Undercover Pole Dancing

By AnnoneeMouse

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Chapter 1

The bullring of the Boston homicide unit was buzzing one Friday afternoon. Detectives alongside FBI agents where bent over charts, maps and evidence as they pulled out their last shreds of investigative powers to nail this crime. Even the most hardened Detective's on the force where struggling with their emotions on this one.

"We gotta get this sonofabitch, Jane..." Korsak was white. Jane had never seen him so white or so distressed before.

Leads and follow ups had come to nothing as the Detectives had spent weeks trying to gain information about a killer who was praying on women who worked the erotic clubs. The last murder victim had been so badly beaten to death, the detectives had had to recover her teeth from several places around the alley, where she was found, just to identify the body. This sick wacko was evil, thought Jane.

"I know, Korsak. We will...we will...Goddamn it!" Jane ran her hand through her long, dark curls with frustration. What was she not seeing? There was a piece of the puzzle she knew she was missing, but no matter how hard she focused, it seemed to evade her and drift to a deep, dark corner of her mind.

Lieutenant Detective Cavanaugh walked into the bullring and shouted for everyone to be quiet. The room became deadly silent. "We are fast running out of time, Detectives. We need this one stopped and brought to justice, now! I've got heat up my ass from the brass and they want it done quick, before the press have a field day. So, where are we?"

The two FBI agents filled him in on what they knew and Korsak filled in their gaps.

"...Right. So basically we are no further forward?" Cavanaugh shook his head. "Vice has no more man power to put anyone else in the clubs. We have no DNA, no solid leads and no witnesses..." He was frustrated. "We need to ID this guy, so I need a volunteer..."

The Detectives shuffled their feet. Jane's brow furrowed, a volunteer for what?

"...One of ours has got to go undercover...and the only way we can get close enough to catch this bastard is to get close to the dancers he's preying on..."

Several of the detectives in Crowe's gang sniggered. One put his hand up "I'll do it, boss!"

Cavanaugh just glared at him. "Really? You? You think you're a good enough detective to change your Goddamn sex and dance around a pole?"

The detective blushed and his friends sniggered even more "No, sir...sorry."

The Lieutenant's head snapped around to where Jane was standing and his eyes seemed to bore into her, waiting for her to pick up his silent message. "Rizzoli, a word..." He turned on his heel and marched out the room.

Jane's eyebrows rose into a question mark as she gestured a what? towards Korsak. He gestured a no idea!, back to her.

A thought came to him as he watched Jane walk out the room and he turned to Frost. "Oooo, she ain't gonna like what I think she is gonna be asked to do..."

Frost chuckled "I would hate to be the Boss right now, man..."


"You want me to do what!" Jane almost bellowed at Cavanaugh.

"Jane...I..." The Lieutenant hardly ever referred to her by her Christian name, unless he was trying to appease her.

"...Just because I'm a woman you want me to go undercover pole dancing? Not on your life..." She growled darkly.

"Yes!" He snapped. "You're the only woman in my unit, Detective...and you're a damn fine officer!"

They had reached a stalemate with each other. Jane was fuming inside. This was sexist! This was against the code! This was..., Jane ranted in her head. The truth of the matter was that this was because she was terrified of making a fool of herself in front of the other officers. She couldn't pole dance. How the hell do you get up one of those greasy things anyway? And those slimeballs ogling you? Goddamn sonofabitch!

"Look I know how you feel...but it's the only way we're gonna catch him. We need someone on the inside, close to the dancers. Believe me, if we could put a male officer behind the bar or act as a waiter, then we would...The club doesn't allow it and our presence needs to blend in."

Jane continued to glare at him.

He tired again "The rest of the female officers in vice are already stationed in the other clubs. The only one that is not being covered is Pussy Galore and we have new intell that this could be the next place he strikes." His eyes pleaded with her.

"...Pussy what?" Jane barked.

"It's the name of the club...Well, unless you have another idea, Detective, I expect you to be there tonight. Dismissed..." He turned his back to Jane and reached for his phone.

Jane stormed out of his office. She had never been so angry. It wasn't because he expected her to put her life in danger. That was all part of the job she loved, but to do it in such a demeaning way?


Jane wasn't in any mood to go back to the bullring just yet, so she made her way to Maura's basement. She marched into her office without knocking.

The blonde head was down, reading the report on her desk, but on hearing the presence of someone in her room, she looked up and smiled. Her smile soon turned to concern when she saw the expression on Jane's face.

