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Chapter 9

Before the claiming

Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt sat on a silver sofa in her palace on Mount Olympus as she watched her son compete in his first capture the flag game at Camp Half Blood. This was the moment she had been waiting for over the last eight months. To show the world that Naruto was her son and her one and only true child.

Sitting next to her was Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and mother of her love and Naruto's father Minato Namikaze. She too wanted to show the world that Naruto was part of her blood line and show everyone just how special Naruto is.

Artemis looked at her aunt with proud eyes. She remembered the sad day when she returned from the Elemental Nations after the attack and leaving her son behind and having to inform Hestia that her son met an untimely death. The hurt could evidently be seen on the elder gods face when she was told and had dropped to the ground sobbing as Artemis comforted her. Hestia was like her. She would only fall in love the one time and have however many children with that one person which resulted in Minato.

She always regretted not being able to raise Minato and cursed the ancient laws just like Artemis did since she did not want to leave Minato behind but was left with no choice.

However Artemis managed to break her out of her sobs when she informed Hestia that she and Minato had a son and that Hestia was a grandmother. Even though she was sad Hestia still managed to smile when she was told that she had a grandson but felt her heart break at hearing that he had to become a jinchurikii to stop the Nine Tailed Fox.

Everyone on Olympus who had been to the Elemental Nation knew how jinchurikii were treated and viewed upon by others. Knowing what her own grandson would have to go through was tough on her but Artemis told her she left him in good hands.

Then fourteen years later when Artemis informed her that Naruto was now in their world Hestia was horrified hearing the kind of things people did to him and the state Artemis had found him in. For the first time ever Artemis saw unbridled anger in Hestia's eyes.

Ever since then Hestia had silently watched over Naruto whenever she could since Artemis was busy with her duties with the hunt. Despite that Artemis and Hestia grew close over the years and had formed a very mother and daughter like bond. When many had questioned how the two suddenly became so close they would just tap their noses and be on their way.

The two watched the Iris message and watched as Naruto made clones of himself and sent them away to gather information. Something that impressed Artemis with his use of his shadow clones.

After that his team got the information they needed he left and stayed in a tree above the creek where his friend Percy was guarding and watched over him.

"He is just like Minato" Artemis said. "He is always protecting people. Something I think he inherited from you" she said to Hestia who smiled at her.

"I'm just glad Naruto knows the value of friendship and that he cares enough for his friend to protect them instead of looking only for glory" she said getting a nod from Artemis.

Then they patiently watched until they saw five of Ares children appear. Artemis frowned a little when she saw Naruto take on four while Percy took on one. But that frown quickly became a big grin when she saw how quickly and effortlessly Naruto disposed of the Ares kids and had a proud look on her face when he used hunting knives and a bow.

"He may look a lot like his father but he definantly has his mother skills" Hestia said getting a happy nod from Artemis.

When it was finished and they saw that the blue team had won both were prepared to begin claiming Naruto before they saw a bright light appear above Percy and the trident symbol for Poseidon appeared.

"Father won't be happy about that" Artemis said and as she did thunder boomed in the sky.

"Why do they make oaths that they know they won't keep" Hestia said shaking her head.

"I don't think we can really talk about oaths anymore" Artemis said playing with her dress.

They continued to watch but both Artemis and Hestia both felt a wave panic hit them when they saw a Hellhound from the fields of punishment leap out the bushes and charge towards the group.

When they both saw Naruto engage the hellhound Artemis gripped Hestia's hand a little tightly in worry for her son but exhaled in relief when she saw him use the rasengan on the hellhound and then send it back to the underworld with two arrows.

"Now's the time" Artemis whispered as she closed her eyes and focused her energy on her son. It only took a few seconds before Artemis's symbol appeared above Naruto's head.

She saw his disbelief on her sons face and could not blame him since everyone knew she hated males. While that was still true the only exceptions were of course Naruto and Minato. She also chuckled at the looks of disbelief that everyone was giving.

Just as they were about to bow to Naruto Hestia then claimed Naruto and her symbol then appeared above his head. She too giggled when she saw the looks on everyone's face.

