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Chapter 1- First Day at Hogwarts

Well it's my first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy to say I'm nervous is an understatement, I've been waiting for this day as long as I can remember to get out of that hell of a school I was In. That school was holding me back I got made fun of all the time and was regarded as a nerd or a looser because of my interest in magic they didnt know the true power that a wizard or witch had. I first noticed I was different when I was 5 years old and I was on the playground minding my own buisness reading on the swings when these boys started to throw rocks at me I told them to stop they wouldn't listen of course why would they stuppid muggle boys. I was furious and all of a sudden when they threw the rocks at me they stood still in the air, I was speechless not knowing how I was doing this or even what it meant.

All I could remember was thinking I need to run I need to get out of here and so I did I ran as fast as my legs could take me I was trying to gather what had just happened thank God I only lived a couple blocks away. My Dad's were home and I was in shock I began to freak out and ramble then I finally got a conscious thought and and began to tell them what happened. I began to tell them about the boys and the rocks they started to look at me very seriously and said "I Have something to tell you Rach." They began to tell me that my dad Leroy was with a woman before my daddy Hiram her name was Shelby they met at Hogwarts and dated for a year then she became pregnant with me and she didn't want to keep me but Daddy did so they agreed he would raise me she was also a wizard as well as my Father when they left Hogwarts he swore never to use magic again.

Then my dad said those four words that changed my life forever "Your a Wizard Rachel", I knew everything was going to change they wanted me to go to Hogwarts and I was over the moon about their decision but I was also very nervous it would be nice to be around kids who are gifted with magical powers like me but also very nervewracking, but I Rachel Berry was not afraid of anything. Dad and Daddy took me to Diagon Ally to choose a rat a cat or an owl I fell in love with this Owl his name is Milo and he's pretty much been my bestfriend ever since we laid eyes on each other. So I had my owl and then I went to Ollivanders and with all of the places in Diagon Alley it was one of my favorite stores all the wands and the history of all the wizards who have had them before.

I found the perfect Wand and it was amazing how I felt when i swish and flicked it I counted myself lucky to be a wizard. It also made me wonder how my Mom felt when she recieved her first wand. I wondered around the train station pushing my kart with all my stuff on it for Hogwarts. I kept looking for platform 9 3/4 I know that no muggle will no what I'm talking about that's what I've heard Wizards call humans it seems rude but know after hearing it enough I've caught on not sure if that's a good thing.

I continued walking till I heard some mother say "Those muggles are so close minded it's bloddy rubbish", I decided to follow the family I approached the Mom of three kids "Excuse me how do you get through Platform 9 3/4, I'm Rachel Berry ", "Oh hello dear it's nice to meet you I'm Dianna Anderson this is my son Blaine its his first year as well at Hogwarts here honey follow us ." Her other son Brody went running to the wall with his kart and vanished right through it I was astonished to say the least. "That was bloody brilliant". Mrs Anderson let out a chuckle at my enthusiasm "Okay Blaine you next sweetheart he began to dart at the wall and vanish just as the other boy did, "Rachel is that what you said your name was dear", "Yes it is" I said shyly and somewhat still in aww of this magical wall. "Please call me Dianna now all you do is run at the wall and you will be on your way to the Hogwarts Express train."

I rushed at the wall with all that I had and before I knew it I was in this goregeous train station it was the most beautiful train I had ever seen it was mind boggling really. I wasn't quite sure where to go but then I saw Blaine and tapped on his shoulder "Hey Blaine is it alright If I follow you and sit with you on the train", his face lightened up "That would be just lovely Rachel follow me" I still could not get over how big and beautiful this train was we found an empty carriage and sat down and closed the door we began to talk Hogwarts and spells.

