Tatooine Part 6

The entire stronghold was gray. There were gray walls and gray floors as well as gray uniforms on both the slavers and the prisoners. To Bastila, it was far cry from what she was used to. The plains of Dantooine always had dozens of colors mixed together, so seeing so much gray in one place was close to appalling for Bastila.

She was able to find some comfort from Revan. He was the picture of calm despite what they were doing. She watched as he cut down another slaver. She saw him stab another one and she turned to see one approaching her. Brandishing her lightsaber, she charged, determined to make Revan proud, though she could not admit it to herself that that was why she was doing it.

Meetra Surik was on the other side of the room, weaving in and out of a seemingly endless stream of slavers who had come to challenge her. She did not look to be having any trouble. Like Revan, she was taking on every single slaver who came within striking distance of her lightsaber.

Canderous Ordo and Carth Onasi were shooting at the door that the slavers were coming through, trying to thin the enemy numbers before they even got to the fight. Mission Vao, HK-47, and Zaalbar were shooting at the slavers that got past Canderous and Carth, making it a little easier for the three of their allies swinging their lightsabers at the slavers.

There was no sense of weariness coming from Revan, Meetra, and the rest of their crew. Every member of the group looked like they were still in the zone, 100% ready to keep fighting as long as their bodies would hold out on them.

Even Griff still did not look like he was willing to stop fighting. Even though he was forced to fight in the battle by threat of death, Griff was starting to realize what his sister and her friends were fighting for, and though he did not want to admit it, he was also feeling the same thing that they were.

There was still a large part of Griff that wanted to leave the battle and never be heard from again. Meetra could see it in his eyes as clear as day, but still Griff did not leave. He fought in the battle with loyalty that it seemed only Revan could inspire into somebody. But during the entire battle, Meetra was wondering what it was that was really keeping Griff from fleeing from the battle.

She was brought out of her musing by Revan shouting for her help. She looked and saw that Canderous had taken a stray bolt to his side and was bleeding more with every heartbeat.

"Meetra, can you heal him?" Revan asked. She shook her head.

"I was never as good as you at healing, Revan. You could do a better job than me" Meetra admitted.

"I tried already. It's enough to stabilize him, but he won't be able to fight without it getting healed more" Revan explained. Meetra cursed under her breath. She looked around at the fighting and had an idea. She ignited her lightsaber and ran over to Bastila, killing the slaver that was going to shoot the younger Jedi from behind. Bastila said a quick thank you to Meetra before looking away, starting to run off to rejoin the fight when Meetra put a hand on her shoulder.

"Bastila, do you have any knowledge in healing?" Meetra asked. Bastila nodded.

"I was at the top of the class in healing every time back on Dantooine" Bastila told her.

"Perfect! Can you go try to heal Canderous? I can't do it, and Revan already tried" Meetra told her. Bastila nodded and rushed over to Canderous, kneeling down next to him. Revan was standing, deflecting stray blaster bolts from hitting them.

Bastila got into her meditative stance and looked over Canderous's injury. She had never really gotten along with Canderous, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for the burly Mandalorian. The blaster bolt only grazed through the skin, but it was enough to make her cringe slightly. The blood was not stopping and every breath sent blood gushing through the open would on the mandalorian's side. She reached into the Force and tried to heal it. She could not completely patch up the injury, so she attempted to push more of the Force into healing it.

"Use your emotions, you have to do it, or he'll bleed out" Revan told her. She looked up at him and then back down at Canderous. Despite everything that happened between Bastila and Canderous during the trip, with ship rumors stating that the only thing stopping Canderous from shooting Bastila was Revan and their many conversations that left her in such a bad mood that sometimes not even Revan would go within striking distance of her until she had been given adequate time to cool down, often as much as the whole night, but usually not more than a few hours. Despite all of that, Bastila could not let Canderous die. She had to save him somehow, just like the other crewmembers would have done for her.

She went back into her meditative stance and used her emotions to patch up the wound. She found that Revan was right about using her emotions. Before, she was straining and she was unable to do anything to help the Mandalorian, but after using her emotions, she was able to heal the wound without any sort of difficulty.

She came out of her meditative trance and looked down at Canderous. The wound had been completely healed. Not even a scar.

