[Author's Note]

There is not enough anything for this pairing. Like, there is no fic at all. That said, I decided I'd write some, even if it is tiny drabbles. Better than nothing, right? I mean seriously, I need more of this stuff.

That said, please let me know what you think of these. I'm doing my best to write them IC, but hell if I know what IC even is for them. I need help here.

I'm Blue — Eiffel 65

"You know, you should really cheer up." Suigetsu said, sipping on his omnipresent cup of water. Chojuro simply huffed out a sigh.

"I'm not entirely sure how that would help." he said back. His glasses were slipping down his nose.

Suigetsu gave a toothy smile and sat down beside the swordsman, playfully pushing up his glasses.

"C'mon Cho. Don't be so blue."