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Chapter 5

"All units...we are now approaching The Old North Church area..." Frost was on the car radio as Jane's foot was stamped, hard, on the gas pedal, swerving round corners at breakneck speed.

"Ok, so we got a church, metal, steel...and then she said planks...she mean wood? Trees?" Jane shot a look at Frost. A sudden static hiss, then silence, hit her ear. "Damn it! My wire's died!"

"Don't worry. Korsak is monitoring the Doc's wire from the club...just gotta hope the battery hangs in there..."

The car raced forward and they could see the church's tall steeple in the near distance. Jane and Frost squinted into the darkness, to see if anything looked, remotely, like what Maura was trying to covertly describe to them.

They quickly parked the car, jumped out and ran along Unity Street and cut onto Unity Court. A tree-lined avenue with a statue of Paul Revere on his black horse looked solemnly upon them. I know how ya feel, pal, Jane thought, scanning rapidly across the area, for clues. Something irregular caught her eye.

"There!" she pointed her index finger, to halt Frost. At one end of the historic church, scaffolding had been erected. Maura was telling them she could see a church with metal, steel and wood. "She meant scaffolding, Frost!" Her eyes lit up as that ray of hope, grew in her heart, with fierce determination. Please dear God, let this be where she is! Let her be ok! Jane prayed.

The Detectives crept silently forward. It was eerily quiet now as they were away from the main roads. They made their way towards the tall scaffolding and Jane stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart crushed itself against her chest as she fought to control her panic, at seeing a small, torn piece of Maura's costume lying on the ground. She bent down and picked it up, rubbing the satin texture between her fingers. She's here! Jane fought the sudden rush of tears that stung her eyes. She stood back up and looked back towards the way they had come and forward again. Her eyes searching...searching for anything which would tell them where to go next.

Frost nudged her and nodded his head in the direction of a doorway just a little further down. It was cracked open.

"Jane?" Korsak's voice came through the radio at her hip. She snatched at it quickly.

"Come in Korsak..." Her husky voice was low.

"She's in a basement..."

"A basement?" Jane looked with confusion at Frost. "How d'ya know?"

"The Doc just said so...she said that she also works in a basement. I figured she was giving me another clue..."

Jane nearly laughed aloud. The woman is amazing! She's leading us right to this psycho and I'm gonna make dog meat out of him! This was no idle threat. If you knew Jane Rizzoli, you would know she never made such things.

Frost stepped, with a light foot, to the door and pushed it open further. It was pitch black beyond it, he could see nothing as he peered inside. He pulled out his flashlight and the beam illuminated a long, narrow, passageway ahead of them. Frost and Jane silently, disappeared inside.


The smell of damp and mold hit Jane's nostrils as they crept down the dark, dank corridor. As they rounded the corner at the end, Jane stopped. A steep set of old steps, led down to another level below them. Jane motioned for Frost to follow her and they descended into the bowels of The Old North Church. Its rot permeated the air. Dust and cobwebs hung everywhere. It was so dark they were struggling to see, but as they advanced cautiously, they saw a light glowing, further along. The musty air hung around them, the taste on her tongue was acrid.

Jane took a lung full of fetid air and pressed on, her feet hardly made a sound. She could feel Frost at her right shoulder, as she reached down to turn the volume down on her radio. Both Detectives slithered their feet forward, closer to the light and stopped.

I can understand why you hate your father, Mike, but you can't hurt women because he did...Maura's voice came clearly from beyond the door in front of them.

You're all the same! Mike snarled. You tempt us with sex and then won't give us what we want. You know nothing! My mother was the worst one and my father had to punish her. You don't understand! He was screaming now.

Jane's expression grew black. She looked at Frost in the dim light and hissed. "Kick it open..."

Frost's strong leg smashed at the door and it swung back hard, on its old, rusty, hinges. The Detectives rushed into the room "Police! Stop right there!"

