/Sorry guys i know my chapters have been short so i decided to make them longer! Enjoy!3

Ste and Doug arrived at the beach and they stepped out into the pier head front. ''Nice 'ere innit'' Ste said smiling. Doug saw all the people and he felt like everyone was staring at him. He felt a sick sensation in his stomach, he felt more comfortable at home but now he felt waaay out of his comfort zone. Doug start to fidget on the spot and felt the palm of his start to go all sweaty. They walked down onto the beach and Doug falls down on the sand. Ste ran over and pulled him up, giggling. ''Race ya to the sea!'' Doug rolled his eyes and relaxed a bit, running after him. They reached the sea and began to splash eachother. Ste pulled his top off to reveal his arm muscles. Doug blushed and grinned, jumping on Ste's back. After they had a mess around the walked over to sit on the sand. They sighed happily and Doug forgot about what he was worried about before. ''Ya know what this day is missin?'' Ste said, nudging Doug. ''Wha?'' Doug replied. ''Fish and chips!'' Ste smirked and pulled Doug up. ''I aint ever had british fish an chips before.'' Doug said and Ste's mouth opened. ''More the reason for you to have some!''

They got their fish and chips and Ste tucked in quickly, but Doug hesitated a little. He tried some and smiled through munching. ''Mmm this is good!'' Ste nodded at Doug's compliment towards the food. ''Not as good as you'' Ste winked and leaned down to softly peck him on the lips but frowned when Doug moved. He dropped his food. ''Doug?! I was only gonna kiss ya!'' Doug looked around for people watching and went bright red. He stammered. ''Uhh, sorry Ste, i er, i gotta go!'' He ran off. Ste left his food on the wall and chased after him. ''Doug. DOUG!'' But he was gone. What was Ste gonna do? Doug had all the train money. He sighed. He would have to walk. To walk 1 whole hour. In the scorching hot weather.

Doug ran all the way home, not caring who saw. He ran into his flat and just shouted out in frustration. ''Ahhhh!'' He hit his head several times on the door. He felt so stared at, and he knew he had hurt Ste. He closed his eyes and started to well up a bit. He needed Texas to comfort him but nobody seemed to be in. He sighed for a moment and instant guilt began to flood over him about Ste. He had to make it up to him. He would have to confront Ste sometime as he had temporarily moved in. He got to work with an idea that quickly came to his head.

Ste finally got into the Hollyoaks village and he wiped the tears from his face. He then felt a hand on his arm, pulling him into an Alleyway. Brendan. ''Steven, you alright?'' Ste frowned. ''Leave meh alone Brendan, yeah? I just wanna go 'ome..'' Brendan sighed and chewed his gum annoyingly. ''But you cant, Steven. Why don't ye come to mine, me an Chez will look after ya.'' Ste shook his head. ''No, im going 'ome...to Doug.'' He remembered he would have to face him. ''But you dont want him, Steven. Not really. You want me really.'' Brendan bend down to whisper in Ste's ear. ''N-no i dont Brendan!'' Ste stammered, flushing. ''You know i care for ye Steven, more than Douglas ever will...I love ye, Steven. Please..give me a second chance?'' Brendan said, looking him straight in the face. Ste hesitated. ''Why do you do this to me, eh? You 'ad your chance, you blew it! I love Doug, ok?'' Brendan chuckled. ''But does he love ye, Steven? Does he really love ye?'' Ste swallowed and looked down. Did Doug really love him?

Before Ste knew it Brendan's lips were on his and he felt a weird sensation in his stomach, this felt...strange...familiar...Ste found himself kissing him back, closing his eyes, but as soon as Brendan pushed him against the wall Ste felt that dominant force, that control. No. He couldn't. Ste pushed Brendan off him and wiped his mouth, grimacing. ''Stay away from me Brendan! Just...stay away!'' Ste ran out of the alley, leaving Brendan speechless.

