The sensation of drowning certainly wasn't a new one for Faris, but she feared that this might actually end her life. The crystal was in shatters, the Walse Tower was deep in the unknown depths of the sea, and she was in the water, struggling to find air. She had heard the splashes of her companions before she sunk into darkness, but everything was silent now.

The silence was broken and replaced with a shrill cry. Faris turned in the water and forced her eyes open. She could barely make out the form ahead, but it was there. "Syldra!" she shouted. The sound was lost and replaced by a stream of bubbles.

She could make out Bartz and Galuf ahead. They made their way into Syldra's open mouth. Faris hurriedly swam towards her friend and smiled, "Syldra! You're alive!" She began to swim forward, but she felt someone brush past her. With what little air she had left, she rushed to Lenna's side and grabbed her.

Luckily, years of living as a pirate prepared Faris for the strong currents Syldra gave off. She managed to pull Lenna into Syldra's mouth behind her. She collapsed on her friend's tongue, gasping for air. She welcomed the warm, humid air of Syldra's mouth, but was spit out only seconds later onto a sandy shore.

Her comrades stumbled onto the beach and fell to the ground. She staggered to her feet and turned to face her old friend. "Syldra!" she shouted. Something was definitely wrong. Syldra gazed weakly at her, but made no sound.

Waves crashed against the serpent's body, but she wouldn't take her eyes off of Faris. The latter could only gape at the beast, clueless of what to do next. She didn't hear Lenna approach. The younger girl gazed sadly into the beast's eyes, "Syldra… You used the last of your strength to save us…"

Syldra gave a pained roar. Faris ran to the tip of the current and yelled, "What are you saying?" She suddenly became panicked, "Syldra! You can't die, I won't let you!"

The sea serpent stared back at her friend, her sister. Unable to resist, she drifted out to sea and started to sink. Faris fought back a sob as she stumbled forward. She broke into a run, determined to reach Syldra. However, a pair of firm hands grabbed her shoulder and slowed her down. She fought desperately, wanting nothing more than to reach her friend.

Lenna pulled Faris to a halt. She pushed the pirate out of the water and back onto the beach. Faris looked over Lenna's head, but could see no sign of Syldra. She hung her head in defeat and grief. She heard Bartz step to her side, but she didn't care. There was nothing he could do to bring Syldra back.

"Syldra…" Lenna said softly. She still held on to Faris's shoulders as she whispered, "Thank you…"

Faris found it hard to breathe. "Syldra…" she mumbled.

The four comrades stood in silence, listening to the sounds of waves crashing into each other. A piercing cry rose faintly from the deep. Faris's cry was louder as she fell to her knees and sobbed, weeping over her friend and sister.