They both saw Chiron bow and proclaim "Hail Naruto Uzumaki, Son of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt and Descendant of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth."

When they did both goddesses closed their eyes mentally preparing for what came next.

With Apollo

In his temple made of solid gold watching the capture the flag game and cheering loudly as the team his children were on won, Apollo, God of the Sun and Prophecy and twin brother to Artemis picked up his iPod and began doing a small victory dance as he began to think of ways to rub in the victory to the gods of the children on the other team.

Though he and Artemis were twins Apollo always informed he was the older sibling despite being the same age. This did not go well with Artemis as she would constantly scold Apollo especially after he would flirt with her hunters. It was safe to say Artemis was the more mature one of the two.

Apollo had golden blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like your typical teenage boy with California tanned skin and good looks while he was wearing a simple red shirt with jeans and sneakers.

He was not paying attention to what was happening on the Iris video especially with what was happening at the end of the game and did not see Percy get claimed by Poseidon or watch Naruto defeat the hellhound as he began to do the Michael Jackson moonwalk across his palace.

When the song he was listening too ended he was about to put on another song when he heard "Hail Naruto Uzumaki, Son of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt and Descendant of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth."

Apollo just froze mid step and dropped his IPod to the ground which ended up smashing. Slowly he turned his head and let his eyes widen to the size of dinner plates when he saw his sisters symbol glow above the head of the blonde haired boy that sent the Ares children packing.

"No way" he whispered before he suddenly shouted "NO WAY!"

He ran out of his temple and darted towards his sister's temple hoping to get answers. "LITTLE SIS WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME" he shouted like a kid who was left out of a secret.

With Aphrodite and Ares

The Goddess of Love was currently seated on the lap of her lover/boyfriend in her temple and had him in a deep kiss wearing a very tight and small pink nightgown. She was hardly paying attention to the Capture the flag game in the background since her children mostly stayed out of it.

Thought she could feel Ares tense since he was not happy about his children being beaten by the newly discovered Son of Poseidon.

Aphrodite looks could constantly change due to being the goddess of beauty but currently she had blonde hair that curled into ringlets at the end with ivory coloured skin and brown eyes.

Ares meanwhile had crop top black hair and was buffed up to the max which made him look like a very intimidating person. He currently wore sunglasses around his eyes with eyes made of red fire.

The god and goddess were not exactly close with Artemis since said goddess did not believe in love or like males, so naturally she and Aphrodite would clash at times which mostly involved Aphrodite trying to set her up with one of the gods or a mortal. Each time Aphrodite was sent packing.

With Ares, she thought he was just an overgrown chimp who couldn't keep it in his pants.

As the two were making out Aphrodite was about to take the kissing to the next level before she and Ares both heard "Hail Naruto Uzumaki, Son of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt and Descendant of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth."

Both Ares and Aphrodite's kissing came to a halt as their heads slowly moved towards the Iris video and saw Artemis and Hestia's symbols above Naruto's head.

Both were completely silence as they tried making sense of what they just heard. The gears in Aphrodite's head began moving before out of nowhere Aphrodite let out the loudest, most high pitched squeal the gods had ever heard.

Her clothes changed into a short white dress with white heels before she jumped of Ares lap and ran out of her temple shouting "ITSSSSS FINALLY HAPPENED. I WANT DETAILSSSSSSS."

Ares meanwhile slowly followed after her as he checked he still had his hearing.

"Am I deaf?" he kept shouting to himself as he tapped his ears.

With Hermes and Demeter

"And here is your package Demeter" Hermes God of Messengers and Medicine said as he handed over a wrapped up package and handed it over to the Goddess of the Harvest and the Seasons.

Said goddess took the package and Hermes looked over her shoulder to see she had been watching the capture the flag game before a big goofy grin appeared on his face.

Hermes was one of the younger Olympian gods and had black hair with blue eyes that all his children seemed to inherit. He was currently wearing an everyday mailman outfit along with the mail bag strapped across his waist.

Demeter also had black hair just like many of the other that was tied together with dried up pieces of grass. Her eyes were a dark brown colour and she was wearing a wheat golden dress that went down to her ankles.