Mike, the sound guy, was standing menacingly over a small figure, huddled in a dark corner. It was Maura. He turned sharply, wild rage was etched across his manic face, a raised gun swung towards the Detectives. Jane didn't flinch, blink or breathe as she fired shots into each of his legs and dropped him. He screamed out in pain and swung his gun wildly at Maura. Jane finished him. One perfectly aimed bullet at his heart ended the life of Mike...the sound guy.

Maura!" Jane ran to her and fell to her knees. The Doctor was wrapped in a thick dirty coat. Her face was smeared with dirt, her bloodied lip was split and swollen. She flung her arms around Jane's neck and broke down with the relief and knowledge it was over.

"I was so frightened..." Maura's racking sobs bit into Jane's heart.

"Maur, oh God Maur...You're safe now. You're safe. I got you...I'm so sorry..." Jane struggled to keep her own tears from overwhelming her.

Frost kicked the body on the floor, it didn't move. Dead eyes stared up into nothing. He, wearily, walked out the room to radio in to Korsak and the units to begin to process the crime scene. He had also left, to give the two women some time alone.

"I knew you'd find me...I knew..." The blonde head was buried deeply into Jane's neck.

"You did it Maur...It was you!" Jane's watering eyes, smiled tenderly. "You lead me to you. You're amazing. Thank God you're safe. I love you...I love you so much..." Her voice broke with the emotion she felt and the sure and certain knowledge that Maura was her life. Nothing was more important to the Detective than this woman, wrapped in her strong arms.

The blonde head pulled away from Jane's neck. Those brave, green golden eyes, shone with tears and a hint of a smile "...Then kiss me..."

Jane didn't need to be asked twice, nor did she panic in her usually anal way. She lowered her lips to the ones that rose eagerly, to meet hers and pulled Maura into a passionate kiss, filled with a strong need and relief.

"Ouch!" Maura pulled away sharply and laughed. "I think we will have to wait to finish our first kiss..." She ran her trembling hand over the split and swollen lip and winced.


Jane had taken some vacation time to look after Maura and hadn't left her side since they had gotten back to the Doctor's home a few days ago. Korsak and Frost had come round with a huge bouquet of flowers from the Boston Police Department, the gesture had touched Maura deeply. They wanted to take her statement quickly, so she could get on with recuperating in peace. Both men had given her a gentle hug and told her how brave she had been. They also wanted to let the two women have some 'alone time '. Korsak had actually welled up with tears when Frost had told him they had finally gotten together and was still ribbing the sensitive, older Detective about being in touch with his feminine side'.

Everyone at the Police Headquarters knew they'd had near nothing to go on until Maura stepped in. She had been hugely instrumental in ending the frightening crimes committed by Michael Dean, the sound guy. It turned out that he had played the organ for the choir of the Old North Church. He had also played DJ and PA'd around some of the other dancing clubs. Further inquiry had brought to light that he'd had a long file of being institutionalized since childhood.

His cruel father had abused him emotionally and with such severity, by beating his mother in front him, that his mind had snapped itself away from any form of rational sanity. His perception of women from then on had twisted into cruel, callous abuse of them. It had become his reality, albeit a grossly distorted one, to punish them for tempting him. Maura explained to Jane what she had learned. "It's often the case with such dissociation, that their learned behavior becomes a way for them to release their own pain. I think it so sad, how a perfectly innocent child's mind can be damaged, to the point that they want to hurt other people to try and feel some form of normalcy." The compassionate Doctor sighed, sadly.

Jane thought he was a whack job, but knew Maura would have chastised her at not being very politically correct with her Mental Health awareness, so she kept her opinion to herself for once.

The thing with love - the kind of deep, all encompassing love Jane felt for Maura, was no matter how much their opinions may differ, it never threatened the bond between them.

"I knew you would find me. I never doubted it for a minute. It was what kept me going..." Maura looked at the Detective with deep affection, pulling her hand onto her lap.

"It was you Maur...all your clues...led me to you. I can't take the credit."

Maura's eyes twinkled mischievously, remembering the a clue that Jane hadn't reeled off her list, when she was piecing them all together on that fateful night. Maura had still been able to hear Jane's voice through her hidden ear piece"...And what about Paul Revere?"