Ste shook his head and stormed into Dougs flat, seeing the lights dimmed. He saw candles, and in the middle of the room the sofas were pushed to one side, with a clothed table with a dinner on it. A single rose petal in the middle. Ste couldn't help but smile. ''Hey.'' A voice came from behind him and Ste turned to see Doug looking at him apologetically. ''Ste...im sorry...I dont know what came over me, i...Sorry.'' He nodded. Ste bit his lip and sighed. ''You didnt need to do all this..Its...great.'' Ste now felt guilty about his kiss with Brendan. He couldn't tell Doug, it would ruin everything. ''Its okay..I forgive ya..'' Doug smiled in relief. ''Well, do you wanna take a seat?'' Ste nodded and sat down, taking off his jacket. ''What did ya cook?'' Ste asked and Doug giggled. ''Fish and Chips.'' Ste burst out laughing. ''Well thoughtful that, am sure it will be great.'' Doug carried his portion to Ste and put his own down. He looked into Ste's eyes and found himself getting lost in them. Ste saw him staring and smiled, nodding at the food. ''mm this is good!''

After they had eater Doug pushed his plate away. ''Phew, im full! Guess we wont be needing pudding!'' Ste raised a brow. ''Aw cmon, we gotta have pudding now!'' He stood and took the plates away, heading to the sink. Ste came behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist putting his head on his shoulder. ''Maybe dessert can wait hmm?'' He mumbled into him. Doug felt his heart flutter and he turned to face Ste. ''Okay..'' He said a little nervously. ''You look well fit by the way.'' Ste smirked. Doug instantly looked down at himself. ''Hah! You dont look too bad yourself!'' Ste mumbled. ''Shurrup.'' He kissed him slowly and pushed him up onto the counter, Dougs arms going around Ste's neck. They pushed against eachother in passion and Doug unbuttoned his shirt in a type of frenzy, pulling it from him and kissing down his chest. He jumped down and they kissed and the walked up the stairs. Basically falling through the door into the bedroom they fell onto the bed...

Ste woke up first, this was strange as he was normally a heavy sleeper. He looked over at Doug, sleeping lightly and smirked. He then blushed remembering the night before's encounter and coughed himself back into reality. He hoped Doug felt OK. Suddenly the kiss with Brendan came flooding back to him. He felt so guilty and he felt he had to get away. He began moving out of the bed before he felt a hand grab his, pulling him back in. ''5 more minutes'' Doug mumbled into his shoulder, curling up to him. Ste chuckled and rolled his eyes, settling back down beside him. ''Okay grumpy, if ya say so. But we have to open the deli soon ya know.'' Doug nodded and said sleepily. ''Yah, i know, its just...I'm warm.'' Ste smiled, he knew Doug was satisfied with the littlest things. Like being warm, for instance. Doug's hand went to tangle in Ste's hair stroking it carefully. ''Hehe, i know you love me because you don't let anyone touch your hair.'' Doug playfully said. ''You just realised?'' Ste kissed him softly on the lips before moving again. ''Come on sleeping beauty we gotta business to run!''

Doug again, groaned like a little kid. ''But St-e-e!'' Ste got out of bed and grabbed Doug's arm pulling him from the bed. ''We gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?'' Ste folded his arms and Doug clung onto the bed, smirking. ''Have it your way then.'' Ste grinned and pulled him more, Doug only shifted a bit. ''Sorry Doug, I'm gonna have to do this.'' He jumped on top of him and started tickling his sides where he knew was his most sensitive. ''AHAHAHAHAHAH! NO STE-ST-STOP! PLEASEHAHA!'' Doug writhed under him, giggling hysterically. Ste carried on ''Get out of bed then!'' Doug held up his arms. ''Okok! ha ha please just stop!'' Doug managed to get Ste off him and stand up. Ste nodded triumphantly. ''Serves ya right, lazy bum.'' Doug pouted and shoved Ste softly before getting his ironed uniform hung up on his door.