"Hey Blaine what are some of your favorite movies, I know it's random but just curious", he laughed at me and I started to feel stupid being so random, "I'm not laughing at you I just can't believe were so much alike I love talking about my favorite movies especially since their all theatre or Wizarding related."My face lit up like a christmas treee did I seriously just find my bestfriend at Hogwarts finally someone to hang out with and appreciate me "Words can't express my excitement right now I feel like I found a twin of myself or something well thats what I feel anyway my favorite movies are Funny Girl, Singing in The Rain and the other muggle show Heroes."

"Singing in the Rain is my absolute favorite musical", "Yes I don't get why muggles are the only ones that get into musicals I've never found another wizard who likes them until you of course."I think were going to be best friends Rachel Berry hope we get sorted into the same house that would be exquisite." "I think so to Blaine and I hope so I have to say I'm quite nervous about which house I go into but I'm sure the hat will make the right choice." Just then the door to their carriage opened it was a boy average sized he had brown hair "Excuse me is this seat taken all the others are full my name is Sebastian Smythe", I felt bad for this boy he seemed frazzled but still quite confident "Yes of course you can sit down my name is Rachel Berry this is my friend Blaine Anderson is it your first year as well?"

"Yes it is im quite confident I will do good though although I am quite nervous , isnt't this train amazing im so excited to get to Hogwarts", "So Am I, I know were going to have lots of friken awesome classes and hopefully Headmaster Rubius Hagrid is as amazing as they all say he is." Blaine said with his eyes lighting up like a frackers when they go off "I am so excited as well and I want to play quidditch im amazing on a broomstick can't wait to try out." The lolli cart came by and the woman asked "Do you need anything sweethearts" I was hungry and had a sweet tooth so I think I suprised the boys when I said "I'll take some chocolate frogs and some jelly beans and some butter beer please", Sebastian and Blaine started to laugh and I let out a chuckle myself.

The train stopped and everybody was getting out of their seats I was patiently awaiting to get let out but the halls were filled already so me and Blaine and Sebastian waited until finally we were able to go. When we got out of the train all the kids were lined up along side these boats by the water, supposedly we were going to be three kids to a boat and paddling our way to Hogwarts the idea sounded splendid to me but Blaine wasn't to fond of the idea. "My hair is going to frizz out like a Chia Pet trust me when I dont't gel my hair its bad, but as long as I'm with you two I wont worry as much", "You will be fine Blaine Im sure of it now let's get going before they leave us and we get left behind". "Well Im up for anything", Sebastian said with a smirk on his face, we got into the little boat and when I say little I mean little but ah well it was beautiful the moon was shining onto the lake and I made Blaine and Sebastian paddle most of the time they didn't mind though.

We were approaching Hogwarts and I could hear the other kids in the boat next to us start to whisper amongst themselves and some looked like they were close to fainting. I for one was pretty calm which suprised me because when I looked over to my right Blaine was sweating like a pig at hogsmeade. We stepped out and the Headmaster Hagrid was there to meet us and give us a speech we headed single file into the main door at Hogwarts and when we were in their the Headmaster began his speech.

"Attention First years please stay single file in a line as I don't want you getting lost or seperated we will be goin to the sorting hat soon, now if you see Nearly Headless Nick don't be alarmed he wont' hurt anyone but he lives to scare you first years so keep your eyes peeled. Second of all the Dark Forest is forbidden to all students of all years one thorugh seven. Im very excited to see bright new faces I have a feeling you will all be a great contribution to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, now if you will follow Proffesor McGonagall she will walk you students toward the Dinner Hall and you will be sorted into your houses and the Sorting Hat will choose where you go."

I was very curious as to which house I would be put into I really wanted to get into Gryffindor but my second choice would be Hufflepuff cause it stands for honor and being a kind person but the great Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were in Gryffindor and they are my idols. I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Blaine to say he looked worried again was an understatement "Rachel Im really nervous are you still going to walk with me." "Well of course you can don't you remeber your my new bestfriend silly boy?"

