Chapter One

Seaview was docked at the Institute. Only ten crew members remained on the sub, including Chip and Ski.

Out of the shadows, men in black fatigues appeared, making their way toward the sub. The guards were quickly dealt with and they were soon making their way to the hatch.

Ski and Chip were the only ones on the bridge. Ski was near the hatch doing diagnostics when the hatch opened and one man came slowly down the ladder.

"There's two on the bridge," he said into a mic. "One's near where I am."

"Take care of him," another said. "Then we'll take care of the other. Just don't kill him."

"Roger that," the man said as he took out his gun, checking the tranquilizer darts.

He disappeared into the shadows and waited for Ski to get closer.

"Everything's good, Mr. Morton," Ski said checking over the panels for the flying sub.

He jerked as he felt something hit him in the neck. He reached up and pulled it out and saw it was a dart. The room did a spin on him, and he had to place a hand against the wall to steady himself.

"Mr. Morton?" he tried to call out but dizziness hit him.

"Hit him again," the leader said to the man.

Ski felt another prick, this time in his arm, and when he looked down, he saw another dart and the room spun faster.

Chip heard the commotion and came over to investigate to find Ski leaning against the wall.

"You alright Ski?" he asked hurrying over.

"Tranquilizers," Ski said fighting the darkness that was threatening to overcome him and he held out his hand to show him the two darts.

The next thing he knew another dart hit him in the arm and Ski blacked out. Chip lowered him to the floor and looked around quickly to find where they were coming from.

The hatch suddenly opened all the way and the men up top came down the ladder. Chip looked over at the locker that had the guns in it, but before he could move, a man stepped forward, gun pointed straight at him.

"I wouldn't advise that kind of action," the man said. "What's your name and rank?"

"Chip Morton, Commander," Chip said raising his hands. "And you are?"

"Mine's not important right now, Commander Morton," the man said. "How many men are left on here?"

"Eight," Chip said.

"Contact them and tell them to leave the sub," the man said. "We don't need them. You two are enough."

Chip knew he didn't have any choice with Ski down. He went over to the mic.

"This is Commander Morton," he said. "To the crew that is left, I need you to leave the ship immediately."

Patterson couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Is everything okay Mr. Morton," he asked as he picked the mic up in the missile room.

"Yes," Chip said. "Just do as you're told and go find Admiral Nelson at the Institute."

"Aye aye sir," Patterson said.

Patterson was concerned about the way Chip sounded and as soon as he was off the sub, he went straight to the Institute.

"I need to see Admiral Nelson," he told Nelson's secretary. "It's urgent."

"Hold on just a minute," she said standing up and opening the door to Nelson's office.

Nelson and Lee looked up as she came in.

"Sorry to interrupt sir, but Patterson needs to see you right away," she told them.

"Send him in," Nelson said.

"What's going on Patterson?" Lee asked as he came in and over to them.

"Commander Morton told everyone to leave the sub," he told him. "He sounded kind of weird."

"That's not like Chip," Nelson said and he switched on the link to the sub. "Nelson to Seaview. You there Chip?"

On the sub, Chip had been cuffed and was sitting down beside Ski, who, even though was still unconscious, was propped up against the wall, also cuffed.

"Give me the mic," the leader said as Nelson came through. "Good to hear your voice Admiral Nelson."

"Who are you and what are you doing on my sub?" Harry demanded.

"Pity you don't recognize my voice after all these years," the man said. "By the way, Mr. Morton and Kowaski is enjoying my company."

"Let me talk to one of them?" Harry demanded.

Chip was hauled to his feet and brought over to where the man held the mic out to him.

"Admiral," he said.

"Are you and Ski okay?" Harry asked.

"They knocked Ski out with tranquilizers," Chip said. "Other than that we're fine."

"Enough chatter," the man said taking the mic back. "I want you and Captain Crane on the sub now or they die."

Harry switched off the mic and looked at Lee.

"We have no choice," Lee said. "It's the only way to save Chip and Ski."

Harry nodded and turned to Patterson. "Go find Chief Sharkey and tell him what's going on," he told him. "Get the rest of the men together. We'll try to contact you later."

Patterson left to find Sharkey as Lee and Nelson got their stuff together, then headed out of the Institute and toward the docks to Seaview.

"Take them down to one of the quarters, lock them in and post a guard," the leader said looking at Chip and Ski.

Chip was hauled to his feet, while Ski was held between two others and was taken out of the bridge.

They stopped in front of the first cabin they came to and Chip saw that it was Nelson's. He was shoved into the room while they dumped Ski onto the bed, undid the cuffs and left, locking the door behind them.

"Reynolds, stand guard," one of them said to a young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

"Yes sir, Lieutenant Jernigan," Reynolds said saluting.

Chip thought he recognized the name Jernigan and tried to remember and then it came to him.

"Got it," he said. "Lieutenant Jeremy Jernigan. Works for Colonel Anthony Bradfield. Should have known that's who it was. He's the only one I know that has a grudge against Admiral Nelson."

On the bridge, the men watched as the hatch opened and Nelson and Crane descended the ladder.

"Now I remember you," Nelson said as he turned and recognized the man standing in front of the other men. "Ex-Colonel Anthony Bradfield."

"And it was thanks to you that I was kicked out of the navy too Nelson," Bradfield said.

"What do you want with us?" Harry demanded. "And where are my men?"

"They're safe. For now," Bradfield said. "Take them to their friends until I'm ready."

With guns trained on them, they were forced out of the bridge. Soon they came to Nelson's quarters with Reynolds standing guard.

"Unlocked it," Jernigan told him.

Reynolds took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

Chip looked up from where he sat on a chair as Nelson and Crane was pushed into the room and the door locked once more.

"You okay Chip?" Lee asked as he stood up. "How's Ski?"

"Still unconscious," Chip said looking over at Ski. "Must be some powerful tranquilizers. What do we do now?"

"Patterson is looking for Sharkey and then they'll gather the rest of the crew," Nelson said. "We need to try and contact them somehow."