Their New Pet

Chapter 1 The day it arrived.

She had waited weeks for it, this package from the Demon Pet Shop. She'd been on the waiting list for this particular pet for months before the shop had one available, and now finally it was hers. The underworld delivery man had brought the package only moments before, and after Elizabeth signed the waybill he was on his way. She was thankful her master was not home, for that saved her from explaining to him what she had bought. She went to her room quickly, shutting the door behind her and set the package down on her bed. Elizabeth's hands trembled with excitement as her glove clad fingers gingerly opened the animal shipping container.

Inside the container where just two things, her new "pet" and a piece of paper labeled in large print 'Care Instructions'. She picked up the paper first.

The 'Care Instructions' read as follows;

Congratulations on owning your new demonic pet Mara. There are some things to know when it comes to taking the best care of this little guy, such as feeding and cleaning. Here's a list of what you need to know.

You need only feed it once every other day.

Mara feeds on bodily fluids, preferably ejaculatory fluids of a female, but it will eat a males as well.

Mara is also self-cleaning, yay!

Mara might leave you a 'present' inside if fed well enough.

There is a small hole in Mara's back amidst his tentacles. You can insert something in this hole, such as a penis, and feed Mara this way. If a woman were to hold Mara's hole up against her clitoris and allow him to become attached she could then use Mara as a living strap-on. If this is done everything Mara feels will be felt by the wearer.

Note: Over feeding Mara may result in an enlarged Clitoris if a female is the one feeding him. Please take caution with its feeding schedule in this case.

After reading these instructions carefully Elizabeth put the paper back in the box and picked up her new pet. 'Mara' as it was called resembled a small copy of the penis, except that a penis is not green, nor did it make 'nii' sounds. It was no bigger than a four inches in length, and barely half on inch in width. It also had what resembled a face under the glans head, which was really just a mouth and a small knob that passed for a nose, small arms connected to the "ball sack" as Elizabeth had heard it called. Mara also had tentacles growing out from behind the "ball sack" which it was using as legs to scoot around on Elizabeth's hand. Elizabeth was not surprised at its name. After all mara was the Japanese slang term for penis and a Japanese wizard had discovered the creature.

She put Mara on her bed and put the box it had come in onto her bedroom floor. She took her boots off and next she unbuttoned the lower half of her dress and slipped her panties off. Letting her panties fall to the floor she picked up Mara again and gently lowered herself onto the silk cover of her bed. Lying on her back she opened her legs up and used one gloved hand to spread her vagina's lips wide open and put Mara near the entrance. After setting him down she used her now free arm to prop herself up. She wanted to watch Mara penetrate her.

"It's feeding time, now go on."

It moved what passed for its head around, as if sniffing the air. Then it turned its attention to Elizabeth's wide open pussy. Mara scooted closer and when it was close enough to slide its green length into her Mara instead opted to use its mouth to tease Elizabeth's clitoris.

"Mn… Haa. Ooh, ah." Soft moans escaped her lips. Elizabeth knew that having ones clitoris played with could be nice, but she never expected it to be this pleasurable. Mara was rubbing its small face against her clitoris, using its mouth to lick and suck on her clitoris and clitoral hood. Mara used its small hands to hold her open at this point, so she moved her arm away and began to use both arms to prop her up. She felt some thick liquids begin to dribble out of her vagina, making both the bed sheets and Mara wet. That's when it decided to penetrate her. It lowered its glans head to align with Elizabeth's vaginal opening and used its tentacle legs to thrust inside her.

"AAAAaaahhh!" Elizabeth moaned loudly in pleasure before she could stop herself. I hope no one heard me. That was her last coherent thought before her mind became clouded with a warm and fuzzy sensation. Using hands and tentacles in counter balance Mara thrust in and out Elizabeth's soft interior. Its thrusting was not rhythmic, but that made it all the more pleasurable to Elizabeth. Watching Mara's long, thick shaft thrust in and out of her made Elizabeth all the more turned on. She began expelling more of those thick vaginal fluids Mara seemed to love. Mara chose that moment to pull out till only the tip of its glans head was still inside her. It cannot be over already? Can it? Then Mara grabbed the lips of her vagina even tighter and roughly thrust itself deep with Elizabeth's pussy.

"AH!" Elizabeth threw her head back and screamed before she could stop herself, partly from pain and part from ecstasy. By this point she was flat on her back tightly gripping the silken cover of her bed. Panting loudly, she attempted to prevent herself from screaming in ecstasy again, though she failed miserably at preventing any noise from slipping through her lips. Loud moans escaped from her mouth as Mara thrust roughly around inside her.