"There might be hope for you yet, princess" Canderous said, bowing his head at her for a moment before getting up to rejoin the fight, leaving Bastila seething in front of Revan.

"He didn't even thank me" she snapped at him.

"That's just how Mandalorians are! The little bow of the head is very important in Mandalorian culture. It says that he respects your ability. That is something that he has only done to Mandalore, myself, and Meetra. You should be proud!" Revan shouted, throwing his lightsaber and cutting through two slavers before it came back to his outstretched hand. Revan looked forward at Bastila and made sure she was up and fighting already before he turned away again.

"Is it too much to ask for a thank you?" she asked herself quietly, though she glared when Revan just shook his head and ran off to rejoin the fight.

She shrugged and stabbed her lightsaber back through one of the slavers, kicking her leg back to get him off of her before going to fight some more.

Suddenly, it all went quiet. All of the slavers in the room were dead on the ground, and the only noises in the room were the ragged breathing of the group members as well as the quiet hum of their lightsabers.

"Come on, we are almost through. We have to keep moving" Revan told them, leading the way into another hallway.

The group was running down the hall, where they found three doors, two on the right with one on the left before the end wall which was the elevator.

"Statement: these are the last three rooms that hold slaves. If they are not here, then we have missed them. Extrapolation: there are many meatbags in all three rooms, but my scans only show a few in each room that are not restrained in some way. Query: what are you thinking, master?" HK said. Revan looked at the group in front of him, trying to come up with a way to figure their strategy out.

He looked to see his group. They all were unable to hold back their emotions. Fatigue was clear on every one of their faces, and Revan could tell that while they all still believed that they had to go through to the end of the battle, they were starting to get complacent and they were starting to forget the reason for the fight.

The only ones not showing obvious fatigue were HK, Meetra, and Canderous. The latter two having fought in the Mandalorian wars with the droid being programmed for no exhaustion. Revan looked at the other five members and did not like what he saw. Even Carth Onasi was looking worse for wear despite his experience in the Jedi Civil War.

Then, Revan looked over at his bond mate. She was visibly exhausted in front of him and there was nothing that he could do about it. Bastila was not used to fighting on the front lines like Revan or Meetra. Bastila was used to being on the command bridge of flagships executing her battle meditation, and while she was often exhausted after her battle meditation, it was a very different type of exhaustion.

He took another look at the members of his group. Some were reloading their weapons; some were leaning against the wall. The most telling was Canderous who had his hands on his knees. The Mandalorian coughed and Revan saw blood in his hand. Canderous noticed Revan looking at him and nodded, making sure Revan knew that he was okay to keep fighting.

Finally, he came up with his plan.

"Meetra, you're going to take Mission, Griff, and Canderous to one of the rooms. Bastila, you are with Zaalbar, Carth, and HK in another one. I'll take the last one" Revan decided, taking his lightsaber off his belt.

"Why am I always followed by your war droid, Revan?" Bastila demanded through their bond.

"Ask me after the battle and I'll tell you" Revan promised through the bond. When she nodded, he used the Force to open the three doors, where the final leg of the battle came.

He walked through his door and snapped his lightsaber at the first slaver that he saw, effectively cutting off any potential of the slavers getting one over on him. Though, almost as quick as Revan started to swing his lightsaber, it was over, and Revan had already won the battle, all the slavers in the room dead on the ground.

Revan looked around and searched the slaves for his friends, but could not see any of them.

"Go, you're free now. Get out of here" Revan told all of the slaves. They started shouting their happiness and thanks to Revan for saving them, but he could not really hear any of it. Instead, he was searching for his captured friends through the Force. Instead of him finding them through the Force, Revan heard Canderous shouting for him.

"Revan, get in here! We've found them!" the Mandalorian shouted. The second he heard that, Revan started sprinting in that direction.

When Bastila Shan entered the slaver stronghold at the start of the day, she was appalled at how gray the stronghold was. Now, after the battle had gone on for nearly twelve hours, Bastila found herself wishing that the stronghold was still gray. She found herself wishing that the battle would finally end so she could go back to the Ebon Hawk and take a shower.