"My boy got the flag" Hermes said with pride evident all over his face and puffed out his chest making him look like a proud father.

"Yes joy oh joy" she said in a monotone voice obviously not happy that the team her children was on had lost. "Tell me why you never answer my messages Hermes? I always end up getting voice mail."

"Urm w-well you s-see Demeter" Hermes said not wanting to tell her it was because she was bloody annoying and every conversation with her somehow ended up with cereal. He had over a hundred message from her weekly.

"Hail Naruto Uzumaki, Son of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt and Descendant of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth."

Both whipped their heads around and saw the symbols above Naruto as their jaws fell wide open and both feeling weak in the knees at the proclamation.

"Well this is a surprise" Martha the snake said as she too saw the Iris video.

"About time they found some loving" George said before Hermes quickly silenced the two.

Both god and goddess looked at each other getting over the initial shock before nodding and teleporting away at the same time while Hermes was thanking Artemis for the perfect timing since he could not think of a decent lie to tell Demeter since she somehow always knew when he was lying.

With Athena

Athena Goddess of Wisdom and Battle sat in her grand library with a proud smile on her face as she just watched her daughter Annabeth lead her team to victory over the Ares cabin and their allies.

She was also impressed at how the young man Naruto who her daughter seemed to have taking a liking too had gathered the information which helped them win. It was a genius way if she did say so herself and was also impressed at how he handled himself against the Ares children.

However she frowned when Poseidon had claimed his son when he had an oath to stick too and muttered "stupid barnacle beard."

She then watched as a hellhound attacked but was defeated quickly by Naruto who used a technique she did not recognise and would have to find out about it later since she was fascinated by those from the Elemental Nations and was always ready to learn new things.

Athena had black hair that was tied into a braid with golden ribbons and had stormy grey eyes that all her children inherited. She currently wore a regal white dress along with golden sandals.

She and Artemis were friendly enough towards each other and both had some respect for each other since both were strong female warriors which differed from the other goddesses. This helped form an understanding between the two and helped form a sort of sisterly bond.

As she watched she just took a drink of water from a glass jug beside her when she saw Artemis's and Hestia's symbols appear above his head which made her spit out her drink in disbelief and caused the Iris video to ripple from the water.

"WHAT!" She shouted getting a little taken back before dashing out of her temple intent on getting to the bottom of what she just saw.

With the Hunters

The Hunters of Artemis all sat round the fire with both shock and disbelief shown evident on their face at what they had just seen and heard. Their Lady had just claimed that she had a child and a son no less.

Many had dropped their plates of food on the floor when they saw it and were even more taken back when Hestia had also claimed him. There lady would not have a child. THEY were her children. Not some boy.

After a quick silence many of the girls jumped up from their seats with anger and confusion on their faces shouting out their thoughts and scaring the nearby animals.

"THIS HAS TO BE A TRICK. LADY ARTEMIS WOULD NEVER HAVE A CHILD, ESPECIALLY HAVE A DUMB BOY" one of the hunters called out with many in agreement.

"It's that camp. I bet this is just a trick for all the times we beat them" another with a bit of smugness in her voice. "Lady Artemis would never break her oath. Never."

"What do you think Z-"


A loud sound of something hitting the floor echoes through the camp and everyone turned around and looked panicked when they saw their lieutenant had passed out from shock.

"ZOE" they all shouted as they gathered round her and began fanning her and checking her over.

"Boy, stupid boy" she murmured while she unconscious. "Kill blonde boy, kill."

Back with Artemis and Hestia

Both Artemis and Hestia took some deep breaths as they felt spikes of energy all over Olympus and felt them all heading their way towards Artemis's temple.

Only a minute passed when the doors to her palace swung open. Artemis looked over and was not surprised to see that it was her twin brother Apollo who arrived first. He was looking at her with a hurt face which she thought was most likely because she hadn't told him any sooner. However that look quickly changed to the biggest smile she had ever seen on him in a long time before he rushed towards her, picked her up in a hug and spun her around.

"Why didn't tell me? My little sis is finally a momma. Tell me who the man is that managed to earn my sisters love" he said with glee as Artemis rolled her eyes before knocking him on the head signalling to put her down.