"Ha Oh yeah I forgot I feel a little less nervous now Rachel", we went into the door and the Dining Hall was unlike anything I've seen before their was huge turkeys on each table and potatoes and yams and some beans and fresh bakery buns really any food you could think of to go with a feast was their it was mouthwatering. Me and Blaine began to sit down then Sebastian came with us and sat next to Blaine all the other years were sitting at their houses. Then Hagrid was up at the podium and tested the microphone "Attention Hogwarts first year students please come to the front and we will begin."

The first name read off was "Santana Lopez please come to the front", the girl looked quite confident she was latina and had dark almost black hair very pretty and walking up their with a smirk the hat was put on her and he started to talk which was quite freaky and cool at the same time. "I know just where to put you SLYTHERIN", I could tell thats exactly the house she wanted cause when the hat said that she got a big smirk on her face and went to sit with her new house. "Sam Evans please come to the front", the hat was put on him and it had trouble deciding "Hmm difficult you have the qualities of the two house but I can only choose one better be HUFFLEPUFF!" He let out a sigh and fist pumped and sat down at his table as well.

"Blaine Anderson your next", I reached over and squeezed his hand to reassure him everything would be fine he walked up to the stage and they put the hat on him "Well this is easy GRYFFINDOR!" I saw Blaine relax and I was really happy for him and jealous. "Brittany Pierce come up here please" this was goin to be a long process of people I could tell and nervous for when my name would be called. It was a blonde very bubbly acting blonde and had a big smile on her face I knew exacly where she was going to go the Hat sat on her and immediatly he said "HUFFLEPUFF" she said thanks and went and sat down next to the blonde haired boy Sam. "Ok now it's Kurt Hummel" this boy looked very fashionable but shy "RAVENCLAW" the hat announced then I heard it my name my palms were sweaty and a thousand eyes were on me "Rachel Berry please step forward", the hat was put on me and I could feel it trying to decifer where to put me

"This is very difficult you have ambition and would do anything to get what you want very Slytherin like but also your Brave and Loyal Hmm better be GRYFFINDOR!" I never thought one word could make me so happy in my life and change my life so much this also meant I would be in the same house as Blaine he was as giddy as I was "Bloody hell Rachel I haven't been this excited in a while now were in the same house as well" he held out his hand and we high fived giggled and turned to watch the rest of the people be sorted.

"Sebastian Smythe", I was nervous for him but he looked fine confident actually the hat barely touched him and it yelled "SLYTHERIN". The last person to have their name called I thought someone took the air out of my lungs and my heart started beating faster I thought someone did an enchanted spell on me I felt like I was in a trance watching her but then they called her name "Quinn Fabray". She walked up to the hat with grace and ease I was drawn to her like I've never been to anyone else I was crossing my fingers for her to come sit at this table and then it happened the hat said "Gryffindor" and she sat right next to me."

I turned to see her and say hi but she was already looking at me I was speechless I just stared at her she was even more spectular and beautiful up close. She extended her arm "Hey nice to meet you my name is Quinn Fabray ", why the hell couldn't I get any words out I was trying but nothing "um uh oh yeah thats right my name its Rachel Berry" I took her hand and I felt like their was a jolt of electricity between us It made me wonder if she thought so to cause her eyes looked like they were sparkling or something, your just seeing what you want Rachel be cool.

We left the dining hall and were heading up the stairs when all of a sudden they moved and Quinn was standing right behind me and as a repulse I grabbed her hand and then the stairs stopped and were single file once more. I felt it again when I touched her hand "Im sorry It was an impulse cause the stairs move and yeah sorry", "I didn't mind at all" Quinn said I swear right then and their my heart was in my mouth and I once more just stared like an idiot so I started to walk again. She began to walk faster and catch up to me and stand right by me I always look at things differently than well straight girls would it sucks really but this seemed different it seemed like their was something their was a connection. We finally go to the common room and the fat lady picture opened up and we were assigned roomates guess who I got yup you guessed it Quinn.