There was a light knock at the door. ''Keep it down will ya lads! We got enough noise last night when we came in!'' Leanne complained before going loudly into the bathroom. Ste turned to Doug who was bright red. ''Ere yea, forgot to ask ye, you feeling ok?'' This just made Doug blush more. ''I-urm, yeah fine! Why wouldnt i be?'' Doug pulled on his trousers and began to button his shirt. ''I have a confession.'' Doug said shyly. ''Wha?'' Ste asked looking at him, Ste was fully dressed now. ''I cant do my top button...could you?'' He walked over to him. Ste tried his best not to laugh at him. ''Awww, course.'' He did it carefully and patted his shoulder. ''Thank you.'' Ste looked at his watch. ''Bloody 'ell its 10oclock best get a move on.'' He rushed downstairs. He quickly went to the mirror to his hair and Doug admired him, flattening out his own. Around 10 minutes later they were both scrubbed up and ready. ''Bye girls! And Dennis!'' Doug shouted upstairs and Dennis replied. ''Have fun you gay lovebirds!'' They heard Leanne whack him. ''Shh Dennis!'' Ste and Doug chuckled and headed to the deli.

On their way Sammie walked nervously over to them, Ste walked straight past but she followed them. ''Ste, please! Im sorry, ok? I know i told Brendan about you and American boy here but i didnt mean to! He forced me to tell him!'' She exclaimed. Ste tutted and shook his head. ''No. You said he was an alright fella, you probably fanceh him or summat.'' Ste turned Doug around to walk away but she still followed them. ''I'm leaving! Going back home, it sucks here! I thought we could spend some time together but all you've done is hang out with your boyfriend who doesn't care about you!'' Doug frowned and argued. ''Oi!'' Ste held a hand up to him to quieten him. ''Sammie, you were never 'ere! You spend most of ye time in the club, wi Brendan! So fine, go! Cya later.'' They walked into the deli and Sammie muttered. ''Bye...'' Doug turned to her and sighed at the door. He walked over and hugged her slowly. ''He'll come round, he's just angry, have a safe journey.'' Doug smiled a bit and went to go in. ''Doug.'' Sammie started. ''Thank you..'' She realised he wasn't so bad after all.

Doug went in and looked at Ste who had distracted himself starting work. ''Im hungry.'' Doug said and Ste threw his towel down. ''Doug stop complaining like a little kid!'' Then he saw Dougs face and sighed. ''Doug, im sorry...'' Doug shrugged and started work himself. ''Ah, i see you two arent as inlove as i thought?'' Brendan said, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Doug rolled his eyes and Ste walked into the back to avoid him for a while. ''Douglas, can i speak to you for a sec?'' Brendan asked, motioning to the corner of the deli. Doug decided to go along with it. ''O-okay...'' They walked to the sofa, Ste in the back and Brendan whispered something in Doug's ear before just getting up and leaving. Doug looked down and he face flooded with tears, disappointment. Ste came out and saw him. ''Doug..?'' Ste said softly but he snapped. ''Don't you dare act like nothings happened Ste! I know what you did!'' Doug stood, crying but raging. Ste furrowed his brows. ''What ya talkin bout?'' Doug scoffed. ''You kissed Brendan, didn't you?! He just told me! How could i be so blind not to know your still in love with him!'' Doug came behind the counter, squaring up to Ste. ''No, Doug, i dont! It was a moment..sorry! Your fault for leavin meh, i was in a state!'' Ste shouted back. ''At least i tried to make it up to you not kiss another guy, a psychotic one!'' Ste glared. ''Doug this isn't fair, am sorry! I kissed him yeah..but...'' He felt himself being slammed against the wall, he groaned. ''Ughh! Doug what the-'' Doug just felt the anger and betrayment surge through him. But he went to yell at Ste again and saw the sorry in his eyes, the guilt, this made Doug falter. Instead of using harsh words Doug kissed threw his lips upon Ste's roughly, Ste pushed back from his instant reaction, like they were fighting- but they we rent? They crashed through the back door, and backed onto the fridge, kissing deeply. Doug had to pull away abit for breath and his lips were a bit swollen. He and Ste both clawed at each others clothing, kissing fierily again, they knocked a few utensils off but they didnt care.

They didnt seem to remember the shop was open.

A taxi pulled up outside of the deli and two cheery American voices rang out of it.

Ste and Doug were both in the back room...not in a very...decent state. Passion filled the air.

The door swung open.

''Honeeey, surprise!''

Doug or Ste were too lost in each other to hear them.

Connie and Herb Carter. Dougs parents came in the door.

They headed straight for the back room...