Tatooine Part 4

Just outside the sand people enclave, Revan, Bastila, Mission, HK-47, Griff, and the jawas were all waiting patiently for Meetra Surik to arrive with their transportation.

Despite Mission's prior shouting at him and her orders for him to run to Anchorhead, Griff was still waiting with the group. He was close enough that he could hear what they were saying, but far enough away that he didn't risk angering his sister even more. It was obvious to anybody who looked at him that he still expected to get a ride back into the city.

It didn't take long for Meetra's speeder to roar up to them. She had sunglasses on and her hair was flowing back in the wind; it was enough that everybody was in awe at the aura she was sending out at them.

"Nice to see you, Meetra. I hope you have plenty of room. Mission, HK, and the jawas are in need of a ride back to Anchorhead" Revan told her.

"I figured we would walk back so the jawas could get home faster" Revan said.

"What about the star map? Don't you two need to get that as soon as possible?" Meetra asked.

"We need to ride in the speeder so we can get to the star map faster" Bastila agreed. Revan shrugged and looked at the jawas.

"Well, what do we do, then? We did agree that they would get a ride" Revan said.

"We will walk. By when yous arrive, we will be gone" one of the jawas said. After that, they started the trek back toward the city.

"Alright then, shotgun!" Revan exclaimed, jumping into the seat next to Meetra. Mission chuckled and climbed into the back after HK-47. Bastila took the last seat and prepared to leave.

"Wait, what about me?" Griff asked, jumping in front of the speeder as Meetra started to rev the engine.

"I told you to run to Anchorhead!" Mission shouted at him.

"Hold on, Mission. I have an idea" Revan said. Once everybody was looking at him, he continued his explanation.

"Meetra here has an uncanny ability to look into other people's eyes and see their past written there. She can also see their intentions for the future just by looking into somebody's eyes. I say that she makes judgment on Griff" Revan suggested simply.

"How often is she wrong?" Mission asked. Meetra turned back to the young twi'lek with a hurt expression on her face.

"Mission, I cannot believe you have such little trust in my ability" she said sadly, wiping a fake tear off her cheek.

"She's never wrong about this. She can always see the past in their eyes. I don't know how, but she just can" Revan said.

"Point taken. Let's test it. Griff, Meetra will judge your intentions" Mission told him. The Jedi in question hopped out of the speeder and stood in front of Griff. He looked at her and she gasped.

"Who told him where our ship is?" Meetra asked slowly. Her voice was wavering slightly.

"I did, why?" Revan asked.

"Who gave him a com-link?" Meetra asked, ignoring Revan's question. The former Sith lord, Bastila, and Mission all checked for their com-links, but the teenage twi'lek didn't have hers.

"I don't have mine" she exclaimed, looking between Meetra and Griff. Her brother then threw her com-link at her. She caught it and looked at him in shock.

"Griff, what did you do?" she asked slowly.

"I did what I had to do, Mission" Griff said. Suddenly, his voice wasn't wavering at all. It was strong and controlled, almost giddy.

"What did he do? Meetra, tell us" Revan said, noticing that she was using the speeder to hold her upright. She shook her head.

"Meetra, please. Tell us" Revan begged, looking at the Jedi who had nearly fallen over from shock.

"He called the exchange. He told them where our ship is. He called slavers" Meetra whispered. Once he heard that, Revan let out an enraged roar and jumped out of the speeder, throwing a right fist at Griff. His fist hit Griff dead on the nose and Revan knelt down to the now bloody twi'lek.

"You sent my friends to slavers. Give me one reason why I should let you live!" Revan hissed.

"If I didn't get them some potential slaves, they would have killed me! I had no choice! What would you have done?" Griff demanded.

"You have no idea how badly I want to kill you right now. First, you try to sell your sister to for a handful of credits and now you are willing to force innocent beings to pay the price for your mistake of dealing with the exchange. If you would have just avoided dealing with the exchange, none of us would be in this position" Revan snapped.

"Wait, hold on a second! He sold me?" Mission demanded. Meetra glared at Revan and he gave her a sheepish look before giving her a look to tell her that she would have to tell the story to the irate teenage twi'lek.

