nasty water and shot him in the head, Ichigo managing to hold the man off to begin drowning the guy.


Grimmjow suddenly whipped his head around from aiming at the gaining guy and shooting him, watching as the orangette peeled off of his assailant. Almost instantly Grimmjow's eyes zeroed on a bullet hole in the orangette's shoulder.

"This way!" More people's voices were nearing.

Grimmjow turned his newly found weapon and shot the guy under Ichigo instantly. The orangette stood and began to run again, holding his shoulder. Luckily his speed had not decreased. Grimmjow began running as well, holding the guy who had shot his lover's arm's gun in his other hand. He silently cursed himself as he saw blood begin to seep through Ichigo's clothing from behind him.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, don't do this God. If you fuckin' live in that piece of shit heaven up there get us the fuck out of here, goddammit. Have we not suffered enough?! Have we?! Did we murder in our past lives or some shit because this is too much fuckin' punishment if you don't let us escape. Grimmjow snarled inside of hand as he tiredly took a right.

Electric blue eyes caught something when they reached their next turn. Before Ichigo could emerge from the side, Grimmjow took his lover be the waist and put one hand on the orangette's mouth to stop the other from screaming, blending into a shadow behind a corner by a pipe. Three people passed them while shouting profanities.

"Where the fuck did they go?! No one else was near us, if we don't fucking find them, they'll get away!"

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes and lifted the gunned hand that was holding onto Ichigo's waist, lifting the appliance. His eyes narrowed dangerously and after years of being able to shoot a gun, Grimmjow nailed the back of the first guy in the head. He fell.

"There!" The remaining two turned.

Grimmjow shot the other guy in the head before the two of them could even reach for their guns. However, before Grimmjow could even aim for the next guy, the gun that was dangling on his thumb while holding onto Ichigo's mouth was taken from him, Ichigo shooting the other guy square in his left eye. Knowing they had no time to talk, they began their descent out.

Inside of Ichigo's head, he was screaming. If what the people that they just shot had said was true – they were as good as free! They would be able to get out! And the end wasn't very far away, maybe after a few turns it would possibly already be visible, and they could squeeze through the bars and emerge in the outside quarters of the town and run like motherfuckers out of there, never to see that stupid ass place again –….Ichigo reminded himself not to get his hopes up. There were still chances of being caught and he wasn't about to think anything good.

His shoulder hurt. Pretty damn bad, if he did say so himself. The orangette was sure there was already an infection inside of the almost fatal wound; the water was full of human waste and they had been running in it for a little while. Ichigo's legs ached as well, as well as his heart did, but he pursued into the darkness with his lover behind him. The gun still dangled in his own hand, duffel bag slung across his shoulder with the actual bag hitting his ass every time he ran.

"There…." Ichigo panted as he turned right again. "It's there!" Ichigo exclaimed quietly as he saw the thin light of the moon peer through the iron bars. He could almost see the full outline of everything – they were so close!




Grimmjow and Ichigo bounded their feet further, unable to hear anyone else in their near signs of alert. The two of them, when reaching the bars, shrugged off their bags from their shoulders and stuffed the pieces of cloth through the bars. Ichigo went first when squeezing through the bars, his lithe frame slighting through the largely parted iron/ He grabbed his bag as soon as he got out and turned to see Grimmjow just manage to slip through, his bulging muscles catching slightly as he slid out.

Grimmjow tumbled backwards and ended up falling into the small creek that was exuding from the slow hills of the country. Ichigo caught his breath and panted, his eyes wild and shocked. The bluenette, however, unable to catch his breath, stood and slung his bag over him, proceeding to run. "C'mon, we have no time! We need shelter! A tree er some shit!" Grimmjow called out as his arms pumped as he ran. Ichigo soon followed him.

Through his harsh breaths and his vision being able to see the forest-line, Ichigo grinned happily. He hadn't been outside in so long – especially at night….How long was it, fifteen years? Cicada's slowly chirped as the fall wind blew briskly around them, cooling off their immensely sweating body's as the sewers slowly became unable to see. As they breached into the tree line, Grimmjow and Ichigo instantly fell onto the tree branch and leaf-infested floor of the forest, their body's shaking from exertion.

"We….We made it." Grimmjow muttered, still not believing what they had just accomplished. They had just….they had just….Duped Aizen? They had just escaped? That was insane! It had become so close so many time's and it was just so impossible that both of them were mind blown about their situation….

"Urgh…." Ichigo moaned as he shifted his shoulder. It ached and he could feel it begin to pulse – that was a bad fucking sign. Though he was unable to feel anything but a damp, cold happiness that they had actually….After years of thinking and planning and….And everything….They were free.

"C'mon, Ichi." Grimmjow groaned slightly as he kneeled on the ground, trying to get his body to stand. After a second he stood happily. "We gotta go. Tha' thing needs ta get outta ya…. I got some medical supplies in my bag I think." Grimmjow muttered. Ichigo slowly stood as well.

"A-Alright." Ichigo tried to catch his breath as he put his hands on his knees. Grimmjow ended up doing the same. "G-God…" Ichigo whispered slightly. "I can't believe we just did that."

"Yeah." Grimmjow agreed. "Okay – our plan. Tomorrow after we have rested and the bullet is out of you, the wound re-dressed and all of that shit, we need to get yer families papers out of yer bag. We learn his address and we start hiking."

"I know it by heart." Ichigo hummed. After his breath was caught, he began walking. Grimmjow followed him. "It's a province away – but it isn't too far. About seventy miles to your Northwest." Ichigo pointed in front of him and towards the left. "After the forest clears we can follow the North Star, possibly follow Highways." Ichigo explained. Even as his mind was reeling with possibilities, Ichigo couldn't help but feel his body had begun to fatigue.

"Good. If we find a quarter – I'm sure they still have those shit phones in old towns. Be on the lookout." Grimmjow nodded. "The phone number is on the information – didja memorize tha'?"

From the side of Grimmjow, Ichigo shook his head 'no.' The two of the men stepped around a rather large tree branch, deeper into the brush. "I didn't think we would need it. But it is possible. Or we can just ask someone to use their cell phone – it is the twenty-first century after all, Grimm. I doubt they still have those." Ichigo couldn't help but joke a little bit as the feeling of euphoria rang through him like a sort of drug, numbing your mind and everything in your body to the point of happiness.

Or, it was just probably shock.

"Oh, shut up." Grimmjow groaned and rolled his head around on his shoulders. His legs began to shake. "Alrigh', we need to stop. I can't walk any fur –…." Before Grimmjow could finish his statement, Ichigo collapsed underneath a little shelter underneath an extremely large tree, his legs probably giving out from under him. Grimmjow followed suit and collapsed next to him.

Their bags were thrown off from their counterparts and the two of them turned to unzip the bag, furthermore grabbing their heavy wool blankets from their bags. To keep warmer, the two lovers snuggled under the tree, piling the two blankets over each other as they stuck their bags under their heads as a sort of blanket.

As soon as Grimmjow strong, protective arms wrapped around the lithe frame that belong to the orangette, Ichigo instantly relaxed. He didn't even know he was that stiff. He could also feel the bluenette's chin rest at the top of his own head and as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he couldn't help but feel the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that ran through his veins.

"G'Night, Ichi. Well done."

Ichigo snorted and closed his eyes as well. "Goodnight…." He murmured as he kissed the bluenette's collarbone area, a small smile gracing his features. "I love you."

"Yeah…." Grimmjow yawned and tightened his grip around his lover. "I love you too, Ichi…."

"Sleep well."

And the two of them had fallen asleep, their worn out bodies finally able to rest.

Chapter 5 – End

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