The Hunger Games in Panem have never been worse since the 75th Quarter Quell. There was revolution, which was won by the rebels, and several years after that the Capitol took over again and continued the Games. However, its reputation was gone forever and after the tedious, month-lasting 97th Hunger Games, a enormous desicion was made: there would be new Hunger Games, held at the New Continent, a.k.a Europe. These Games would be bigger than before with 160 contestants, several rounds and arenas, and, again, only one victor.

The contestants would be from all 35 Districts of the New Continent. A few decades after present time and the phenomena that destroyed the nation of North-America, Europe began a terrible nuclear war against the Middle-East and during this war Panem began their Games. Europe (the New Continent) was terrified, but was too busy with the war to observe the situation in Panem. After two hundred years the New Continent wan the war, but was totally destroyed by the bombs and other destructions. The Capitol was imperealistic and wanted more ground, so they decided to take over the Continent in that weak state. They built a second Capitol, called the Head City, on a human-made island located northern of the British Islands. The names of the original countries vanished and they were all renamed after the Districts of Panem, so 35 Districts were made instead. Most of the original borders remained. The continent didn't resist much, because they knew the Capitol and the Head City would help to rebuild the destruction of the war. They slightly accepted the oppression. The Continent was, apart from the Districts, also devided in a western part and eastern part, marked with the ancient Berlin Wall. The western Districts are quite rich, healthy and strong, but the eastern Districts are very poor, dark and dangerous. Kids must learn how to control simple weapons to survive in the neighboorhood.

Then the Head City announced that, in negociation with the Captiol, they would organize new Games. It's already mentioned that there would be 160 contestants from 35 Districts, which makes around 5 per District. This is not the only horror: the group which a District must select, is a group of friends, girls, boys or mixed, between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.

Indiana from District 4, former Netherlands, cannot believe it when she is reaped along with five of her friends. They get on a train to the Head City, where many obstacles are waiting for her: the press and the fame, but mostly the approaching death from the girls she loves.

When Indiana, astounded, makes it further than she could ever hope for in the Games, surviving the bloody preliminaries and remaining sane while some of her friends die, she discovers that she actually has a chance to win the frightening event. However, then she needs to take down one person: her best friend, Poppy.