Chapter 10

"So we all know the plan right? We act tonight." One of the hooded figures stated.

"I still don't feel right doing this. I know it's for the greater good but she's still one of the best things this kingdom could've asked for." Stated the second.

"Idiot! I thought we were past this."

"I don't think it will sit right with either of us. Sorry." The third said.

"Well it doesn't matter if-"

"Hey! Did you guys hear? Jareth is revived! He and the Sarah are holding a ball later today!" Said a goblin who ran up to the three hooded figures.

"What?!" Said the three throwing back their hoods to reveal they were 3 of the firefy.

"Yeah! Come on." The goblin yelled as he ran to go get ready for the party.

"Maybe we should umm…. Just go home." Said one. The other two nodded and they guiltily went on back.

-Three months later-

"Sarah! I came as soon as I could." Jareth stated panicking. "I heard you from the healer you wanted to see me."

"No Jareth. I didn't want to see you. We wanted to see you." Sarah said with a glowing smile.

"We?" Jareth stated looking around?

Sarah placed his hand on her stomach. "We."