"Ah, ah, hah, ooh, mnn…. OH!" Elizabeth knew she could not keep herself quite any longer, so instead Elizabeth settled for keeping her voice low enough not to alert her siblings to the sinful act she was committing. If Nee-san found out she'd kill me. If Theodore found me he would run from the room calling for "Margaret nee-san", little tattler. I've caught Theodore pleasing himself many times, and never said a word. Mara began to thrust even harder within Elizabeth, and her moans grew louder the more rough he became. Elizabeth felt it then. Mara had found the small walnut sized female pleasure center humans called the "G-spot".

"AAAAAAhhhhh, ah, ah, oh, mnn, mmm, oh, yes, OH YES!" Elizabeth's moans where close to screams as Mara rubbed her G-spot. Mara was no longer roughly thrusting inside her, but chose to focus solely on this pleasure center. Slowly and gently rubbing its glans head against this spot, and only this spot, Mara brought Elizabeth to a powerful orgasm. Her vaginal muscles tightened around Mara's inserted length. Fluids slowly began to leak out. Gripping the covers even more tightly Elizabeth arched her back upwards and threw her head back and screamed as she achieved orgasm. Vaginal muscles tightened and loosened as she expelled a thick, semi-clear liquid from the small opening which Mara occupied.

She fell back to the bed then, panting loudly. Elizabeth had achieved orgasm for the first time in her young life. She felt exhausted, physically spent, but emotionally satisfied. She noticed then that Mara was still wiggling around inside her. She wanted to pull Mara out, but remembered that he still needed to feed, so let him stay within. Mara chose that moment to push all the way up to her cervix, shooting a load of thick, creamy liquid into her womb. I guess that's what the instructions meant by "Mara leaving a present". Elizabeth slowly came to notice that her vagina was somewhat drier. So Mara feeds by absorbing the sexual fluids of the person he has had sexual relations with. Very efficient and little cleanup is necessary, as the instructions stated. Having absorbed the fluids produced by Elizabeth's orgasm from within Mara slipped out and began to "eat" the fluids that had dribbled onto the bed sheets. Mara rolled around in the puddle of sexual fluids, and when it had absorbed those it crawled up towards Elizabeth's pillow where her still panting head lay.

Mara had crawled up to Elizabeth's shoulder, rubbed against her and curled up into a ball and slept. Elizabeth turned her head to look at it, a soft smile upon spread across her young gentle face. I'm glad I bought this. Mara is well worth the million yen I spent on him, and certainly the wait.

"Elizabeth nee-san," she heard her younger brother, Theodore call before he opened the door. " Margret nee-san wants to know….." He trailed off seeing the position his sister was in. The death glare she gave him was enough of an answer. "I'll just tell her you're busy then." Theodore turned and quickly left his sister's room, shutting the door behind him.

Idiot, why does he never knock before he enters a room? That was the last thing she thought before falling into a deep restful sleep.

From poor Theodore's point of view

"Elizabeth nee-san," he called softly. Theodore did not want to bother Elizabeth, but Margaret nee-san insisted he do so. "What if she's in trouble?" she had asked him. "Wouldn't you be more help than I if such was the case?" The look Margaret nee-san had given him said to just do it. "I'll go check on her then."

I need to start sticking up for myself. He opened the door to Elizabeth's bedroom and began to ask "Margaret nee-san wants to know…" he couldn't finish his sentence. Elizabeth was lying on her bed, her lower extremities exposed, and she was giving him a death glare. "I'll just tell her you're busy then." He turned and ran from his sisters' room, closing the door behind him. Theodore didn't want to give her a chance to cast Megidolan on him.

When he entered the library Margaret asked him "So what exactly was she up to that made such noise?"

"I don't know, she didn't tell me," true enough, he hated lying to Margaret nee-san. "She glared at me when I entered her room so I left."

"… Maybe I should go check on her." Theodore stopped her before she could get up however.

"There's no point. Elizabeth is not in danger, as you feared her to be. She is just… otherwise preoccupied at the moment." He hoped that would stop her from going to check on Elizabeth. I don't want Elizabeth to think I tattled, or she might force me into a three-hour battle… again.

"If you are sure…."

"Yes, I'm sure." With those words Margaret went back to reading her book on fortune-telling.

I need to move out.

Yup that's it. I wrote a smutty story. I found I have a knack for writing this sort of thing. There will possibly be one or two more chapters. And in each I intend to make poor Theodore a walking punchline.

I would like feedback on all my writings, including this one. Tell me where I can improve and what I screwed up on. Any and all reviews are appreciated. And of course thank you for taking the time to read this.