"Yes, Revan and I were sent by the Jedi Council to investigate another issue, but we found ourselves rescuing slaves. You were one of them. After we got you out, Meetra informed me of what Griff tried to do" Revan explained.

Mission was speechless. Her mouth was moving, but she wasn't making noise. Her anger was being subdued by the shock.

"You sold me?" Mission asked him quietly. Knowing that his secret was out, Griff had no choice but to own up to it. At that point, Revan allowed him to get up.

"Yes, I sold you, but it's not what you think" he said hurriedly.

"How could you do it? How could you sell your sister to slavery?" she asked quietly again. By then, Meetra was standing next to Mission with an arm around the distraught girl's shoulders.

"Mission, I did what I had to do. I was in serious debt to the exchange and they were going to kill me if I didn't somehow pay them back" Griff told her.

"So you decided to sell me to pay off your debts? Really?" Mission exclaimed.

"If they would have killed me, then you never would have had a chance! They would have killed you too! At least me selling you gave you a chance at having a life!" Griff shouted.

"So you decided to sell me to a fate that is even worse than death? Why didn't you just escape the planet before you sold me?" she shouted.

"We couldn't have escaped. The exchange had all the ports blocked. We couldn't have stowed away on any ship no matter how hard we tried!" Griff returned.

"Why didn't you at least try? You were taking care of me! Selling me is doing a pretty bad job at taking care of me!" Mission exclaimed.

"I wasn't ready to die!" Griff shouted, falling on his knees as his secret was finally out. Him saying that was the last straw for Mission, though. She exploded in anger even though her older brother was nearing tears in front of her. That didn't affect her at all. She just kept on yelling at him, not caring who was around to hear.

"I can't believe you actually sold me! And you didn't even have a noble reason for doing it! You just did it to save your own life! You didn't even have my best intentions in mind when you did it, did you? I thought not!" Mission shouted. In the back of her mind, she was somewhat glad that Meetra was there to hold her back from running at her older brother and trying to break her fists on his face.

"No, Mission, I swear, I did it for you!" Griff shouted.

"News flash, Griff! Your word doesn't mean anything to anybody anymore! Lena was way more than right when she told me that you were trash to her. But, only now that I realize that if you could do this to your own family, what would you have done to her. I almost wish she told me what a jerk you were before! But, I'm glad she didn't know that you did this and I'm glad she is never going to know this. She's never going to have to deal with you again. I'm going to make sure of it" Mission screamed. When she got to the end, her voice was in a hiss and Griff was starting to pale.

"What are you saying?" he asked quietly, backing up in fear at his little sister's tone.

"You are going to die, today, Griff" she whispered simply, walking closer to him as he tried to back away.

"What? Why? What did I do to deserve death?" Griff exclaimed, tripping over his own feet and falling on his back, though he always his hands up in an attempt at self-defense.

"You're kidding right? First, you tried to sell your sister to slavers and you lied to the authorities about it! Then, you forced the Jedi Council to send Jedi out to save her, claiming that the slavers kidnapped her! Now, you have sent slavers to my ship to take my friends away in another pitiful attempt to save your life. I absolutely give up with you! Meetra wanted to take care of you back then. She warned me that we should have sent Mission to live in foster care. I am ashamed that I did not listen to her back then" Revan told him.

"What are you going to do?" Griff asked, trying to scramble away, but falling with his face in a sand dune, totally exposed as Revan approached him.

"It is not my choice. If it was my choice, I would put you alone in a room with Canderous and his repeater. Sadly, it is not my choice. It is Mission's choice, so it is up to her what we are going to do with you" Revan hissed. It was impossible for Revan to read the younger twi'lek's emotions by then, so he stopped trying.

"Meetra, what do you see?" Mission asked. The Jedi in question looked up at the teenage twi'lek and then back at Griff. She looked between them and sighed.

"I can tell that Mission doesn't really want to kill Griff, despite everything that he has done to her. Despite that, we all know that Griff deserves some form of punishment for what he did. I do not believe that he deserves death, however" Meetra said, looking back and forth between everybody who was waiting for her verdict.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Griff exclaimed. He ran up and tried to hug her, but she used the Force to knock him back on the ground.