Instead of seeing gray as she did at the start of the day, she realized that seeing gray really was not so bad, given the possibilities that she now knew that she could see. After twelve hours of fighting, Bastila Shan wished that the walls were gray again, instead of the red of blood that found her doubling over, not in exhaustion, but in disgust.

As she cut down another slaver with her lightsaber, she found herself glad that the heat of the weapon was enough to cauterize the wounds of most beings, grateful that she did not have to see as much blood as any other weapon would have made.

She looked around, holding back her wish to double over at the sight of all the blood, making sure that all the slavers were incapacitated. As she was making her look around to search for the rest of the crew, she heard Canderous shout from the other room.

"Revan, get in here! We've found them!" the Mandalorian shouted. And despite the fact that she was not called, Bastila and the rest of her little group sprinted out toward where Canderous was waiting for them with their friends.

Revan ran in to the firefight with his lightsaber blazing, his emotions flaring behind him as he realized that his friends had finally been found. He could not tell, however, if they were alright or if they were hurt in any way. He would have to finish the fight before he could find out the answer.

He found himself back to back with Meetra as the battle continued. To Revan, it seemed like the slavers' reinforcements were coming without reprieve, almost as if there was no stopping them.

Despite that, the group was starting to win the battle. The slavers who were fighting were lacking in experience in battle, and once Bastila and her group joined Revan as well as Meetra's group in the fight, the battle started to become more and more one sided.

But, the second all the slavers fell, and when Revan was able to let up a little bit, more slavers came to the fight.

Revan saw one of the slavers take aim and fire a blaster bolt at him, but it missed a couple feet wide of him. He narrowed his eyes and looked back to see what the slaver could have been aiming at. He saw Sarna standing in the path of the blaster bolt. And though Revan thought he was the only one to see it, he saw Canderous move in front of Sarna and take the blaster bolt right to his chest.

By that point, the slaver had shot another bolt and it had also hit Canderous. The Mandalorian was sent back, unintentionally knocking Sarna on her back.

By then, HK had managed to shoot the slaver in the chest. Revan, Meetra, and Bastila converged on Sarna and Canderous, checking to see how the Mandalorian was faring after being shot twice in the chest.

Bastila knelt down next to Canderous and checked his vitals and shook her head, biting her lip.

"Meetra, what do you think?" Bastila asked.

"He'll live, but we need to get him back to the Ebon Hawk. Tell T3 to get the Ebon Hawk's med-bay ready for battlefield injury" Surik said calmly.

"Good, Carth, com T3 and tell him to get the ship over here. Bastila, check on Juhani. Meetra, I saw Sasha over on the other side of the room. Go get them. I'll check on Sarna. Meet back here as soon as possible" Revan ordered. The group went to check on their ends, and Revan helped Sarna back to her feet.

"You alright?" Revan asked. She nodded, though Revan noticed her looking down at Canderous.

"He'll be alright, don't worry" Revan told her.

"He saved my life" Sarna told him.

"I know, and he will be back in the fight before too long. Luckily, we have completed our objective for today's battle" Revan told her.

"Can we go back to the ship?" Sarna asked.

"Carth just called for T3 to bring the ship. Come on, we need to get out front" Revan told her. He used the Force to lift Canderous and carry him to the ship.

As they passed Mission, she was looking down at one of the slavers. Griff was standing right next to her, trying to pull her away from the slaver.

Almost out of nowhere, the slaver pulled a knife off of his belt and thrust it at Mission. Griff, with speed that nobody could see coming, pulled Mission to the side, fully intending to pull her out of the way, but instead, he pulled himself into harm's way. His move eventually culminated in him looking down to see a dagger in his chest, very close to his heart.

Mission screamed and shot the slaver before looking at her brother. Her brother was on -the ground, writhing in pain.

"Griff!" Mission exclaimed.

"Mission, be quiet, I need to tell you something" Griff told her. His voice was strained, and he was trying to stay strong long enough.

"Mission, you need to find Lena. She should know where my data pad is. She will be able to tell you what happened to our parents. She'll be able to tell you everything" Griff whispered.

"Ok, Griff, I will do that. I promise" Mission agreed.

"Mission, I'm sorry" Griff told her, and that was the last that he ever said.

