Heavy Metal Lover — Lady GaGa

Chojuro's face was flushed as he laid alone in his bed. Starlight poured through his window, the Kirigakure air refracting tiny rainbows around his room. His hand was under the sheet, trying to decide if it wanted to attend to his body's need. Normally, he'd have no qualms with doing so, but normally, his fantasies were of Mei.

Not tonight.

The swordsman gave himself a tentative stroke and shuddered. It felt the same as it always did.

Or did it feel better?

The teen's eyes closed, and visions of his desire instantly flashed across his eyelids. Suigetsu pressed against him, the watery feel of his chest against his own. The Hozuki slipping around him, his illusory body evading his touch. His body grew desperate from the thought, and his hand found the need to stroke himself again. And again.

It wasn't long until his hand picked up speed and a crease formed at the corner of his eyes from being tightly shut. His back arched slightly and a groan escaped his lips. He was lost in his imagination. He could almost feel the teen's teeth graze against his shoulder as he drug his nails across his chest; he didn't understand, but he didn't try to. All he wanted was release. Everything else could come later.

A knot formed in his stomach as his mind took it further and further. He was being kissed by the Hozuki; kissed, touched, sucked. He pictured himself in Suigetsu's mouth, and the thought just made him hotter.

He wanted it all so bad.

The soles of his feet burned with pleasure as he jerked himself faster, harder. He thrust into his hand and moaned a little bit louder. He bit his lower lip and groaned his name, but it wasn't until his thought of the teen thrusting inside of him that he shot white across his chest and sheets.

As soon as his mind returned to him, he immediately wondered why.

[Author's Note]

Uh yeah, I totally cheated on the music meme rules. I don't really care; it came out pretty well.