Chapter Seven - Bang

Logan POV

I glanced around the dining room tensely.

We all sat around the dining table in silence. Everyone had come down from their rooms for dinner (or breakfast for us). Nobody had said a word since we'd sat down and that was an hour ago.

All of the food had been laced with blood, except for Cameron, Madison and Bentley. Cameron was looking around the room tiredly, while Madison filed her nails and Bentley continuously moved the food around his plate.

"So…" I voiced up. Everyone's head snapped to me. "Um… Where's Chris?" I asked, noticing her absence.

"She's gone out." Connor mumbled rather miserably.

"Oh… Where'd she go?" I questioned, hoping to get away from the general awkwardness of this whole situation.

"She's just out, Logan." Connor snapped coldly and carried on stabbing his meatloaf with his fork.

"Okay…" I trailed off at his strange attitude. "What sports do you play, Bentley?" I asked. He glanced up at me before standing up from his seat and walking around the table to Hunter. She smiled at him before he mumbled something inaudible for the rest of us.

"Sure, sweetie." Hunter cooed before Bentley headed to the door.

"Wait." Quinn commanded. "Why don't you stay a bit longer?" he asked Bentley and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"He can't Quinn he's got cricket tomorrow morning." Hunter said, before Bentley even had time to open his mouth.

"Hunter don't do this." Quinn warned.

"What are you talking about?" Hunter growled at Quinn's tone.

"This. Give me less time to spend with my son." He shot back harshly. Quinn's words triggered seemed to trigger all of Hunter's anger.

"You wouldn't know the first thing about parenting Quinn." She snarled and Quinn stood from his seat.

"I bet I know more than you do."

After that everything went down hill.

Sebastian POV

Sometimes I wish I really was dead, but instead I'm only half dead and have seven insane siblings.

I was sat at the head of the table as World War 3 broke out in front of me.

Marcus and Duncan were only just holding Quinn and Hunter back from killing each other, while Bentley stood in between them uncomfortably.

Logan and Connor were bickering about basically anything under the sun.

Cameron and Nicholas were screaming at each other at the top their lungs.

Kieran and Solange were hurling insults at each other, while Solange's grip on the knife she was holding got dangerously tight.

Meanwhile Madison sat opposite from me, smiling like the crazy bitch she is.

I found it sad that in some way I was related to all of the people in this room.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that.

A loud bang echoed through the house causing everyone to go silent.

"What the hell is going on here?"

The source of the bang was the dining room door slamming open.

Walking through it was none other than Lucy Hamilton.