Christie runs and falls to the ground as Lee kicks for her. He quickly regains his balance, but not quick enough, she kicks him in the groin. He steps back, as the pain surges through him. But then, he does a round-house kick sending her into the wall. She falls to the ground with a thud. He does a backflip hitting her, and follows up with a series of kicks. She has trouble getting up, she knows that if she gets hit one more time, she's out. He runs for her, and sends a blazing punch into her gut. She screams with agony. Meanwhile, with Nina. She gets her purple uniform on, and heads outside to meet up with Eddy. "Ready?" She asks him. "Yeah." He says getting into position. "You've got a date with death." She says getting into her fighting stance. They run for each other. She kicks him in the stomach, but he retaliates with a punch to the gut. She steps back, and sends a jab to his face. He kicks her legs, sending her to the floor. He then tries to jump on top of her, but fails as she rolls over. She sends a round house kick to his gut and then runs and does a jumping kick, sending him onto the ground. He starts to feel tired. But before he can work out his thoughts, she sends another kick to him. He yells as the kick hits him. She suddenly hears someone yelling her name, "Nina! Nina!" She turns in the direction of the yelling. She sees Lee, running for her. She has the urge to reach out and hug him. But her urge ends, as he runs in front of her. The shot rings out and she feels Lee's body jerk back. She looks up and sees none other than Anna holding a sniper rifle aimed at them. Lee falls to the ground. Nina falling with him. The shot had not hit her. But, she wished it had. For Lee had given up his life for her. She tries to find his pulse. But the bullet had went straight through his heart. There was no saving him. Nina feels tears running down her face. She quickly wipes them, and declares revenge on her sister. She leaves Lee, and starts her journey, to kill her sister. Anna Williams.

A/N: Sorry I was gone for so long! But yup this is the end. You honestly didn't think it would have a happy ending did you? Well, sorry for the dissapointment. :) but obviously the ending foreshadows a continuation of the story. But I won't continue if nobody wants me to. So please review and give me some tips on writing!