"Don't ever do that again" she said in a scolding tone to her twin. "I have my reasons why I did not tell you and secondly don't call me little sis. We are twins. We are the same age" she said for the millionth time.

"Fine fine" he waved but the smile on his face never faded. I feel a haiku coming on" he said getting a groan from Artemis and a giggle from Hestia.

Sis is a momma

She kept me out of the loop

But I am happy

Artemis face palmed at her brother idiotness before her eyes widened in horror when she heard the clicking of heels getting closer and the sound of squealing.

"Oh no" she thought before the person she was dreading the most appeared. Aphrodite appeared in front of her before she too wrapped Artemis in an uncomfortable hug squealing like a mad school girl who had too much sugar.

"Why didn't you tell me" she squealed. "I want to know everything. How did you meet? What did he look like? What was your first date like? Howe big was his"-

"Woh" Artemis said putting her hand on Aphrodite's mouth. "Do not finish that sentence" she growled out causing Aphrodite's to roll her eyes but still have a look of excitement.

"Fine but I want to hear all about it" she said in a sing-song voice sitting down on one o the sofas next to Apollo.

"I also would like to hear it" Athena said walking into the palace giving a firm nod to Artemis before sitting on the couch with the others.

Slowly one by one other gods and goddesses appeared in Artemis's temple all with the intention of finding out about what just happened. Hermes and Demeter arrived just after Athena who was then followed by Ares, and then Hephaestus who could be heard a mile away with the metal on his right leg making a clunking sound on the ground.

Her half brother looked like he usually did with a blacksmiths apron around his waists along with a black vest and orange jumpsuit pants which showed off his misshapen head and right shoulder but did display his muscular form he had gained from being a blacksmith. Though he was clean thankfully since she knew how filthy he got from working in the forges.

After that Artemis along with everyone else were surprised to see Hera also walk in seemingly wanting answers too. It was surprising since Artemis and Hera had never exactly been close and she along with Athena, Apollo and Hermes were symbols of Zeus's infidelity in Hera's eyes.

Hera currently had brown hair that like Athena was tied in golden ribbons and went down her back and had chocolate brown eyes. She was taller than most of the other goddesses and wore a white dress that rippled like oil on water. She eyed Artemis and Hestia before she took a seat next to her sister Demeter.

As Artemis looked around she saw the only ones missing were her father Zeus and her two uncles Poseidon and Hades.

"So I take it you all want answers" she said glancing at everyone who all nodded back.

"You can imagine our surprises when we find out two of the three virgin goddesses are not virgins anymore" Hera said coolly glancing between Artemis and her sister Hestia.

"I assure you we will explain sister" Hestia said calmly as Hera nodded back to her sister.

"Very well. We will explain in a moment but there are a few others who will want to hear this as well" Artemis said before clicking her fingers and from beside the sofas the hunters appeared in a bright light.

Zoe who had been passed out and had regained conscious minutes earlier was trying to calm the hunters down but stopped when she and everyone realised they were not in the forest anymore. They looked around and saw the other gods staring at them and immediately bowed before they all saw Artemis standing in front of them.

As soon as they did the girls started yelling and protesting what they just saw and how someone was trying to frame their Lady Artemis and that she would never have a child, especially not a son.

Artemis rubbed her forehead. She knew they would act like this and was not surprised that they were so angry and confused at what they saw.

"Girls enough" she said quickly silencing them with a commanding voice. "Go and take a seat. I am about to explain what is going on" she said as Zoe gave her a questioning look before she along with the hunters took a seat on some more sofa's Artemis had conjured for them.

As everyone was now seated Artemis saw them all staring towards her as they waited for answers. She looked at Hestia who gave her a warm smile before she took a deep breath before she began speaking.

"As you are aware moments ago a young boy from Camp Half-Blood was just claimed and he had my symbol above his head as well as Hestia's" she said getting nods from everyone. "First I would like to confirm that yes Naruto is in fact my son" she said getting looks of shock from the hunters and others since many never believed Artemis would ever find some to settle down with. The hunters never even imagined that their Lady would fall in love with someone.

