Doug was sat on his own in the train station. He had just come off a long flight from his hometown of America. Sighing, he checked his watch and rolled his eyes. 10 more minutes. Waiting for this train seemed to be taking a lifetime! A new life, somewhere different. Ok, completely different from where he came from. A town called Hollyoaks. Near Chester. He knew noone. Doug was sure he would make good friends from his use of American charm and wit. Hah! Were had that got him before? Fired.

Doug jumped and snapped out of his deep thought when the train finally pulled up before him. Taking a deep breath he jumped on it and found a seat next to the window. He leaned his head against it slightly, but quickly took it away when the train started and he banged his head. Great! People laughing already. Just what he needed. But- he heard a sweet, small voice coming up to him. ''Um, are you ok?'' He turned to his side and saw a blonde haired girl, coming to sit next to him, lookig quite concerned.

Doug nodded with a slight smile. ''Yeah thanks!'' He blushed a bit when his strong accent came out, but she just smiled warmly, which comforted him a bit. Rubbing his head, he waited for her answer. ''Im Leanne. Whats your name?'' Doug chuckled when this conversation reminded him about preschool when you were making new friends. Friends, maybe she could could be his friend. So, he decided to be nice. ''Doug. Doug Carter'' Saying his full name like always, well, like his parents told him to. She reached to shake his hand. ''You look a bit...lost?'' Leanne said, raising her right brow. ''Im going to Hollyoaks.'' Doug replied, and she instantly lit up. ''Me too! Hey, i'll help you around, help you find your way. Your gonna love it there!'' All Doug did was nod and smile.

Yeah, Doug found himself not totally dreading going to this town now. He looked forward to it actually, how things could change in the space of a few minutes. But what Doug didn't know, is that someone in this town, would be the one to change his life forever.