This was written out of boredom in response to a request for a SuiCho fic involving peanut butter and horror movies. Enjoy. Please review.


"You sure you don't want one?" Chojuro asked again, causing the Hozuki teen to roll his eyes from the couch. He clicked a button on the remote.

"YES," he said, responding for the umpteenth time. "I don't want a damn peanut butter sandwich. Makes me dry out. Now are you coming or not?"

The swordsman hurriedly slathered peanut butter across a slice of bread and returned to where Suigetsu was. He folded his bread into a half sandwich, taking a seat beside the white-haired teen. Suigetsu smiled, and Chojuro took a bite of his sandwich.

"So," he asked, pausing to chew. "What are we watching?"

Suigetsu gave a toothy grin as he clicked the play button. A scream tore thought the speakers. Chojuro grimaced.

Horror movies.

It was movie night, and it was horror movies.

Chojuro hated horror movies.