"I wasn't finished" she snapped. Once Griff was quiet, she continued in her soft, melodic voice.

"I think he deserves to know what slaves go through" Meetra suggested. Nobody missed the almost sadistic smile on her face as she said that.

"What do you mean?" Mission asked.

"I suggest that when we invade the slave headquarters, Griff comes along and fights with us" Meetra suggested simply.

Ignoring Griff's pleas for mercy, the group continued their conversation.

"What if he skips out on us?" Mission asked.

"I have that covered. HK-47 is capable of tracking anything across any planet in the galaxy. If Griff leaves the planet or if he betrays us, I will send HK-47 after him. In that case, Griff's execution will be slow and painful, starting with the popping of his head tails and then removing all of his nails. Then, once Griff is literally begging for death will HK finally kill him, but not before he has the right to carry out some other of his plans as well" Revan said menacingly. At that, Griff paled even more than before and HK sounded almost giddy in response.

"Proclamation: it would give me great pleasure to execute you slowly and painfully. Unnecessary threat: while the good master's explanation may seem unnecessarily gruesome, I hope that you do betray the master so I can show you that he gave you the light version" HK said.

"What's it going to be, Griff?" Revan asked.

"I'll wait in Greeta's shop. Tell me when the attack is" Griff said, refusing to look at any of them.

Right after Meetra gave them all conformation that Griff was being honest, they got into the speeder and zoomed off toward Anchorhead.

A few minutes later, Meetra spotted Tanis and after getting the order from Revan to go to him, she changed the direction to speed toward Tanis.

In the time that they were rushing in Tanis's direction, Revan couldn't shake the feelings that were coming at him through their bond. He looked back at Bastila and didn't see anything wrong on the surface.

He turned back to face the front again, searching his mind to figure out what demons his bond mate was facing. He didn't get too far in his search, though, because Meetra stopped the speeder right by Tanis and his droids.

Revan swore under his breath and jumped out of the speeder, landing with a soft thud before looking back to the speeder.

"Stay in the speeder, HK" he said, turning back to glare at the fugitive of the sand once again.

"So, uh, what's new? Rescued somebody recently? Maybe somebody who's trapped in the desert?" Tanis asked sourly.

"Keep up that tone and our record of not rescuing anybody will stay the same" Revan snapped, obviously put off by the fact that his friends had possibly been taken by slavers.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. So can you help me now?" Tanis asked. Revan nodded.

"Mission, this is up to you. What does she need to do?" Revan asked.

"Wait, she's just a kid! You're going to let a kid mess with droids that could kill me?" Tanis demanded.

"Yes, because she is the only person who can save you. Neither of us knows what to do with you, and HK would be more likely to kill you than fix your droids, so it is up to Mission. It is either that or you just don't get rescued. Take your pick" Revan said simply, glancing between Mission and Tanis. It seemed like he almost hoped Tanis wouldn't want to get rescued. Tanis didn't make Revan's wish come true, though, as he told Mission what she would need to do.

"Just access each droid's repair interface. You'll have to do some tinkering, but be careful. One explosion, I can survive. Any more than one blows and I'm dead" Tanis said, letting Mission get to work. Right before she entered the first droid's interface, Tanis interrupted her quickly.

"Oh, and ignore the message Marlena left in there. There's no way I deserve this, I swear" Tanis told her.

Mission went into the first droid's interface and she went right to the message and played it loud for everybody to hear.

"Having fun on the dunes, Tanis? I made sure you would. Here's the deal. Your precious droids have trapped you. They'll hold you until you die of thirst. Make a mistake repairing them, they'll explode. Have a good death. My mother was right about you" Marlena's voice sounded. Mission looked shock, Bastila looked angry, but Revan's face was of pure hatred.

"What did you do?" Revan snapped, all tastes of civility gone.

"Well, I, ah, might have, ah, slept with another woman" Tanis admitted.

"While you were married with Marlena?" Revan demanded. Tanis nodded, not even able to look at Revan anymore, the anger in Revan's tone sending chills down his spine, despite his standing in the Tatooine sun for hours upon hours.

"You know what? I might be a little more receptive after I get rescued!" Tanis snapped.