"What about him? He another one of ya James Bond characters or somethin'?" Jane teased.

Maura's eyes crinkled with her laugh "No Jane...He was the man, that on the night of April 18, 1775, warned our country that the British troops were coming... Robert Newman, a silversmith, climbed the steeple, and hung the two lanterns which set off the War for Independence."

"Oh right...but...errr...what's he got to do with your clues?" Jane was puzzled again. Does she know, like...everything?

Maura smiled "Nothing, I just like interesting historical facts." She didn't have the heart to tease Jane that it was the statue of Paul Revere that Maura had also mentioned in her covert clues. The statue had his name, boldly emblazoned on it for all to see. The Detectives had walked straight passed. It no longer mattered, they had gotten to her anyway. Thank heaven.

A light came on in Jane's eyes, suddenly. "Oh! When you said worshiped and revered. It was him? Paul Revere by the church? That big statue with the guy on the horse?" The Doctor nodded and chuckled. "History was never my strong point, Maur...How ya feeling now?"

Maura was wrapped in a blanket with her feet tucked underneath her and smiled "I'm fine, Jane. Thank you." Her finger ran over her lip "My lip seems to have healed quickly, too." She flashed a smile that Jane didn't understand straight away. "So...didn't we have something to finish?"

Jane's puzzled brow shot upwards as Maura's words registered their meaning and she blushed. "Oh! I...shee...errr...ummm.. ." She seemed to have suddenly mastered a language, that sounded a lot, like Arabic.

"Jane, I want to kiss you, so please stop stammering and come here..." Maura grinned.


Their kiss turned heatedly, into a need of another kind. Maura took Jane's hand and led her to her bedroom. The big, goofy Detective was no longer goofy, was no longer nervous, was no longer needing to hide her love from Maura. It was written all over her face and she would have tried lassoing the stars for the Doctor, had she have asked for one, to keep. Maura came closer and began to unbutton the shirt Jane was wearing. Her deft fingers ran down her chest and she looked into her eyes for a moment. Jane smiled. They undressed each other slowly. Gazes travelled over bodies that were being unwrapped with excited curiosity.

Jane gently laid Maura on her bed and kissed her again. Their tongues explored lips and mouths with a quickening arousal that needed to be quenched.

Maura reached over to the bedside table and pressed a button on a gadget. The hypnotic beat of UBQ's When I Fell in Love, floated into the room. Jane grinned with surprise.

"I asked them to play this at the club, so I could dance for you..." Maura smiled.

"I...I...I..." Jane squeaked and stammered again. She took a laboured breath and tried peeling her stuck tongue off the roof of her mouth. "You gonna pole dance on me?" Her voice rose to such a supersonic pitch, only dogs could here her now.

Maura laughed, softly and chose to ignore Jane's faux pas that, technically speaking, in this context, it would be considered a lap dance. "No more words...just...let our bodies do the talking...we don't need a pole for this..." She whispered sexily, as she rolled on top of Jane and straddled her. She unhooked her bra and lowered it slowly, teasingly. Jane gasped as her perfect breasts revealed themselves for the very first time. She could see rosebud nipples, hardening under her gaze. The slow sensuous movements of the Doctor's hips grinding onto the Detective's, with the beat of the music, was causing a throbbing, wet, heat to ripple through them.

Maura bent over and lowered her lips to Jane's and kissed her slowly, teeth nipped her bottom lip, playfully, then moved down to her neck and bit the pulse point gently. A husky groan was all that Jane could manage.

The trail of hot kisses caressed her shoulder and made their way to her covered breasts. Maura slipped her hands under the Detective's back and quickly unhooked the bra and pulled it off in one fluid move. Her eager warm mouth captured a nipple, that quickly grew hard inside the Doctor's mouth. Jane's back arched with pleasure. The feeling fired its way to her groin and her hips pushed themselves further up between Maura's legs. The Doctor groaned at the contact, but continued kissing and licking. Her gentle fingers caught the waist of her boy shorts, as she slid further down the long legs underneath her and pushed them off. Her lips continued kissing and nibbling her way down her flat stomach to the tops of her thighs.

