It had been quite some time now since Elizabeth had bought her little "pet". Hers' and Theodore's guests had come and gone from the Velvet Room, and life was back to being quite. Elizabeth had stopped asking for Margaret's attentions not long after her guest had arrived, and started asking for it again not long after he was gone. Elizabeth never told Margaret what had happened, but it didn't take her long to figure it out.

It had been a little over a year since those guests had gone. Soon a new one would arrive, and it would be back to work for the three siblings. In the past few months her younger sister had been acting strangely. Margaret would have been worried, but the behavior wasn't destructive, thankfully, so she had no reason to react.

However, a few days ago Elizabeth had told her a strange fairy tale. And today she was nowhere to be found.

"Where is that troublesome girl?" Margaret had looked all over the Velvet Room for her sister.

Finally her patience ran out. Normally Margaret avoided Elizabeth's room. Especially after she had bought that damnable pet, but she had looked everywhere else through their home. Elizabeth's room was the only place let to search.

She knocked on the door. "Elizabeth?" No answer. "Elizabeth I'm coming in… I hoped you're dressed."

When Margaret opened the door she saw that the room was empty. She took a few tentative steps inside. That's when she noticed the letter on the nightstand.

It was just a folded piece of paper with her name on the back. Nothing particularly special about it, but for all that seeing the letter still filled Margaret with dread.

She opened the letter and began reading.

Dearest sister,

I have decided to take leave of my duties as a Velvet Room attendant and go on a journey to save my guest. I know this news will upset you greatly, but I felt I had no choice. I also knew if I spoke to you about leaving beforehand you would attempt to force me to stay. Please do not be mad at me, as this is my choice.

Also, it would be very improbable for me to take my pet with me on my journey. Please make sure to feed him while I am gone.

I love you,


She was sitting on her sister's bed. Margaret read the letter over and over again, and she still could not believe it. Elizabeth had left. She had actually left.

Margaret felt like crying. Since the day Elizabeth was born Margaret had watched over and cared for her. Up until the day Theo was born they had even shared the same bed. They had learned to summon together. And now she was gone, without even so much as a goodbye. And more over Elizabeth had left care of her "pet" to Margaret!

Instead of crying Margaret just sighed deeply. Depression set in. What was she supposed to do?

*sigh* "Well, guess there's only one thing I can do." Getting up and going over to Elizabeth's closet she opened the doors to hear the typical "Nii nii" Mara's made.

"Come here little guy. It's feeding time."


Welp that's it. How you all enjoyed the ride. I'm working on my next piece now, and hopefully it will be done soon.