"If you're rescued. Don't forget, we haven't rescued you yet. So start trying to explain yourself" Revan hissed back.

"You don't know how tough it is to stay faithful to somebody, kid! Have you ever been in love with somebody and been away from them for weeks on end, surrounded by other people fighting for your attention? It's not easy!" Tanis shouted, causing the anger in Revan's face to disappear, and only his determination and defiant eyes remained.

"Yes, actually, I do know exactly how it feels. I felt that way for nearly three years, and I remained completely faithful. And try this on for size. We weren't even official! I loved her, so I stayed away from any and all other women. You professed your love for her and her to you. You betrayed her in the worst way possible. I am very thankful that she was able to walk away from you before too long" Revan told him.

"So, what? Are you going to leave me here?" Tanis asked. Revan sighed, looking back from Bastila to Mission and back again.

Bastila looked distraught, as a result of her father and Mission was conflicted after what happened with her brother. Revan could tell both of them were struggling to come to terms to what happened to them and their families while on planet so neither of them would have been any help. Meetra was sitting on the hood of the speeder, finding no reason to help him out at all. He looked back and forth between all of them and made his decision.

"Screw you, it is men like you that give us good ones a bad name" Revan muttered, though it wasn't loud enough for Tanis to hear.

"So, what's your verdict?" Tanis asked after several moments of tense silence.

"I may not like you, but I'm going to help you out" Revan finally said.

"Thank you, I already told you what to do, so please hurry" Tanis said.

"Mission, this is where you come in" Revan told her. She went up to the first droid and after a series of beeps, she walked on to the next one. When she got to the last one, Revan walked over and looked over her shoulder to see what she was doing. He stopped her right before she finished it, and hit a few keys before closing the droid's shell hatch. She gave Revan a small smile but quickly replaced it with a look of shock.

"Come on, Avner! I was just getting to that! You didn't need to come in and steal my moment!" the twi'lek exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Revan. He put his hands up in surrender before Mission went back to Tanis's droids.

"Tanis, don't move, we're almost done" Mission said, quickly going back to all the droids and fixing them.

A series of quick ranged beeps and all of the droids had stopped shaking.

"Simple" Mission said casually. Revan smiled and displayed his hand out to the vast desert around them.

"You're good to go, buddy, and you now get to choose a direction. To the east, sand. To the west, we have more sand. To the north, sand. And to the south, you guessed it! There's even more sand!" Revan said sarcastically. To his credit, Tanis managed a small grin, but not enough for anybody who wasn't looking for it.

"That was very unpleasant. Thanks for the help" Tanis said.

"I didn't do anything to save you. It was all Mission. Thank her, not me" Revan told him.

"Thanks, you saved my life, I wouldn't have lasted much longer" Tanis told her.

"It wasn't a problem. It was simple" she told him, giving Revan a smile as she turned his way after nodding at Tanis.

Tanis left quickly after, and once he was out of earshot, Revan gave Mission a smile, and she laughed in return.

"Ok, what did you two do?" Bastila asked, glaring at Revan.

"Oh, we just changed the language on Tanis's droids. I don't know why Avner chose that language, but he did and now Tanis will have trouble with his droids" Mission said casually, though it seemed like she knew why that language was chosen.

"What did he do to deserve that?" Bastila asked.

"He cheated on Marlena, Bastila. Personally, I think doing that is the lowest of the low. He got more than he deserved with his life. I should have made his death slow and painful to show him how Marlena felt, but we have a schedule to keep" Revan said. By the end, he was speaking more to himself than to anybody else.

"Not bad, Revan. Personally, I would have tampered with the interface to screw up the droids' directional matrix. I think that would have been more fun" Meetra said casually. Revan scowled and got back into the speeder, not happy that Meetra had had a better idea and not shared it with him.

Once Bastila and Mission were back in the speeder, Meetra stepped on the accelerator and they were on their way back to Anchorhead with near reckless abandon.

Meetra let Revan out of the speeder next to Iziz while the rest of their little group rushed off to the Ebon Hawk to check on if everybody was still on the ship and not with slavers. As they went back to the ship, Bastila realized that under the circumstances, it might have been best for her to stay with Revan, just to make sure he didn't do anything rash. She jumped out just as Meetra was about to pull away.