"Jane? What is it? What has happened?" The Doctor stood up and came around the desk to take her friend's hand and lead her over to the couch and sat.

Jane flopped down by her side and sighed. "God, Maur..." she whined. "Cavanaugh wants me to go undercover tonight at one of the pole dancing clubs..."

"Oh? Well, you do undercover operations all the time. I don't see what the..."

"He wants me to dance, Maur!" Jane snapped.

The Doctor's puzzled expression shifted to comprehension "Oooooh! And you..."

"Don't wanna do it..." Jane put her face in her hands.

Maura smiled at her friend's bowed head, trying hard not to chuckle. Instead she rubbed her back to comfort her. "May I ask why you don't want to do this?"

Jane's head shot up with a look of panic "What? Isn't it obvious? He's only asking me 'cause I'm a girl! Isn't it against the Women's Rights Movement or somethin'?"

Maura held her gaze. She knew Jane well enough to know she hadn't finished, so she waited patiently for her to continue.

"...I mean, I know how to go undercover in my sleep...it's just...it's just..." Jane stammered.

"...because you don't know how to pole dance?" Maura's question was delivered with as much sensitivity as she could muster.

"...Of course I don't know how to goddamn pole dance! It's not like I filled in the Academy's application and ticked the box that asks do you have pole dancing skills, is it!" She growled.

Maura also knew Jane wasn't asking a question that required an answer and eventually she would run out of steam. She just smiled sympathetically.

"...Oh what! Y'know, do you have any other skills that might be useful to Boston's police department? Yes Sir, I have pole dancing skills, of course! You should see how I can take a man down with my bare thighs!" Jane's voice was nudging towards hysteria.

"...I can teach you..." Maura said quietly.

"...and oh...of course Sergeant..." Jane was still in the middle of her rant. "...Don't all good women police officers know how to...Wait!...What? ...Teach me?... How?..."

"Well, teaching such skills would normally require the student to practice..."

"No, I don't mean that!" Jane shook her head, bewildered. "How do you know how to pole dance?"

Maura flashed the smile that showed her dimples and caused her eyes to twinkle "I had lessons for years. It is a wonderful exercise for posture and core strength. I have..."

Jane cut in again "You've had lessons!" She looked, wide eyed, at the Doctor who just nodded with an innocent smile. "You?...Had lessons?" She asked again. Her mind was stuck on repeat.

"It won't make any difference how many times or ways you ask me, Jane. The answer is still yes." Her dimples deepened with a chuckle.

"How? When?" Jane couldn't help but smile at her best friend because she was such an enigma that never failed to surprise her.

"Oh, I stopped years ago..."

"Why did you stop?" Jane was interested now. It curiously, piqued her interest in an arousing way that she had yet to become conscious of. She didn't see The Doctor avoid her eyes. The Detective was far too busy imagining what Maura Isles would look like spinning round a pole. Hot...Sticky...Near naked..., she had drifted off, blissfully.

"Jane? Jane! Have you heard a word I've said?" Maura was frowning.

"What? Umm...yeah...err...no..." She blushed and thanked the Gods that one of the many skills mastered by Doctor Isles, was not one of being psychic.

"I was telling you about my instructor, Jenyne Butterfly. She is one of the most versatile artists in the world with accomplished work on hoop, silks, pole, hammock, and trapeze...Such a wonderful woman, too." Maura's eyes misted with nostalgia.

"Wait!" Jane laughed hard. "Jenny Butterfly? You have gotta be kidding me! What kind of name is that?"

"I said her name was Jenyne Butterfly. Her mother is Polish so that would account for her Christian name, but she grew up in Washington. I saw her at Cirque du Soleil. I had never seen such magnificent body control before and I asked if she gave private lessons, she said she did, et voilĂ ..." Maura shrugged her shoulder and smiled. "I think she has her videos on Youtube..."

Before Jane knew what was happening, Maura was back with her laptop and sat close to the Detective. Jane watched Maura's graceful hand click away until she found the page she was looking for. "Ah, here it is. This is the performance that won her the US Pole Dance Federation Championship, I believe. She is quite impressive."

The video started and Jane saw an attractive, dark haired woman dancing, sexily on stage. "Oh come on, Maur..."

"Just wait! She hasn't started yet." Maura chastened her.

Jane huffed and stayed quiet. She watched as an amazingly toned body in a black, lycra two-piece climbed one of the two poles that was on stage. Her thighs flexed as she climbed effortlessly to the top, turned her body so it was now horizontal and suddenly dropped to the ground, but stopped herself before she hit the floor. Jane gasped aloud.

