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Chapter 1: "Please sleep for me"

The novelty of Lacey wore off after a couple of weeks, and it wasn't long before waking up to her cries was a tiresome chore.

This evening, Lacey awoke at 4am and Kendall groaned, running his eyes and sitting up,

"9 hours," he remarked sleepily, getting up. "that's a record," he made his way over to Lacey's crib, bending down to pick up the screaming little girl and rocking her in his arms. "Lacey," he hushed as she continued to cry "Little Miss Lacey, Lacey Marie, my baby girl, please sleep for me, my little miracle," he made 'Shh' noises to try and calm her down, but she continued to cry.

"My darling," Kendall sighed. "What if I tell you a story, will that make you better?" Lacey continued to scream as Kendall brought her over to the couch, sitting down and stroking her forehead as he tried to think of a story.

"Oh, here we go; once upon a time, there were four boys, and they were hockey players-" Lacey continued to cry, and Kendall hugged her to his chest "OK, no story," he said "what about a song, huh?" he cleared his throat "This song reminds me of your momma," he smiled

"I bet you didn't notice, first time your heart was broken, you called me up and we talked till the mornin," he sang, and Lacey's cries softened "And the time that you were stranded, I was here before you landed, they were all missing but I was here listenin," Kendall looked down to see that Lacey had fallen asleep in his arms, her head resting on his chest.

"Pfft," Kendall scoffed, smiling "didn't even make it to the chorus," Jo appeared at his side, putting a hand on his arm and gazing at a sleeping Lacey.

"You're really good with her," Jo whispered.

"Thanks," Kendall replied, smiling "next time, it's your turn,"

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