Clockwork jumped at the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. It was one he hasn't heard in quite some time.

"Yes my Lord?"

"I hate when you call me that." The voice sighed in exasperation.

"I'm sorry it's a habit. Is there something you needed?"

"It's okay my friend. If you're not too busy could you take over this Shyle for me and align the two soul's destinies?"

"Are you sure? What if I mess up?"

A small laugh reverberated inside his head making him shiver. "I assure you my dear friend with these two you will not fail."

"…Then it shall be an honor my Lord."

"Great! Here you go!"

A bright light shone nearly blinding him before dying down to form a Shyle. It just floated in the air as if waiting to be touched. Clockwork had seen so many Shyle's in his infinite lifetime, but this one was different than the rest. This was in the shape of a teardrop with green, blue and red jewels lining it from top to bottom. It was truly beautiful. And screamed power.

He gently cupped the teardrop Shyle and literally felt power vibrating from it. This was something he had never encountered before. He wondered who the two souls could be to grant such a beautiful Shyle and so much power.

As soon as he wondered that the jewels flew off the Shyle and floated in a circular motion in front of him as if trying to make a mirror.

"Place the Shyle in the center."

"Uh…yes my Lord."

He did as told and watched as wispy colors of green, blue and red swirled together to form a mirror to the two souls. And who he saw shocked him to his core.

The left side showed young Daniel Fenton while the right side held Vladimir Masters. These were the two souls he would have to bring together?

"Now do you see why I need your help? They think they hate each other, but in actuality they are soul mates. They are one and just will not realize it. If left to themselves they could unknowingly kill each other and they are important to the future."

"I see…" Clockwork mumbled still in shock at who he was staring at. Of all the people in the universe fate paired up the two most unlikely people. "So you're implying that they literally walk a fine line between love and hate? And they teeter more towards hate?"

"Yes but you need to force them the other way only then will they be absolute. Even in their last lives they've always been powerful together and it shall be no different in this one except for the fact that they will become immortals. Their love of now will transcend time itself. If they don't kill each other first."

"How will that be possible? They both age as humans do." Clockwork's brow furrowed in confusion as he thought real hard about Daniel and Vladimir.

"Danny is going to find the fountain of youth. After some consideration he will ask Vlad to drink it for him. Vlad will think about it and after a bit of teasing he will say yes. Danny will wait a few more years before taking it himself. After that…who knows."

"The fountain of youth? You would let them partake of it?"

"Of course I would. They are also a part of my future as well. But you have to lead them to their rightful paths in order for me to interact with them. Your observing of the times consists of free will, but Shyle's are the absolute free will of people like Danny and Vlad. Strong, caring, defiant and very passionate. Their decisions are ones that mostly affect everyone around them. A sort of domino effect. Be they positive or negative their personal decisions hold a certain power. It's their nature to hold everyone in their sway even though they don't know it."

Clockwork took a moment to process this information before speaking. "Then I shall do my very best for you my Lord."

"Thank you Clockwork. This means a lot to me so afterwards fail or succeed, I shall grant you a boon of anything in my power. You are a good friend to me."

"Thank you for your praise. You have been a good friend to me as well my Lord." Clockwork smiled until he felt an all too familiar shift in his body turning him into an old man. Some days he just hated shifting into his past, present and future selves. It was annoying.

"My Lord?"


"May I use any means necessary to get them together?"

"…I think so. Yes, you may. I have to leave you now Clockwork a certain little worm calls to me. Good bye and good luck!"

"Good bye my Lord."

Clockwork chuckled as he looked into the present moment of the 'little worm' and saw a pouting god holding a small bundle wrapped in silver. He also saw a tall dark haired Lykae god walk into the room with a smile on his handsome face. He wrapped his arms around the once pouting god from behind and looked down at his baby boy.

The boy had his birth fathers beauty and his other fathers Lykae eyes. The combination made an eerie yet remarkable contrast. He would grow up to be a fantastic person.

With a sigh he turned to Danny and Vlad's Shyle contemplating a plan. How would he even begin to put them together? He could put them in a room but that would only succeed in them fighting. Those two were like fire and ice. One is either too hot or the other too cold. There was no in-between for them.

…or was there?

Danny was an ice elemental and Vlad a fire so perhaps there was a middle ground for them. Fire and ice have been known to co-exist in the ghost zone before or the world in general actually. If what his Lord had said was true then Daniel needed Vlad as much as Vlad needed him.

With a suspicion that their cores had flared up over the years Clockwork opened a small window beside him to search through Danny's past first. A moment later he found out he was right. Danny had had seven cold flares in the past four years. At first they were slight discomforts but as he and Vlad started fighting they became a little more intense each time.

Vlad was a different story. His flare ups had never started until Danny had become half ghost. Once again they started with small discomforts but Vlad's last flare up was almost vicious. His fire core had heated up his body until he would be in sheer agony, writhing on his silk bed wishing for some way to cool the fire in his body. Luckily his ghost half had protected his insides from frying. Yet that still didn't detour the pain.

'Divided yet together.'

Clockwork looked around searching for the voice that had just spoken.

"Did someone speak?"

As he asked this question the Shyle gave off a bright glow as if in answer.

Impossible. Clockwork looked at the Shyle in awe and shock. Could it be that this beautiful gem has a mind of its own? He put his face a tad closer to examine it and found his face slightly covered in ice. He backed off with a scowl. So it didn't want to be examined.

The Shyle showed him a mirror of Danny sitting on the roof of the Town Hall looking up at the stars in loneliness. Danny suddenly parted his lips and started singing the most peculiar and beautifully truthful song.

"All you ever think is gimme gimme, but you never give back.

All I ever do is overthink and drink until I attack.

We know how to talk it into the ground.

We know how to wear it out.

If we ain't gonna save it, gonna end up in the grave and baby…

How do we take back what's been done, what's been said?"

The song went on some more but Clockwork had started to realize who the song was really about to the young halfa and stood there stunned into silence. It was about himself and Vlad. How very interesting. Clockwork smiled as he realized this could be used to his advantage.

"You already love Vlad don't you Danny?" Clockwork said to no one in particular. With a smile he set everything into motion for them.