"Griff? Griff? Griff!" Mission shouted, shaking her brother in an attempt to shake him back to life.

"Mission, we need to go! Come on!" Revan shouted, pulling her up.

"I can't leave him!" Mission argued.

"He's gone, Mission! You can't save him! Come on!" Carth exclaimed, taking her arm and starting to lead her out.

They met up with the rest of the group by the elevator, but Bastila and Sasha were both still missing. Revan waited, but there was no sign of them, so he went out to look for them. He saw Bastila sprinting toward him.

"Where's Sasha?" Revan demanded.

"I saw her getting taken out of the room by one of the slavers. The elevator shut before I could get to her. I tried to open the door, but the elevator had blast doors. The elevator was going down" Bastila told him.

"We need to get downstairs now" Revan exclaimed, sprinting back toward the elevator, Bastila less than a step behind him.

They got into the elevator and sent it flying down to the ground level. The second the door opened, Revan sprinted out front, seeing Sasha in shackles with a slaver next to her. There was another ship out front, with the Ebon Hawk flying in from the distance.

"Get to the ship, I'll get Sasha!" Revan ordered, slowing down and walking toward Sasha and the slaver. He walked in during the selling of Sasha, and he saw that the slaver was trying to make the deal go faster.

Revan walked up during the deal and walked up as they were about to make the deal official.

"Who are you?" the slaver asked, gesturing toward Revan who was not stopping in his approach. The former Sith lord gave the slaver an ear to ear grin before looking down at Sasha and back again.

"I'm your worst nightmare" Revan told him, igniting his lightsaber and stabbing at the slaver, cleaving him in two. Right when that happened, the Duros who was trying to buy Sasha as a slave started to run away, but Revan used the Force to send him falling into the sand. Revan took Sasha's hand and walked toward the Duros. He looked down at the weak being that was sprawled on his back in the sand.

Revan looked at Sasha and motioned for her to turn away. She did so and Revan sent a torrent of lightning into the slave buyer's prone form. It only took a few seconds for Revan's lightning to kill the slave buyer, and once it happened, he motioned for Sasha to come with him to the ship. She followed him up the loading ramp, and Revan shut the ramp, reveling in a victory for the group.

The second the battle was over, the Ebon Hawk and her crew were flown back to Anchorhead by the piloting of their expert droid T3-M4. Since T3 had not joined the group in the battle, the little droid was not banged up like the rest of the crew.

Mission, Sarna, and Juhani were all in the girl's room, resting. The three of them had gone through an emotionally traumatizing ordeal, with the latter two refusing to speak about what happened to them. For Mission, it was the first time that she had killed anything besides a rakghoul back on Taris and one of the Tusken Raiders from Tatooine. This time, she had to kill humans, duros, and even twi'leks.

Sasha was in the cargo hold, just resting after what had happened to her. She was not talking to anyone, not even Revan who was the only person she was willing to talk to, even before she was taken off the ship.

Canderous and Carth were in the med center patching up some minor injuries with some kolto. Zaalbar was eating some of the food that was quickly diminishing. HK-47 was charging in the cargo hold.

Meetra was in the cockpit with Revan at the time, going over the battle. They had just finished talking about the battle when Revan stood up out of the copilot's seat.

"I'm going to find Bastila. Something tells me I need to" Revan told the Jedi in front of him.

"Go ahead; just do try to be careful. I don't want to hear any babies before you and I can finally stop our lives of war" Meetra warned. While it was meant as a joke, Revan saw that Meetra was honestly a little worried about the possibility of that happening.

"Come on, Meetra, you honestly think either of us will ever be able to stop fighting across the galaxy?" Revan asked.

"That's true, Revan. I just hope you lied to me last night about what's coming" Meetra told him.

"I wish, Meetra. I wish" Revan told her, walking out of the cockpit and to the starboard quarters where he sensed that Bastila was meditating.

He knocked on the door and heard her invite him in, so he did so, quietly closing the door behind him. Revan sat down in front of her and got into a meditative position himself, but unlike the Talravin native, he did not start to meditate. Revan instead was looking at Bastila, a little surprised that she was not wearing her normal Jedi robes. Instead, she was wearing his jacket, the one that he was looking for back during the trip from Dantooine to Tatooine.

