Dantooine Part 2

Revan looked around and realized that he was boxed in by the four Jedi Masters, and they were brandishing their lightsabers threateningly.

"What are you doing?" Revan asked, feigning confusion, though he knew that he would have to defend himself very shortly.

"We have to finish what we started before" Vandar said.

"The light must be upheld up at all costs" Zhar continued.

"We should never have left you alive" Dorak told him.

"You now will atone for your sins. Finally, the galaxy will be rid of you" Vrook finished with mirth.

"You have always been hypocrites of the highest nature, and now you show it. You always say that you don't believe in killing your prisoners, but now here you are, about ready to try to kill me for simply disagreeing with your views. You are the reason why this war is going on. If you would have just searched for the source behind the Mandalorian Wars, then this war wouldn't be going on. It is your fault!" Revan shouted.

That was all it took for the fight to start, as Vrook Lamar shouted a battle cry and lunged at Revan, only to have his green blade deflected away by Revan's stolen lightsaber. Revan spun and jumped over the Jedi Masters, making sure that he was not in the middle of them when he landed.

"What?" Vrook breathed.

"Your experiment failed. I am back, just the same as before, and now, I am going to show you why I am the most powerful being here today" Revan told them. He took his lightsaber and got into his personal lightsaber stance, lunging at the four Jedi Masters who stood in front of him.

Revan ducked and weaved around the Jedi Masters, keeping his lightsaber in a position to block any shot that he needed to. And that is what Revan did, simply blocked every shot until he saw a slight opening. With that opening, he kicked at Vandar, knocking the little Jedi Master back.

Revan stabbed behind him and blocked Zhar's lightsaber without even looking. Revan then moved sideways and turned to attack the twi'lek. Revan swiped up and knocked Zhar's lightsaber out of his hand. Revan finished it by slicing at Zhar's leg, cutting a large gash that meant Revan wouldn't have to deal with Zhar later in the battle.

Revan dodged a large shot that came from Vandar, who Revan used the Force to throw into Zhar. The two Jedi smacked heads and both of them were knocked out from the impact.

Revan smiled when he realized that there were only two Jedi left to oppose him. Revan slowly advanced, before stopping, noticing that the two remaining Jedi Masters had just turned to look at him.

Dorak and Vrook looked over at Revan and smiled; knowing that it was still 2 on 1, and the two Jedi had fought on the same team numerous times, and they have been successful every single time.

Revan waited for the Jedi to attack, and when they did, he got ready to fend off their attacks. Revan slashed at Vrook and then right back at Dorak, both Jedi slashing back and forth at Revan, trying to get Revan into a defensive position. The power that Revan was able to show didn't allow the Jedi to put him on the defensive.

Revan was attempting to separate the two Jedi, but they didn't allow him to do that. So, being the master tactician that he was, Revan used the Force to throw Dorak into Vrook. Vrook saw it coming, however and he was able to dodge Dorak, but Zhar and Vandar were hit as they tried to get up, knocking all three Jedi unconscious.

Revan smiled as his plan worked even better than he had hoped, and he realized that it was just him against the Jedi who he had wanted to fight for as long as he could remember. It took all of Revan's self control to not attack Vrook right away, but he knew that there was a better way.

"It has gone from four down to one, Vrook. Are you sure you don't want to surrender?" Revan teased, holding his lightsaber in a defensive position.

Vrook shouted another battle cry and attacked Revan, pushing the former Sith Lord back quickly, until Revan got to the council wall. When that happened, Revan used the Force to push Vrook away, getting enough room to throw his weapon at Vrook. Vrook dodged and stabbed at Revan, causing Revan to dodge, getting Vrook's lightsaber stuck in the wall. Revan called his lightsaber back to him and he hit Vrook with the hilt, causing the Jedi Master to slump into unconsciousness as Revan used the force to throw him onto the pile where the other three Jedi Masters were already slumped in a pile.

When he realized that they were all knocked unconscious and they would not be able to continue to fight him, Revan attached his lightsaber back to his belt again, walking back toward Bastila and Melina who were looking over at him like he just sprouted a second head or a third arm.

"You guys are looking at me like I'm crazy" Revan told them.

"You just defeated four of the greatest masters of the order without even breaking a sweat!" Melina exclaimed.

"How did you do that so easily?" Bastila asked.

"It wasn't exactly easy, Bastila. Trust me on that" Revan told her.

"Well, you certainly made it look easy!" Melina exclaimed.

"This is not the right place for this discussion. Let us return to the Ebon Hawk and I will tell you everything once we get there" Revan told them, shaking his long hair out of his face before walking back to the Ebon Hawk, going to sit down in the room where he and Bastila talked just days earlier.

"So, how did you make that look so easy?" Melina asked.

"That is because I have the power of the living force as my ally. Any wise gray Jedi knows that the power of the living force has more power than the light and dark sides combined" Revan told them.

"Why does it have more power?" Bastila asked.

"That is because I use the Force as my ally instead of trying to command it" Revan told them.

"What? The Jedi don't command the force, the Jedi use the force as their ally!" Bastila exclaimed indignantly.

"That is not true. To truly have the force as an ally, one must use every aspect, not just one single aspect of the force. That is where the Jedi and the Sith fail. They only use one side, when the force is truly many sides" Revan explained.

"What do you mean, Revan?" Melina asked.

"Imagine light going through a prism. After it goes through, all of the colors are visible. That is much like the force, with the force user as the prism. But, if somebody only uses one aspect of the force, then only a fraction of the force power gets used, and the rest doesn't get used in the attack, and just gets discarded" Revan explained.

"That makes no sense, Revan" Bastila told him.

"I am starting to get it" Melina admitted.

"I know this is tough for you two to understand because of the Jedi Council's misguided view of the force, but I cannot teach you more until after I know that I can fix the council's mistakes, and I can't do that without your complete loyalty" Revan explained to the two female Jedi.

Sensing how distraught the two Jedi had become, Revan held up his hand to make sure they wouldn't say something too soon.

"Calm down, there is no need to make a decision so soon, as there is no pressure until the end of our stay here on Dantooine, or at least until after the masters wake up from their beatings" Revan told them, smiling slightly at the memory of what he did to them without even breaking a sweat.

Noticing that they had heard him and understood him, Revan nodded at his friends before leaving the room, leaving the two Jedi behind to their thoughts.

Author's Note: Well, we still have a couple of chapters left before leaving Dantooine, and it is pretty obvious to most that the choice that Melina and Bastila will make is going to be revealed soon. But that being said, what is the Jedi Council going to do to Revan, or what are they going to try to do? I know for a fact that it won't be totally peaceful. I also know that I have no idea what it is going to be like yet, so that is going to be fun to write!

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