She took a seat next to Hestia and began her story.

"Just over sixteen years ago I travelled to the Elemental Nations. It was my first trip there and I wanted to see what that world was like compared to this world. As I walked through the forests during one of the many walks I was admiring how untouched the forests were before was ambushed by a group of bandits who believed me to be some common woman and planned to rob me" she said getting growls erupt from the hunter before continuing.

"However before I could draw my bow or my knives all the bandits were sent flying away and hit the ground either unconscious or were killed. All I saw was a yellow flash but after a few seconds a man stood before me with golden blonde spiky hair, tanned skin and had sapphire blue eyes. He wore a blue shirt with a green flak jacket, blue pants with black ninja sandals and a white coat with flames at the bottom. That was the day I met Minato Namikaze" she said with a warm smile on her face as she remembered seeing her love for the first time.

"The one you fell in love with" Aphrodite said happily with her arms in the air while Artemis nodded.

"Yes he was although it didn't start out that way. At first I hated him for being a man of course and for helping me since I could defend myself but he let my rudeness slide and he brought me to his home village Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. It turned out that Minato was the current Hokage of the village. The Hokage being the leader" she said to the hunters who didn't understand what Hokage was. "He was out on a walk taking a break from his duties when he found me"

"He gave me a place to stay and gave me a tour of the village despite my protests but he was not having any of it. He came and checked on me every day to see how I was doing which annoyed me to no end and hound him to be getting on my nerves.

"But yet over time I began finding his presence oddly comforting and enjoyable. I was beginning to find myself almost drawn to him because he acted so different from other males that I had met. He was kind to all those around him, he protected those close to him; he was incredibly smart and strong.

"Handsome?" Aphrodite asked interrupting again.

"Very" Artemis said smirking taking Aphrodite back a little since she never thought she would hear Artemis say a man was handsome. To everyone else it was just so foreign to hear Artemis talk about a male this way.

"He sounds like the perfect package" Aphrodite said lovingly getting an annoyed look from both Ares and Hephaestus.

"I must admit he sounds like someone I could get on well" Athena said pitching in too. "Very rare for those types of men to come around."

"Well from then on we came to a mutual friendship before slowly thing began to escalate between us. It was little thing like friendly hugs or laughing at each other's jokes or just chatting about things we had in common.

"Jokes?" Apollo asked looking like he didn't believe her since Artemis never joked before she threw a cushion at the sun gods face.

"Before I knew it I found myself actually beginning to fall for him" she said getting little smiles from the goddesses while the hunter just had blank looks on their faces not sure how they should react.

"It was after about six months that I stayed their when I decided to reveal myself to Minato and tell him who I was. Surprisingly enough he already knew who I was when he first met me" Artemis said getting questioning looks from everyone.

"How did he know you were a goddess?" Demeter asked.

Before Artemis could speak Hestia spoke up for the first time. "That is actually where I come in" Hestia said getting everyone's attention moving to her.

"Well the reason Minato knows about the greek gods is because he is a demi god" she said surprising everyone who was listening. "Naruto is my descendant in a way because he is my grandson."

"Wait" Hera said piping up. "If Naruto is your grandson then that means Minato"-

"Minato is my son" she said getting looks of disbelief from everyone in the room.

"I had Minato almost forty years ago, just before the start of second shinobi war in the Elemental Nations. His father unfortunately died during the war and Minato was left without a father and was put in an orphanage. I had wanted to raise Minato myself but with the ancient laws in place I couldn't. So instead I would talk to Minato in his dreams. That's how he knew about his heritage and about all of us.

"So he knew who Artemis was because you had told him about us" Athena said clarifying it to which Hestia nodded.

"That's right. I wanted him to know of his heritage and who I was. I wanted him to know he was loved and that I did not abandon him. When I told him he simply hugged me and told me he was just happy to know his mom loved him. From then on I visited from time to time but when I saw him become Hokage I knew that he would be okay and that he would have a family of his own one day so I eventually stopped visiting wanting to leave his life in peace. It was then that he met Artemis."

