Dantooine Part 5

When Revan turned around, he saw Melina and Bastila sitting on their knees with wide eyes at what had just transpired.

"Revan, what did you just do?" Bastila asked quietly, shocked at what she had seen.

"I made sure that they won't be able to stop us from leaving. They are going to be alright, but not for a couple more days" Revan told her.

"Alright, well, what are we going to do now?" Melina asked.

"I am going to go out and investigate the ruins to the east. It won't take me long at all, and we will be off this rock before you know it, but I want you two to go into the ship and make sure everybody gets back by the time I get back, because I want to leave as soon as possible" Revan told them.

Once his two Jedi allies were gone, Revan opened the box and stripped himself down so he could put his old armor on. Once Revan had his old armor on, he put his old robes on over the armor. Revan then put his old boots on, as well as his old gloves and belt. Then, there were only two things left in the box. They were Revan's mask and Revan's lightsaber. When Revan put his mask on and grabbed his lightsaber, everything felt right to him.

"Good thing I made this lightsaber out of near indestructible outer shell, or else they probably would have destroyed it already" Revan muttered.

He had felt like he had lost a part of himself when he was using the stolen lightsaber, but now that he had his own weapon back, Revan felt whole for the first time since he was captured by the Jedi.

Revan shook his head out of his personal musing before he pulled his hood up. Revan then moved out to the ruins, where he knew that being Revan would make his time in the ruins a little easier.

"Screw my mind's defenses. I wish I would have just left the Star Forge out of the memories that would be hidden upon the shutting down of my mind. Damn paranoia" Revan muttered, rolling his eyes at the door of the ancient ruins slamming shut behind him.

Revan walked forward and stepped in front of the ancient droid, that he could not remember very well.

"Do you remember me, droid?" Revan demanded, standing tall in front of the droid, showing off his mask. After cycling through a few languages that Revan didn't know, the droid finally did get to one that Revan could understand.

"You are the one who came before. You have proven yourself worthy last time you were here. You may pass" the droid said in a language that Revan could understand.

Revan nodded and walked through the now unlocked door at the south side of the ruins, though he was rolling his eyes at the language the droid chose to speak to him with.

"If I could choose one language to never hear again, that would definitely be the one I would choose" Revan muttered.

But not wanting to be deterred for too long, Revan walked toward the star map, feeling the energy that the powerful map gave out, relishing in the power that he felt. It was enticing for Revan to feel. He looked out into the map and saw just four planets.

"Korriban, Manaan, Tatooine, and Kashyyyk. I don't remember anything" Revan muttered, almost feeling angry at himself that he couldn't remember the true location of the Star Forge.

But with his head held high, Revan downloaded the coordinates onto an empty data pad, walking away from the Star Map, leaving the ruins just as he found them; a place of dark energy where Jedi could not go without the risk of destroying it.

Knowing how painful it would be for the galaxy without the road to the Star Forge, Revan used the full power of the living force to lock the door behind him as he finally was able to return to the light of Dantooine's surface.

When he left the ancient ruins, Revan felt that something had left him; the power of the Star Forge had left him, even though it was only a small portion of the full power of the Star Forge.

After leaving the ancient ruins, Revan walked toward the grove, where Juhani was saved from the dark side by Melina and Bastia. When Revan approached, he felt the overpowering dark energy was still there.

"It must have been tough for Melina and Bastia to fight in this type of environment" Revan muttered, sitting down on the cold stones and began to meditate, reaching through the dark cloud and reaching out into the universe, searching for something.

"Where are you?" Revan muttered, searching out through the universe, but he couldn't get a clear view of what he was looking for.

"I sense that it is on one of the planets that we have to go to, but which one" Revan muttered. He reached out farther into the Force and looked out into the four planets, but he couldn't get a clear reading on what he was looking for.

"I am getting a reading from all four planets. What does that mean?" Revan asked himself, looking deeper before getting thrown out of his musings very violently.

"Okay, the universe hates me" Revan muttered, rubbing his temple.

Standing up, Revan started to walk back to the Ebon Hawk, feeling slightly relieved as he was able to shake off the overwhelming presence of the dark side from the grove.

But then, as he was going through the Jedi Enclave, Revan saw Melina talking with a Cathar and her old friend Belaya. When Revan got closer, he saw that Belaya was totally distraught and seemingly on the verge of tears.

"This is all your fault!" Belaya screamed at Revan, running away from her two friends.

"Another woman saying it's all my fault. Everything is back to normal" Revan muttered, walking up to the two girls, who were giving each other sorry looks, almost repentant.

"What happened?" Revan asked, obviously confused.

"We just told Belaya that we are leaving the Jedi Order to join you on your quest to stop Malak" Melina told him.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are going to be coming along for the ride" Revan told them, smiling from beneath his mask.

"It's good to join you, Revan" Juhani said, blushing slightly at Revan, who was standing regally with his robes and mask on.

"Come then, lets get out of here before I have to shoot lightning at the Jedi Council again" Revan told them, bowing his masked head before leading the two former Jedi back to the Ebon Hawk, where the rest of the crew was already waiting for them.

Revan walked into the Ebon Hawk's cockpit, mask still on his face.

"I have coordinates of planets that we will need to go to in order to find the location of the Star Forge. We'll have to travel to all four planets in order to get the full coordinates to the Star Forge" Revan said, though Carth was the only one in the cockpit to hear him.

"Gotcha, Avner, where are we going to go first?" Carth asked, looking up to see Revan standing over the ship's navi-computer, plugging his data pad into the ship's log so the coordinates could be downloaded. But what caught Carth's eye was that Revan was wearing his mask.

Not liking that one bit, Carth reached for his blaster, but it moved away before he could grab it. Carth scrambled all over it before the blaster stopped moving, right under Revan's boot. Carth slowly looked up, looking like a baby, caught doing something wrong.

Carth was on all fours, looking truly pathetic at Revan's feet. Revan was looking down at Carth through his mask, and it looked like Carth Onasi was in deep trouble.

But suddenly, Revan burst out laughing.

"Carth, you should have seen the look on your face!" Revan exclaimed. Once he finished laughing, Revan took a deep breath to collect himself.

"Alright, Carth, set a course for Tatooine, let's get out of here" Revan told him. Carth stood up and sat in the pilot's seat, sending the Ebon Hawk up into the air.

"And to answer your unasked question, I am not reclaiming the mantle of dark lord. I'm still the same person as I was on Taris. Just think about that" Revan told the pilot. Carth was silent at that fact, unable to say anything intelligible in response.

Once the ship was in the air, Revan reached up to the ship-wide communications system, grabbing the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your commander in chief speaking. We are officially fugitives from the Republic, enemies of the Jedi Council, future enemies of the Senate, and of course, on a suicide mission to find my old weapon. We have to stop at Kashyyyk, Korriban, and Manaan as well as our first destination of Tatooine. If you have any questions, please relate them to me after I wake up from my well deserved nap. Be ready, because this mission is not going to be pleasant" Revan called through the ship's sound system.

Once Revan finished talking, he gave Carth the OK to send the ship into hyperspace and walked over to his quarters to sleep before the arrival on Tatooine before long.

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