The Endar Spire

A young man was tossing and turning in his bed as explosions rocked the ship. Suddenly, just as the man sat up, a large explosion knocked the man's vibroblade onto his head and suddenly he saw a bunch of flashbacks.

When the man came out of his stupor, he had a sick smile on his face.

"So, I am Revan, and the Jedi Council tried to wipe my mind, very interesting" the young man muttered, before shaking his head. He stood up and put his gear on quickly before walking toward the door just as his bunkmate came in. Trask started talking and the young man just walked past the older man.

"Where are you going?" Trask shouted.

"We are going to the escape pods, and I need to find Bastila" Revan told him angrily before continuing on toward the escape pods, ignoring Trask talking about somebody named Carth. Revan destroyed all of the Sith troopers in the way and continued through to the bridge, searching for the escape pods.

Revan didn't stop as he opened the next door where a dark Jedi was fighting one of Bastila's Jedi protectors.

Bastila's Jedi was able to defeat the dark Jedi but Revan felt a disturbance in the Force just as she shut off her lightsaber.

Out of instinct, Revan tackled the female Jedi just as the conduit exploded behind him.

"What? How did you know that was going to happen?" the Jedi asked, staring up at Revan with shock in her eyes.

"I will tell you later. We need to get to the escape pods right now or we will all die!" Revan told her, helping her to her feet. Revan grabbed the two lightsabers and handed the Jedi hers but Revan kept the dark Jedi's lightsaber.

Revan attached the lightsaber to his belt and he led the group to the bridge.

When they got to the bridge, Revan killed 2 Sith troopers and an explosion handled the other 5.

Then Revan moved quickly toward the escape pods, leading his two companions onward. When they got out of the bridge, Trask ran across and opened one other door despite Revan calling for him not to open it.

"Damn, its another dark Jedi! I'll hold him off, you get to the escape pods! Go!" Trask shouted before running into the room to engage the dark Jedi, sealing the door behind him.

When the female Jedi tried to go after Trask to help him out, Revan held her back.

"Even though he was stupid to do it, he laid down his life for us to escape. We cant let his sacrifice be in vain. We need to get to the escape pods so we can rescue Bastila" Revan told her. Though she was still reluctant, the Jedi followed Revan and they went to the starboard section of the ship.

When they entered the starboard section, Revan led the way through to the escape pods, defeating the Sith trooper that was on the way.

When there was a battalion of troops that Carth advised Revan to destroy with a droid, Revan used the Force to open the door and he used his vibroblade to destroy the Sith troopers and the commander.

Once they were done with that, Revan opened the next door and they saw Carth who led the soldier and the Jedi into the escape pods.

Right when the escape pod was sent out, the Endar Spire exploded and the escape pod flew down to Taris.

"I'm losing control of the pod. An explosion from the Endar Spire must have caused the controls to short circuit, so we're going to crash!" Carth shouted when the pod got into the atmosphere.

Instinctively, Revan began to meditate and he used the force to keep the pod from disintegrating from the intense heat. He did so by slowing down the decent of the pod, but because Revan was so intent on slowing the decent, he didn't notice that Carth had steered the escape pod toward the upper city.

Because Revan didn't know that Carth had steered them that way, he wasn't ready for the pod to hit the ground and when his restraining strap broke, Revan hit his head against the bulkhead, and suddenly everything went black.