After a few moments of silence between them, Bastila ceased in her meditating and she turned toward the gray Jedi sitting in front of her.

"How can I help?" she asked calmly, looking forward at her friend.

"Meetra and I were just talking about the battle, and I felt the need to come speak to you. I don't know why, though. We could say that the Force was pushing me toward talking to you tonight. I just don't know why" he admitted. She was quiet, thinking about what he had just told her, wondering why the Force would push them to talk again before they even had the chance to search for her father's holocron. Her first instinct was that Revan was lying to her about the Force pushing for them to talk, but she quickly brushed that thought aside, knowing that in the all of years she knew Revan, he did not lie about the Force.

"What do you think we need to talk about?" Bastila asked. This time, it was Revan who had decided to think about it, but he didn't think about it for nearly as long.

"It is most likely something about the battle today. This battle was the first one where you fought on the front lines, correct?" Revan asked. She nodded and he let out a sigh in acknowledgement.

"How do you feel?" he asked. She shrugged and opened her eyes, completely leaving her meditation and noticing that like her, Revan was wearing casual clothing instead of his normal fighting gear.

"I will admit that I doubt my ability to go through more than one of those battles without a lot of time between them. I can't believe we had to kill that many people. Was it really necessary?" she asked. He was silent at that for a few moments before he shrugged.

"Don't sell yourself short, Bastila. There is no way for you to really know how you are going to react to more than one battle like that until you actually get into that position, though I hope you never have to find out if you can handle it" Revan replied.

"Well, don't know what I can do to fix it, but I just feel that we could have done something more today. I don't even care that I finally found something that I am better than you at! I just feel like we should have done something better!" Bastila exclaimed.

"Now you know how it feels to really be in charge of a battle. These feelings are normal" Revan told her.

"And that is why I highly doubt I would be able to do this again. Mentally, I just feel exhausted. There is just so much going through my head right now" Bastila told him.

"Like what?" he asked.

"I just keep seeing some of the slaves who we saved and I remember how they didn't look too happy to be out. Why wouldn't they be happy to be out? What did we do wrong?" Bastila asked. Revan froze. He shook his head and closed his eyes, not wanting to tell her why some of them were unhappy to get out.

"Revan, what is it?" she asked, noticing that he still had his eyes closed and he was still shaking his head at her.

"Revan, you need to tell me!" Bastila snapped.

"You should see it for yourself, Bastila" he whispered, grabbing her hand and pulling her up.

"Where are we going, Revan?" she asked. He didn't answer. He just pulled her toward the other side of the ship. When he got to the girls dorms, he stopped.

"Why are we here, Revan?" she asked.

"We are here because you are going to look into Sarna's mind and find out what happened. Meetra knew just by looking into her eyes; somehow Meetra can always do that. You need to see for yourself" Revan told her. Bastila looked at Revan with an appalled look on her face. She glared at Revan, who was not letting up in his normal resolve. He looked strong and mentally fortified, not letting Bastila escape.

"Revan, Sarna is our friend and our ally. I am not going to just look into her mind without her permission!" Bastila exclaimed. Revan just looked at her with an emotionless stare, making it clear to her that he meant business.

"You have to, Bastila. You need to know the answer to your musings so you can sleep at night" Revan told her. She looked at him, contemplating the situation to herself for a couple moments before she reluctantly nodded.

"I really hope I am not going to regret this, Revan" Bastila warned him. Normally, he would give her a smirk and tease her, but this time, he didn't do it. He tried to give her a small smile, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

He knocked on the door lightly and opened it, stalking in. He walked over to Sarna's bed and waited for Bastila to reach into her mind. She gave him another weary look before she took a deep breath and entered her friend's mind.

Revan waited. He had backed up slightly, waiting for Bastila to come out of Sarna's mind and see what had happened.

It seemed like an eternity before Bastila opened her eyes again. She looked at Revan with her mouth hung open in shock before grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the women's quarters and back to the starboard room on the ship where they were before. She shut the door and looked at Revan expectantly.

"I take it you saw it" Revan said simply, sitting down in a meditating position again, but still not closing his eyes.

