The Ebon Hawk Part 7

Revan thought back to the first conversation he had with Bastila, back on Taris, and he smiled when he realized what their conversations were like, to begin with.

On Taris, right after the swoop race, Revan and Bastila were talking in their apartment hideout.

"You want to talk to me about something?" Revan asked, sitting down on the bed next to her.

"I would like to know what happened after you crashed on Taris. I am curious as to what you and Carth were doing before we all joined forces" Bastila told him.

"Before we rescued you, you mean?" Revan asked, an insufferable grin on his face.

"I managed to free myself if I recall. In fact, if I hadn't been there, Brejik and his thugs might have killed you in that fight. It's probably more accurate to say that I rescued you" Bastila told him, crossing her arms in victory. In truth, she should have known that Revan would not be defeated that easily.

"Cant you just admit that you were rescued?" Revan asked, grinning like a fool while Carth was laughing in the background and Mission was watching like they were a show on the holonet.

"I admit that I probably wouldn't have been able to free myself if not for the brawl after the swoop race. I should thank you for that, at least. Actually, your presence at the swoop track is what I'm curious about. It couldn't have been easy to find me there" Bastila told him.

"Actually, Bastila, there were giant fluorescent signs all over Taris, telling us that 'the key to the whole Republic war effort is this way' the whole time. It was actually quite easy" Revan said sarcastically. Bastila rolled her eyes at him, deciding to just ignore what Revan was saying while Carth and Mission were holding onto each other to avoid falling over, holding their stomachs in hysterical laughter

"Yet somehow you managed. You also managed to avoid detection by the Sith, discovered I was a Vulkar prisoner, gained sponsorship for the race and became the Taris Swoop champion. That's quite a resume" Bastila told him, shaking her head.

"And rescued the damsel in distress. Don't forget that!" Revan told her again, smiling wide.

"Yes, well I hardly consider myself a damsel in distress. I'm a member of the Jedi Order after all. But I won't deny you've impressed me with what you've done. When you were chosen to join this mission, I doubt any of us expected this much from you. A Jedi could have done such things, of course, but only by relying heavily on the Force" Bastila told him.

"I think you're underestimating us non-Jedi" Revan told her, his smile down to a grin and the laughter starting to settle.

"Perhaps, but the Force works through all of us to one degree or another. There are some individuals outside the Order who we consider Force Sensitive. It is obvious to me the Force has been working through you. There is no other explanation for your great success, though I am not certain what to make of this discovery. Perhaps if you weren't, well if you were younger, the Jedi might consider you for training. But, as it is" Bastila explained.

"Be glad I'm Force Sensitive or I never couldn't have rescued you" Revan teased, causing the laughter to start up again behind him.

"Ah, yes, the rescue again. Very well. For what it's worth, I concede the point to you: you rescued me from Brejik" Bastila conceded.

"Carth! Carth, did you hear that? Bastila just admitted that I rescued her! I need an eye witness for this! Did anybody just hear that?" Revan shouted, aware that his companions save for Bastila were nearly dying of laughter.

"Are you done?" Bastila asked.

"One more thing. 1, 2, I rescued you, na na na na boo boo!" Revan shouted, using a childish voice that caused Mission to fall on the ground, holding her stomach in hysterical laughter with Carth not far behind. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Bastila continued.

"And yet, we're still stuck here on Taris. Hopefully between your abilities, my Jedi Training, and the skills of our companions, we can find a way off this planet" Bastila told him, ending the conversation there.

Bastila Shan was in her quarters, meditating when Revan knocked on the door. Sensing that she was busy, Revan decided to knock on the door loudly and obnoxiously, to make sure she realized that it was him.

When Bastila opened the door, she had a large glare on her face.

"What do you want, Revan?" Bastila asked, narrowing her gray eyes at him.

"Oh, are you busy?" Revan asked, feigning innocence.