By then, Revan was looking at her like she was crazy, but she thought nothing of it. She just gave him a look that made him shrug and she pulled him toward the jawa leader as Meetra sped away again, dodging through the newly terrified citizens of Anchorhead.

They just walked over to the little jawa leader. By that time, the jawa leader was looking up at them with admiration and a little surprise mixed into the mix as well.

"You of your kind, Iziz of jawa would like to thank you for what was done. Mine have returned because of you. It is as was agreed, as Iziz hoped it was. I have things to give you, take and be welcome" the little jawa said, handing Revan a few med-packs and a lightsaber crystal.

"Thank you for your generosity. I'm looking for something called a star map. Can you help?" Revan asked. Iziz stepped closer and looked around.

"You have saved the tribe of Iziz, and we of jawa are willing to trade. I know of this, but it is far away. In the sands of the east, the eastern dune sea, we dig for the people of sand and find this strange thing of the people before. We did not take it because of dragons in the lair. That is where you must go. Take this map to the eastern dunes" Iziz told him.

"Thank you. Good luck" Revan told him.

"You are good friend of the jawas. We will remember when your kind is gone. Ask if you need anything more" Iziz told him. Revan nodded in acknowledgement and turned away, he and Bastila heading back toward the Ebon Hawk for the night.

As the bonded pair walked back toward the ship, Bastila caught Revan watching her. Surprisingly, it wasn't Revan catching Bastila watching him for once.

"Yes? How can I help?" Bastila asked casually, though through the bond, Revan could tell there was something else underneath.

"I just wished to discuss the incident we had with Tanis with you" he told her.

"What about it?" she asked.

"Well, I made an observation that I'd like to share" he said. She paused for a second and slowed the pace of her walk to a near motionless trot.

"What is it?" she asked, looking at him in confusion.

"I was just observing how you dealt with Tanis. I just realized that any other Jedi would have been first in line to help him out of that little predicament. You were totally prepared to leave him there to die. It was definitely not Jedi-like for you to be willing to leave him there" Revan told her confidently.

"I hope you are not implying that I betrayed the Jedi Code" Bastila warned. He chuckled slightly and gently pulled her arm in the direction of the Ebon Hawk.

"Not at all, Bas; I do, however, must state that you have shown me that you are starting to realize the truth about life and the Force. You started to realize that sometimes, people do not deserve to be saved" he told her.

"Revan, I may have joined you on this mission, but it is not because I have renounced the Jedi. It is because you do need help. But, at the end of the mission, I will go back to the Jedi. I have not given up the Jedi. I am still loyal to the light side and refuse to abandon the teachings of the Masters. I haven't changed" she told him with a huge showing of confidence.

"I'm sure" he agreed.

"I'm telling you, Revan. I am 100% loyal to the doctrines of the Jedi Order. There is nothing that you can say to convince me otherwise" she warned.

"I know" he told her.

"The Jedi Order is correct. The doctrines have been there since the start of the order. I will remain loyal to it no matter what you tell me. The doctrines have stood the test of time, and I will never be convinced of any other way" Bastila promised.

"I know you are still loyal to them, Bas. I just hope you know that the doctrines are not the same as they were at the start of the Jedi Order. They have changed a lot. Time can change anything" he told her.

"What are you talking about?" Bastila asked.

"You didn't know that the Jedi Code has changed immensely since the beginning of the Order?" Revan asked.

"Well, I didn't know that, but that wasn't what I was talking about. You said that time can change anything. I know you, Revan; you weren't talking about the Jedi Code. What were you talking about?" Bastila asked. When she asked, Revan looked over at her in shock and took a deep breath in shock.

"Nothing too specific" he said simply, though Bastila could tell he was lying through his teeth.

"Revan, what is it?" she asked. He was silent for a few moments, and when he spoke again, it was not what Bastila was hoping for.

"We're back. Come on, let's go find out what happened with our friends" he told her.

By that point, Meetra, Carth, and Canderous were already sitting around the table in a solemn conversation. Revan and Bastila walked in and sat down with them before he put his elbows on the table and crossed hands across his face like he was getting ready to play a high stakes pazaak game.

