Oh, boy…this is gonna make a lot of people mad. I hope you can forgive me but I've decided to take a hiatus and use this time to reread my stories and fix them up, make them more understandable and maybe a little more to everyone's liking. I have gotten positive feedback from wonderful people and on one story I finally got the negative feedback I was looking for. Odd I know but I was waiting for someone to honestly even brutally tell me what the hell I did wrong. So instead of getting mad I want to thank you. Now I can try and make my stories better.

I hope you forgive me and can be patient because I will be back and though this isn't a promise maybe I'll be back with at least Underneath almost finished. The Wolf and The Dragon was slowly evaporating from my mind but I latched back onto it and will keep writing it like I planned. Loki's True Sacrifice will perhaps require a new prologue though I may still keep it the same just take snippets out and replace them with something…nicer. I just need to think really hard where exactly Loki's story is going.

Anyways please don't be too mad and wait for me and if you can't then I hope you at least enjoyed what I wrote so far.

TTFN! But I will be back! That's a promise!