"She's incredible, isn't she?" Maura's excited eyes sparkled.

Jane gulped and nodded. Her arousal was growing so much that it felt as if it was squeezing out the air from her lungs. Maura was so close, her thigh was pressed hard against Jane. The music that accompanied the woman's dancing was not helping either. Jane loved this dance track. It was UBQ's When I fell in love, but she loved it in a different setting and for different reasons. Watching a pole dancer writhe her way like a snake around a pole, especially when she was sitting next to her hot and super sexy Doctor friend, was growing uncomfortable.

"This is the part..." Maura's voice had grown breathy. "Watch this..."

Jane could do nothing else, as the woman climbed mid way to the pole with what seemed like her elbows and held herself steady from behind her back. Her legs went out at a right angle to the pole and it looked like she was slow-walking on air as they lifted her, back up, flat against the pole. How the hell is she doing that? What's she holding on to? I can't do that! "I can't do that! That woman could crush a walnut with her bare thighs!" Her hysterical voice echoed her thoughts. "Maur, seriously, I can't do it! I don't have time to learn that. If I get up there and try to do that, it isn't going to look believable!" Jane was suddenly triumphant. Her mind had given her the get-out clause she had been hunting for.

"Hmmm, that's a fair point. If the killer is a regular of these clubs he will see a set-up a mile away..."

"Exactly!" Jane had never been happier. She was off the hook and had a perfectly good excuse. I'll go and tell Cavanaugh now!

"I can do it..." Maura stated.

"Do what?"

"Go undercover, watch out for the dancers and see if we can lure him out..."

"What? Wait! No, Maur..." Jane couldn't risk putting Maura in the path of a psychotic serial killer.

"Who else do you have at such short notice, Jane?" Maura's expression was one of conviction. "I can dance believably, you could work the bar so I'd be protected, Detectives Korsak and Frost can use surveillance equipment to monitor our safety. It seems a reasonable answer to the problem you face."

"Maur, but...people will be watching you!" Jane worried expression was adorable to the Doctor.

"I should certainly hope they will be, Detective, or I won't be a believable undercover operator! We are women, Jane...Strong women...and strong women should be eager to protect other women. I will be doing it to help you catch this killer, to keep women safe. Just because their career choices might not be of some people's liking, it doesn't give anyone the right to harm them...let alone kill them!"

"I know! The girls don't deserve to be killed, Maur but...You're gonna have to dance in umm...ya know...believable clothes too!" Jane had run out of air on that sentence. Her emotions were flashing between fear for Maura's safety and the lust fuelled need to see Maura dance with a pole. The idea of her not being the only one who was going to see Doctor Isles' debut performance tonight was making Jane jealous. Again, the reason, was something that the usually bright Detective had not quite figured out yet.

"I have just the outfit..." Maura said excitedly. "The sex industry is a fascinating study. Do you know it has been operating since biblical times..." Jane just looked at her, dazed and confused. How does that cute head of hers hold so many facts? Maura was still speaking, "...and did you know the first recorded career for a woman was as a prostitute?" Jane shook her head. "...I find it all rather fascinating and really don't understand what the fuss is about..."

"You really think you can do this, Maur?"

"Of course I can. If you're with me, I'll be safe and can feedback what I find out from the dancing girls and I'll be in a perfect position to see if I can spot him. I understand psychological profiling, so if he's there, I'll see him. We'll be like Batman and Robin! Or, Cagney and Lacey...ooo...or Laurel and Hardy!" Maura's expression changed to one of confusion at herself "I didn't meant to say that...We'll be on a shake up!"

"It's a shakedown..."Jane just laughed softly and pulled Maura into a hug. "...I love you, Maura Isles. You're the most intelligent idiot I know."

"Do you?" Maura pulled away and looked with hope, deeply, into brown eyes.

"Huh? Do I what...?"

"Love me?"

Jane's stomach turned out a perfect Olympic gymnastics' routine as it flipped and flipped and flipped until she was dizzy. "Of course...yeah! Yeah, I love ya Maur..." and pulled the Doctor closer, laughing to cover her blush. Yes, she really did love the beautiful blonde, and it was very much in the hope it would be in the biblical sense at some point soon. Her detective skills just hadn't gotten her understanding of that, quite there yet.

She, also, hadn't seen the look of disappointment on Maura's face at realising she was talking about friendly love and not the biblical kind. The difference being, the brilliant mind of Doctor Isles had already been analysed and it understood perfectly that it was already, deeply in love...with one, Detective Jane Rizzoli.