"Casualties?" he whispered. It was almost too quiet to hear.

"None confirmed" Meetra told him simply.

"Injuries?" he asked. His voice was starting to waver in anticipation.

"None serious. Canderous and Carth were knocked unconscious and had a few minor burns, but they are both 100% now. They already had their kolto treatments and as you can see, they are alright. That's all" Meetra told him.

"POWs?" he asked. There was a short period of silence that nobody wanted to break.

"Sarna is gone, as is Juhani. The little stowaway is also gone. They had to have been taken by the slavers" Meetra told him. Revan was silent for a few minutes, his mood grave.

He sighed at Meetra's assessment of the situation and looked around to see everybody looking at him.

"What?" he asked.

"What are we going to do?" Carth asked him.

"Why is everybody looking at me?" Revan asked. His question was met with silence, the group looking at him like he was stupid, and a light slap on the head by Bastila.

"Revan, you defeated the Mandalorian Clans in the wars. Nobody else in the galaxy could best us, not even General Meetra Surik herself. If anybody can come up with the plan to save our crewmates, I know that person is you" Canderous said.

"That's rich. I wonder why Canderous actually wants to save them. He never liked Sasha and Juhani is a Cathar, so that speaks for itself. Do I smell something between him and Sarna?" Carth asked sarcastically. What could have started as a joke was laced with paranoia that made everyone groan.

"Well, Carth, even Mandalorians need to find love sometime" Canderous told him simply. Carth scoffed at that.

"What? Did you expect that all of the baby Mandalorians come off of a conveyor belt at Mandalorians Warriors 'r us?" Canderous asked sarcastically.

"I thought as much" Carth said dryly. Canderous smirked and turned back toward Revan.

"What are we going to do?" the Mandalorian asked. For the first time, the Mandalorian Warrior seemed truly worried.

"We can't invade yet. We can't all get there together. We need more speeders" Revan said after a few minutes.

"Why can't we fly out there?" Carth asked. Revan bit back a laugh at that, since it was an honest question, so he shook his head instead.

"Look at his ship, Carth. It's definitely nothing more than a giant target. We couldn't even pretend to be Davik because we don't have the information necessary. We can't just fly out there. We need more speeders" Revan told him.

"So, what are we going to do until we can get more speeders? We can't just leave them there!" Carth exclaimed.

"We need to get the star map before we go to the invasion. If we have to take the ship, I will have T3 stay on the ship and hold it in space until we need to escape. We have to get the star map first, though" Revan said.

"Why?" Canderous asked him in shock.

"After this invasion, we need to leave fast. The slave bosses are never all in one place at the same time, and news tends to travel fast. Even if we are victorious and we cripple the slave trade, we will have them after us faster than we can hope to react. And if we don't have a ship to escape on, well, it will be suicide" Revan told them. Nobody could really deny what he was saying, since they had not thought it through as far as he had. That was part of what made Revan a better strategist than anyone else.

"So, what are we going to do?" Meetra asked.

"We'll find the star map and then we'll finish everything we need to do on this planet before we invade" Revan said, looking at Bastila as he said it. She gave his hand a small squeeze before looking at anything but him.

"But for now, we must sleep. We need our rest. Let's just make sure that we get everything that we need to get done completed as early as possible tomorrow. I hope to invade the slave trade the morning after if at all possible" Revan said.

The group disbanded down to just Revan, Bastila, and Meetra. Bastila didn't look at Revan as she left, but as she was walking out, she heard Revan and Meetra start to talk.

"We could have invaded the slave headquarters tomorrow, Revan. You know as well as I do that we still would need to leave T3 on the ship to guard it even if we do take speeders, so tell me. Why don't we invade tomorrow?" Meetra asked.

"We need to find Bastila's father's holocron first. She needs the closure before everything will be possible, Meetra" he told her. She sighed.

"I just hope you're right, and our friends don't pay for it if you're not" she whispered, letting out another sigh. They both left the table there, leaving a confused Bastila still hiding behind the wall. She was unable to comprehend what their plan for her was.

She spent too long trying to come up with an answer to that question that by the time she finally fell asleep, it was nearly time for her to get up once again, ready for their next day on Tatooine.

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