"Yes, I am!" Bastila snapped angrily.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't want to interrupt the smoking hot sex that is obviously going on in there" Revan said, causing Bastila to look out at him with revulsion.

"I wasn't doing anything of the sort, you insufferable nerf herder!" Bastila exclaimed indignantly.

"Good, so you don't have any issue with me coming in and talking with you for a little bit?" Revan asked, a small smirk on his face, knowing that he had outsmarted Bastila Shan.

Conceding defeat, Bastila got out of the way of Revan and allowed him into the room with her.

"What do you want, Revan?" Bastila demanded, still at the least frustrated with him.

"I just wanted to talk to you. We didn't exactly end our last conversation well, and I just wanted to see how you are doing now that you have had a little time to reflect on the changes that have been made to your life recently" Revan told her.

"Revan, we left Dantooine yesterday" Bastila replied curtly.

"See? You have had lots of time" Revan said. Bastila rolled her eyes and groaned.

"I appreciate your concern, Revan, but it is unfounded. I was originally upset that you were not willing to share the truth about your identity with me, but I have realized that I cannot be too upset with you, as I probably never would have told you the truth if you wouldn't have remembered" Bastila admitted carefully.

"Was that the Jedi Council pushing your hand or would that have been your choice?" Revan asked, trying to be casual, but his voice betrayed the hurt he was feeling, already sensing the answer.

"I'm not totally sure, Revan. It could be either, honestly. It might be me or it might just be the council. However, I think it was a mixture of both" Bastila told him sadly.

"Thank you for your honesty" Revan said quietly. A tense silence followed after, and it seemed that neither would be willing to break it, or so it seemed.

"You look like something's bothering you" Revan said bluntly.

"Not bothering me. Not exactly. I've been thinking about what the Jedi Council said about the two of us before they sent me on this mission. There is a bond between us, we cannot dispute that. I can feel it, as I am sure you can. The nature of that bond and its effect on our mission still remain" Bastila explained.

"I think you're interested in more than just the 'bond' between us" Revan said, emphasizing the bond when he spoke of it.

"Please, I'm a Jedi. Such feelings, such attractions, well, they're beneath me quite frankly. I admit, I find you intriguing. I mean, I find your command of the Force intriguing, but it's purely academic. Surely you can understand why. Our fates are connected, so strongly that a literal bond has been forged between us. I saw your service record when you were transferred aboard the Endar Spire, but nothing beyond that. I know very little about you. I'd like to know more about you, given our relationship" Bastila told him.

"Our relationship? Is that some kind of a clumsy come-on?" Revan asked, grinning at how she fell into his trap again.

"I was referring to the bond we share, the one the Jedi Council spoke of. If I was actually interested in you, rest assured I could come up with a better approach than this" Bastila told him firmly.

"Whoa, I guess I touched a nerve there, huh?" Revan asked calmly, knowing that she was getting frustrated.

"Touched a nerve, no, getting on my nerves, most definitely. I guess this is what you men consider being witty. Now, are you going to answer my questions, or would you rather just keep annoying me?" Bastila asked, sighing.

"The second one" Revan said after a moment of over-dramatic thought.

"I see you intend to be childish about this. I guess I won't get anywhere continuing this conversation right now, will I? I'll just have to speak with you again later. Hopefully you'll behave less like a little boy and more like a, like a man" Bastila snapped, closing the conversation.

Revan chuckled heartily at the look of a mix of anger and embarrassment on his bond mate's face.

"You are totally insufferable!" Bastila exclaimed, throwing her arms up in frustration at Revan's antics.

"But you still cant live without me" Revan teased, smiling as he walked out to the cockpit, slightly losing his balance as Carth took the Ebon Hawk out of hyperspace, but quickly recovered, remembering what happened last time he was knocked off his feet on a ship in space.

Despite these thoughts, Revan could not dispel the feeling of longing to return to the Star Forge. Tatooine was the next spot on the journey, and Revan knew it was time for the crew to make a statement.

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