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"When I was locked away, I did a lot of reading. The stories I read always told of princes saving princesses. I want to change that ending."

"Snow, please." Alcott locked eyes with her and grasped at her fingers through the grate on the door. He leaned his forehead against the grate. Everything in him yearned to be on the other side of it. "Don't go. If you won't let me fight for you, please stay here."

"I can't endanger all of you."

"Snow," Alcott pleaded. "Unlock the door. I lost you once. I can't lose you again."

"You mean the world to me." Snow leaned in and kissed him through the grate.

"Don't!" Alcott begged, but not as a bewitched puppy. As a man rendered helpless and hopeless as he watched the one person who meant everything to him walk away into certain peril.

Alcott fought against the door, but it wouldn't budge. He shook it in despair, crying out Snow's name as he watched her disappear into the night. His heart broke as he realized that she would always love him, but she would never let him fight for her. Not now, and not ever. And what do princes do best, but fight to protect the one they love?