"How many people did that happen to?" she asked. Revan hesitated.

"I'm not sure, but when I was the dark lord of the Sith, I went out and fought a slave transport ship. Out of the twenty slaves, it happened to nine of them. Only two were able to avoid torture in any way" Revan told her.

"But, what about the Republic's laws?" Bastila asked. Revan gave her a rueful smile.

"The Republic doesn't exist out here. If a planet doesn't pay taxes to the Republic, then the planet could get absolutely annihilated and they wouldn't care. It doesn't matter what happens out here because the Hutts are in control out here, and Hutts get a lot of slaves" Revan told her.

"But, this is inhumane! How can people honestly do this to other people?" Bastila asked, still in shock at what she had seen.

"This is the evil that we are trying to stop. We need to get rid of Czerka as well, because they are in financial league with the Slave Trade. As long as Czerka is around, the Slave Trade will not fall. I am sure of it" Revan told her.

"What are we going to do about Sarna? There is no way she is going to be able to deal with that tomorrow!" Bastila exclaimed. Revan was quiet at that.

"Well, she can stay on the ship then. But, I am going to make sure that nobody will ever go anywhere alone on this mission again. I think that was the biggest problem" Revan told her.

"What about emotionally? She is going to need some help to deal with this" Bastila told him. He contemplated it for a few moments, but didn't come up with anything that Bastila wanted to hear.

"She will need help; that is correct, but that help cannot come from us. If it comes from us, as Jedi, she will not trust it. She needs something or someone that has never hurt her in the past. The Jedi have hurt her in the past, so we would just make it worse" Revan explained, still thinking about what they could do.

"What do we do?" Bastila asked.

"We cannot do anything except for wait until Sarna is able to come forward and deal with what happened to her. We can't help her before that, and we should not try to help her before that" Revan told her. Bastila did not look convinced, but she reluctantly agreed with what Revan was saying.

"But we also cannot help her before you help yourself, Bastila" Revan told her. She looked confused, so he elaborated.

"Now, I know you are still loyal to the Jedi Code, so because of that, I can only imagine how you must be feeling after a day such as today, where we had to kill so many people. You wondered if it was really necessary to do what we did. I have to say that I think it was" Revan told her.

"You know, Revan, after seeing what I saw from Sarna and hearing what you told me, I don't feel as bad about what happened today. There is even a small part of me that believes that the slavers got what was coming to them. Knowing that frightens me" Bastila told him. Upon seeing his confused look, she continued.

"It frightens me because I know that there must be some of the slavers who would never do that to anybody. All of them couldn't be that evil, so were we right to annihilate the entire building based on what a few of them did?" Bastila asked. He gave her a small smile.

"You are learning how it feels to be a leader. There is always that question in your mind. In this case, I think we were right to do it, because the minor workers had to know what was happening because they were around the slaves the whole time. They would notice the changes and find out why. Since nothing changed, I think that yes, we were right to do what we did" Revan told her. She looked at him, contemplating what he said before nodding.

"Perhaps you are correct. I still find it difficult to fathom that there was no better way to go about this. There is a large part of me that still wishes that we didn't have to kill them all, but there is a smaller part that thinks that you are right. I just don't know which part to believe" Bastila admitted. Revan gestured to her with a calm gaze, knowing that she was just doing what she thought was right, much like him during his time as the dark lord.

"Bas, there is nothing I can say to tell you which side is right. There is nothing that the Jedi Council could say to tell you what is right. There is nothing that any of our crewmates could tell you to help you. This is something that you need to find out on your own and you will find out from inside yourself, but only when the time is right" Revan told her. She nodded.

"Alright, Revan, I trust you. I will wait for the right time" she promised.

"Good, now, I know that tomorrow we will go looking for your father's holocron. I think it would be best if I let you get some rest before that" Revan told her, standing up and walking toward the door. Bastila got up and joined him, walking toward her dorm.

Revan walked her to her room, hesitating for a moment before walking to his room, hoping against hope that he did not make the wrong decision by making Bastila look into Sarna's mind.

As he fell asleep that night, all he could think about was what could happen if Sarna found out.

Needless to say, with all that on his mind, Revan had a near sleepless night.

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