Dantooine Part 1

When Revan woke up, he saw Bastila standing over him, about ready to shake him awake when he groaned and sat up.

"What's going on, Bastila? Why are you standing over my bed?" Revan asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Well, we're on Dantooine already, and we are already late for a meeting with the Jedi Council because you have slept past our meeting time, as usual" Bastila told him, glaring.

"Oh, so we're just late for a meeting with the Jedi Council? That's okay" Revan told her, rolling his eyes but reluctantly sitting up to get clothes on, as he was not wearing a shirt again. This time, Revan noticed that Bastila was eying him with the eyes of a normal teenage girl instead of a Jedi Padawan.

Just to tease her, Revan stretched and flexed his arms, just to tease Bastila, causing a small blush to appear on her face.

"Can you just get going, Revan? Unlike you, there are some people, like me, who still have respect for the Jedi Council" Bastila told him, following Revan out of the room where he was still putting a t-shirt over his head.

Melina caught up just as Bastila said that and the older Jedi also was caught looking at Revan's body.

"Well, I am going to help them spend some of that free time. All they do is sit around a temple all day and order other people around, so now they have a little less free time" Revan told her.

"Well, I can't disagree with you, Revan" Melina said. Revan was about to rub it in Bastila's face, but Melina interrupted him.

"But, I still think that the Jedi Council also deserves respect, Revan" Melina told him, causing him to just roll his eyes.

"Yeah, they have never done anything that has made me think that they deserve my respect. They'll never change" Revan told them darkly, but he still left the ship and went to the Jedi Enclave, where he knew the Jedi Council would be waiting.

Revan walked through the Jedi Enclave until he got stopped by a Jedi Knight who was glaring at Revan before he stopped to listen to her rant, because it was obvious she wasn't going to let him escape without hearing it.

"You there, Padawan! Why are you not wearing the customary robes of the Jedi? Do you mock the honored traditions of the Jedi Order?" the woman demanded coldly.

"Belaya, this man isn't a Padawan" Melina told her. The angry Jedi turned to Melina and was about ready to lash out to her before the Jedi recognized Melina.

"Melina, I thought you were dead, when I heard about the attack on the Endar Spire I feared for the worst" Belaya replied, her anger quickly disappearing.

"I almost did die, but it is thanks to this man here, I was able to survive with my life" Melina said, gesturing to Revan.

"I guess I misjudged you. You have saved Melina's life, which is something that I am deeply grateful to you for. Thank you" Belaya said.

"It is no trouble, miss. It is nothing more than any respectable being would do" Revan told her calmly.

"Belaya, we would love to stay and talk, but the three of us have to be in the Council Chambers as soon as possible" Melina told her.

"Speaking of people who wouldn't have done what I did" Revan said with mirth, causing Bastila to grab him and pull him away quickly, dragging him into the Council Chambers, where the four council members were waiting for them.

"Bastila, Melina, you have returned. I am glad you both are in good health" Master Vandar told them.

"We are, masters, and it is partly thanks to this man. He saved both of our lives on more than one occasion, and it is thanks to him that we were able to escape from Taris alive" Melina told them.

"And who is it that we are speaking to?" Master Zhar asked.

"My name is Avner, I followed my gut on Taris and was able to lead the group off of Taris. Because of my past as a smuggler, it was obvious that I should be the one to follow to escape Taris as easily as possible, for I have escaped from planets with far tighter security than Taris" Revan told them, keeping up his fake persona.

"Did he ever show any signs of force sensitivity?" Vandar asked Melina and Bastila.

"No, he didn't show any signs of force sensitivity at all" Melina told him, while Bastila agreed instantly.

"That is very unusual. Bastila has already related the events of Taris to us, and I must say that you must have been very lucky to do this without having a command over the Force" Master Vrook continued, turning back to Revan.

"So you are saying that if I had control of the Force, getting off of Taris would have been easier?" Revan demanded, glaring at the balding Jedi Master.

"Well, yes, it is obvious that a Jedi would have been more successful in doing everything that you did, as they have the Force as their ally" Vrook replied.

"Yes, but here we are and I did it all without the Force. I think you are underestimating all of us non-force-users" Revan replied casually.

"Perhaps, but this leads us to what we have next. We would like to train you as a Jedi" Master Dorak interrupted.

"How are you going to do that since I show no signs of force sensitivity?" Revan asked casually, looking around to see everybody looking at him.

"You have to show some signs, or else you would not have escaped from Taris alive" Vrook replided, fitting Revan with a hard glare.

"I am going to have to decline that offer" Revan responded nonchalantly.

"What? You cant deny this! If you don't join the Order, you could fall to the dark side!" Vrook shouted.

"Yeah, still not going to happen. But, I will be willing to help Bastila and Melina with whatever suicide mission you decide to send them on" Revan told them.

"And what makes you think that we will send Bastila on another mission?" Master Vandar asked.

"Well, first off, Bastila is the key to the Republic war effort and Malak is getting closer to winning the war. Secondly, you already sent her on a couple to try and deal a blow to the Sith. Thirdly, Bastila is the one who killed Darth Revan himself, so she might as well kill Malak too. It is only fitting. And finally, you are the Jedi Council, it seems like the only thing you people are good at is ordering people around" Revan finished, causing tempers to flare from the Council Members.

"You dare disrespect us in our own enclave? That is not a wise move" Dorak cautioned.

"And here you guys go, always talking about only fighting for defense, and here you are threatening me for just telling the truth about you" Revan told them, keeping calm while it was the Jedi Council who was trying to keep their composure.

"How dare you say that? We are the Jedi Council! We have insight that no other beings in the galaxy have! How can you come into our enclave and insult us like this?" Vrook demanded.

Melina and Bastila were just standing to the side, not wanting to pick sides in this heated affair. But both of them knew that the affair wouldn't be good for anybody who picked sides, either side for that matter.

"Well, let's see here. Try this on for size, guys. Well, you forced me to come into the enclave, and I was dragged here against my will, despite my obvious hate for the Jedi. Then you try to turn me into a Jedi, attempting to take away any of my choice in the matter. I would love to help save the galaxy, but if I do, I am not going to do it with a bunch of stingy old men in capes sitting around and telling me what to do, especially since they aren't willing to go out and get their own hands dirty to help save the galaxy their self" Revan snapped, glaring at the Council Members who were standing in front of him, all angry nearly beyond reason at the disrespect that Revan was showing to them.

Suddenly, Revan saw a lightsaber ignite and he knew that he had said too much. Before long, Revan had four lightsabers ignited in front of him, and four angry Jedi Masters surrounding him.

Revan had made his point.

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