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"Are you sure this is such a good idea? I mean, if we fail this then ours families will suffer." One of the cloaked figures asked the other two. Looking around constantly for anyone to be watching.

"Are you daft?! If we don't do this then there will be war and everyone here will suffer." Said the second as he slapped the first on the side of his dark hood.

"Isn't there another way though? Does she have to die when she only brings peace to the land?" the third questioned while he nervously shuffled his feet.

"There isn't time to find another way idiot. The enemy is on their way as we know it. We cannot let the labyrinth fall to ruin. With her sacrifice he will rise, and only he knows the secret to vanquishing this evil." The second countered. He was on his last nerve with these two. He had explained all this time and time again. However, he himself had to admit that he didn't want her to die. He did not want to lose her, but if he didn't then the entire land would parish.

The other two were so sad that they'd have to do this. Everyone loves her dearly and with her loss the labyrinth would go back to chaos.

The three of them turned as they hear voices coming their way. They quickly scattered and vanished into the shadows.