Gender: Male

'The Pandora specializes in dark magic and speed, giving up his ability to attack in mid-range combat. However the Pandora makes up the disability by having plenty of defenses and counters when attacked which gives him plenty of opportunities to deal damage to his opponent thanks to his high speed. His greatest weakness is the inability to get into close quarters and his low vitality.'

The Pandora is considered a hard target to hit thanks to his high speed and counters. To add into the problem of being a hard target, the Pandora also has the ability to hold down opponents with his wires and deal damage to them while they are still trapped. But if one can come in close to a Pandora, they can have the upper hand in the battle as long as they disrupt his attempts to counter.


-Ability to hold down opponents before dealing damage
-Dark Magic Caster
-Many counters and defenses

Pandora Weapons:

Primary Weapon(s): Wires

Auxiliary Weapon(s): Sash



The Lunarian adds in the power of the moon into their attacks, giving them the ability to have the power of light in their dark arsenal.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight completely gives into the will of his inner demon, giving up his sight so that he further expands his ability to use the darkness.

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Oh yeah, his secondary weapon is the Sash because it's the thing that helps him block or counter. For instance, if one tries to continue to attack, his sash can block and for the Pandora, if he has a successful block, he can release a blast of Darkness from his sash for a counter.

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and before I forgot, since there are Canon names for each class (EX: Edan for Cleric, Angelica for Sorceress, Triana for Archer, and Shian for Warrior) I've decided to give a cannon name for the Asura which is Rayth X3