"And why did you not tell us sister. Do you not think we should have been told?" Hera asked narrowing her eyes at her older sister while Hestia keeping her calm simply smiled.

"I could have but i didn't. I am a private person Hera and I don't see the need to have to tell you everything" she said causing Hera to make a tsk sound obviously not happy with the answer. Everyone rolled their eyes at the moody queen of the gods as Artemis continued.

"I was sceptical at first but after learning he was a demi god it made it easier to be around him knowing I did not have to hide who I was from him. When he told me it didn't bother him that she was a goddess in the slightest, he continued treating me just like before. It was that day when I decided to give him a chance and prove he was nothing like that bastard Orion" Artemis said regaining the conversation and causing the hunters and Apollo to growl at Orion's name.

"I can honestly say it was perhaps one of the greatest times in my immortal life being with Minato. He was just so warm to be around and so full of love. He made me feel like I was the only one who was important" she said getting loving sighs from Aphrodite, smiles from the other girls and even Zoe and the hunters let small smiles appear on their faces since they saw how happy their lady looked.

"After eight months together I discovered I was pregnant with Naruto. I was unsure of what to do since I had not been prepared for it and was not sure whether Minato would accept it since it was so soon but when I went to the hospital and saw my baby for the first time on the monitor I just fell in love with my son. The fact my first child would be a boy meant very little. He would be loved and that was all that mattered. So I carried him for nine months and when I told Minato he was delighted to find out he would be a father."

"Woh wait" Aphrodite said halting the conversation. "You actually carried Naruto like a mortal does" she said in disbelief getting a nod from Artemis. "And you still have that kind of figure?" she said causing everyone to roll their eyes at the love goddess.

While Artemis scolded Aphrodite on the stupid question she asked Hera looked at Artemis with slight admiration which was not often. The fact that she carried her son just like the old ways and the way Hera believed a child should be born since it was the natural way made Hera's respect for Artemis go up weven if it was only a tiny bit.

"Anyway I bonded with Naruto as I carried him and then on the tenth October I gave birth to him and he was born absolutely perfect with no complications" she said getting smiles all round except from Ares who was getting bored. "A friend I had made while in Konoha was going to help deliver Naruto but she mysterious disappeared earlier that day. Unfortunately the happy occasion quickly ended" she said bawling her fists up getting concerned looks from everyone.

"Konoha was then attacked by the Nine Trailed Demon Fox" she said with venom in her voice as the other gods went wide eyed except for the hunters. She quickly explained what it was before they too went wide eyed. The Nine Tailed Fox was no joke.

"I was weak from just giving birth so I could not help fight and Minato had to protect the village since it was his duty as Hokage. I had passed out from just giving birth and when I woke up the previous Hokage of the village Hiruzen Sarutobi told me what happened" she said choking back a sob causing the others to be concerned and Hestia to squeeze Artemis's hand in comfort.

"M-Minato had given his life to protect the village and had to seal the fox into Naruto" she said letting a tear roll down her cheek as the others looked at her with shock and disbelief. Arteimis's son had been made into a jinchurikii.

"The poor boy" Demeter whispered out as Athena explained to the hunters exactly what a jinchurikii was and the harsh lives a jinchurikii ends up going through. Even Ares grew a tiny bit of respect for the boy since all the gods were aware of the harsh lives jinchurikii's lived.

"I wanted to take Naruto with me and raise him myself but the damn ancient laws stopped me from doing so" she said in a shaky tone which made her lieutenant Zoe get up and take a seat next to Artemis and take her other hand in her own and help comfort her.

"I left him with people I thought I could trust but I later found out that the moment I left three of the four turned their back on him. He basically grew up with no one since Hiruzen was old and had his duties as Hokage again and just did not have the time to raise a child.

"Sis" Apollo said getting up and wrapping his sister in a hug which she actually allowed and hugged back.

"Then eight months ago I went to check on him for the first time. My motherly instincts were just telling me to go. I saw him wrapped in metal wire near death while shinobi, civilians and children his own age were calling for his death" she said angrily which sparked everyone's anger levels to rise since no child should have to go through that.

"Poor nephew" Apollo thought as he let Artemis go and went back to his seat.

