Chapter Seven

Dr. Alvarado had started to doze off when Ski started to wake up. The movement woke the doctor up and he went over to him.

"Easy there," he said. "You'll still be weak for a little while, but you've had two blood transfusions and a round of antibiotics to fight the infection from the gunshot wounds."

He filled a plastic cup with water and lifted Ski's head so he could drink some just as the woman came in the room.

"Please inform Mr. Tajos that Mr. Kowalski is awake," he told her. "Also see if you can find some food for him."

She hurried out of the room, nearly running into Victor.

"Sorry sir," she said. "I was just coming to find you. Mr. Kowalski just woke up."

"Thank you Ms. Johnson," he said as he went into the room she had just come out of and she headed for the stairs.

Alvarado was just helping Ski sit up as Victor came in.

"It is good to see you're doing good Mister Kowalski," Victor said. "Is he able to be moved?"

"He's weak but he can be moved Mr. Tajos," Alvarado told him. "I just sent Renee to get some food for him."

"I will inform Ms. Johnson of where he is," Victor said. "Come."

They helped Ski to his feet and his knees almost gave out on him, but he was able to regain his balance. Alvarado swung one arm over his shoulder and headed for the door, following Tajos.

Nelson woke as he heard the door open and he sat up as Tajos entered followed by Alvarado and Ski.

"You look a whole lot better Ski," Nelson said as the doctor lowered him down on the bed.

The trip had been short but he could tell Ski was in pain and sweating a little. Alvarado disappeared into the small bathroom and came back out with a cup of water and handed Ski some pills.

"Take these," he said. "They're a mild painkiller."

They left, locked the door once more.

"What do they want?" Ski asked Nelson as he swallowed the pills with the water.

"I don't really know," Nelson said. "We talked for over thirty minutes but I didn't find out a thing."

It didn't take long for the pills to take effect. With Nelson's help, Ski got up and laid down at the head of the bed and was soon fast asleep.

Lee and his team had been at the rendezvous point for over thirty minutes when Chip, Sharkey and their men showed up.

"Have you heard or seen anyone around since you got here?" Chip asked as they walked over to where Lee was standing.

"Nothing yet," Lee said. "According to the locator, the Admiral is about twelve miles away. I'm taking some men out scouting. I'll radio if we find anything."

Chip nodded and Lee, Patterson and three others headed out of camp.

"Anything yet?" Lee asked Patterson as they walked along, keeping a sharp lookout for anybody.

"I'm getting a faint reading but it's still a way aways," Patterson said. "The signal is coming from that." He pointed straight ahead.

"We'll look around some more then we'll head back to the others," Lee said.

At the compound, Nelson was sitting on a chair near the bed. Ski was still sound asleep. He looked up abruptly as the door opened and the woman appeared with a tray of food.

"This is for the two of you," she said sitting it down on the table near him. "Make sure he eats."

With that she walked out and he heard the lock click shut. He stood and crossed over to the tray and found two plates of food. He placed one of the napkins over the other and took the other plate back over to the chair and sat down.

This chapter's a little short, but I promise the next will be longer. I kinda have writer's block right now since I'm working on more than this story. The next chapter will be up soon, I promise.