"When I found out the life he had to live I took him out of that world and brought him to ours. I enrolled him at a school which happened to be where Poseidon's son was until eventually he went to camp half blood."

Everyone in the room soaked in the story as they thought over Artemis's son. They guessed he looked more like his father since there were not many similarities between him and Artemis except his skill with a bow and hunting knives.

"He will grow up to be a very powerful demi god" Hera said getting nods from everyone. "He has already displayed that tonight."

"Hmm the punk aint bad" Ares said finally speaking up. "Could make a good challenge since he has the fox within him" he said grinning before the look was wiped off his face from the glare Artemis was giving him and got a slap on the back of the head from Aphrodite.

"Stay away from my son Ares. If I find out you have hurt him in any way, shape or form I will be sticking an arrow where the sun doesn't shine" she said surprising everyone at how protective she was.

"Someone's protective" Hermes whispered to Hephaestus before she gave him the same look that shut him up.

"Oh I will make he has such a great love life. There are already so many girls that are falling for him" Aphrodite said and then Artemis gazed over towards her.

She would have retorted but the hunters were shuffling around nervously in their seats.

"Girls may I ask what your opinion about this are?" she asked seeing the girls glance between themselves. They looked a little nervous and she could not blame them. She doubted this was a situation they ever imagined they would get in to.

"My lady" Zoe said next to Artemis. "We are not sure what to think. The fact that he is a boy already puts him in a bad light with us but if he is your son and if he is like Minato then we guess he would be okay with us. But we just don't know. We have to meet him to actually tell you what we think of him. "

It was a reasonable answer and probably the best answer she could have hoped for from them. Artemis looked at the other hunters. "Do you all feel like this?" way she asked getting nods from the hunters. Then the room just fell into silence

"Well I think that is enough excitement for one day" Hera said standing up and breaking the silence. "I believe it time we all left. We came here for answer and we have been given them" she said as everyone began shuffling. "I wish your son the best" Hera said before exiting. Artemis found that a little hard to believe but let it slide.

The others slowly began to leave as well. Before she left Athena approached Artemis.

"If its okay with you, at some point in time I would like to see the seal that keeps the fox at bay just so I can examine it and made sure it is doing its job" she said.

"I would like that" Artemis said gratefully since she knew Athena has studied up on the sealing arts before Athena nodded and teleported away.

"I'll try and watch over my nephew from time to time to make sure he is okay" Apollo said before he teleported away. Usually he was all playful and silly but this was one of the rare moments that Apollo acted serious. He may not show it much but Apollo was very protective of his sister, something she secretly liked.

Lastly it was Hephaestus who appeared in front of eh and clicked his fingers. When he did a bright light formed on one of the sofa's which eventually revealing a large box with a silver bow around it.

"The order you made a month ago has been finished. I believe I understand who it is for now" he said getting a thank you from Artemis before Hephaestus then left as well.

"I told you it would all work out well in the end" Hestia said hugging Artemis to which she hugged back and the nerves form earlier had gone. "I'll come and see you again soon" she said before Hestia disappeared in a column of flames.

Artemis took a deep sigh thankful that the other gods were okay with everything that happened but knew she may have to watch Ares since Ares was always looking for a fight and was a little afraid he may challenge Naruto.

"Girls" she said turning to the hunters." Are you ready to go back to camp?" she asked getting happy nods form everyone. "Also thank you for being so understanding tonight. I know it must not have been easy to hear but I am grateful" she said getting small smiles from her hunters.

"It's okay my lady" one of the hunters said. "Since he is your son perhaps he won't be so bad" she said getting nods. "We were a little confused and angry at first but after hearing the story and since you said he was like his father who was a good person who respected women and treated them kindly, perhaps it would not be so bad to have a brother" she said getting nods from everyone else.

"Though he will have to prove himself to us" Zoe said chipping in getting nods from the other girls.

Artemis nodded. "Thank you" she said gratefully that she had her hunters with her before she clicked her fingers and teleported the box Hephaestus had left along with a note she had prepared to her cabin at Camp Half Blood before she then teleported back to her camp with her hunters.

Chapter Nine Complete

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