Maura settled between those long legs and looked up with an expression that took Jane's breath away. Then the blonde head lowered, pushing her legs further apart, opening her wider to her gaze. The Doctor's tongue claimed her in the only way that Jane wanted to be possessed and she let out a gasp.

"You taste wonderful..." Maura voice was husky with desire.

Jane couldn't speak. She wasn't stammering, she just couldn't think straight to form coherent words. This time it didn't matter. It was just about the feeling and no words were needed.

Maura pushed her tongue further inside. Her own breathing was becoming more shallow and erratic, as the well of desire, she had held in check for so long, finally broke free. She replaced her tongue with her fingers and her soft lips captured the tip, sucking it deep into her mouth, until she let her tongue lick in slow, sensual circles. It pulled Jane higher and burned in that incredibly intense way, that feels so good.

Maura was lost in the heat of her, the taste of her, and the smell of her - all of which was uniquely Jane. She could feel her own centre throbbing. She had wanted to make love with this woman, love her, be with her, for so long, that she began to think it would only ever happen in her dreams. Doctor Isles had been falling deeply in love with the unwitting Detective for quite some time and had often wondered how the super smart, crime solver, that was Jane, had been so slow in detecting something that should have been as plain as the nose on her face.

Jane suddenly pulled Maura up from between her legs and rolled her on her side. They faced each other, both gasping for breath.

The air around them crackled with an intense, euphoric need. Maura felt her own soaking panties being lowered and replaced by insistent fingers that began to push into her wet heat. She cried out with unexpected pleasure as the feeling pulled her so close, so quick, to the edge.

They touched each other with a rhythm that felt so right, so perfect that there was no room for anything other than the sweet release that they were both heading towards.

Their hot, aching bodies shook and tensed as hands and mouths encouraged them on. Jane's long fingers slid deeply into Maura, she groaned aloud as they were gripped tightly, but she continued to push deeper still, with a strong, sure movement that hit Maura's g-spot on every stroke. It was setting them both on fire. Her thumb circled Maura's swollen tip and she felt her begin to shake towards orgasm. The dexterous Doctor never broke her rhythm on Jane, who was racing to meet her.

Maura's hips rolled with pleasure, grinding against Jane's hand as she climbed higher and higher towards the release she had hungered for, had waited for and had needed, for far too long. "Jane...I'm...!" She cried out.

"Oh God...Maura...Me too!" Her lover's words pushed her into the climactic free-fall of releasing passion.

They cried and panted into a frenzied kiss as their bodies erupted with pleasure, rocking them wildly. Gasps and groans slipped out of their kiss and they hung on to each other, shaking with the exquisite waves of ecstasy that rolled and pushed them on, until they both floated back down to earth, totally spent.


Jane lay on her back, her eyes closed, with a wonderful sex hangover that made her sigh blissfully "Will for me, one day?"

"Maybe...If you're good." Maura teased.

"Where do you go to buy a pole?" Jane's interest was genuine.

"Oh, I already have one..." Maura's lazy reply came through a smile.

"Where? I've never seen it..."

" It's in the guest house."

"Oh..." Jane suddenly sat bolt upright and looked down at Maura. "Wait! What? The guest house where my mother lives?"

"Yes Jane." Maura answered with innocence.

"The, Maur? Errr...Where Ma is?" Jane's face resembled that of one who had caught their granny in her underwear.

"Yes I do believe your mother is still there...and so is the pole..."

"Oh...She's never said...She doesn't use it, does she?" Jane panicked with the thought. She wasn't sure what she was meant to be feeling, but the idea of Angela Rizzoli hanging upside down on it was making her uncomfortable.

"Yes she does..." Maura face showed no sign of teasing " hang her washing line from..."

Jane roared with laughter. Way t'go Ma...She settled back down and wrapped her arms around Maura's waist. "So,why did ya give up pole dancing anyway?"

"Because of a broken heart, I think." Maura answered, quietly.

Jane didn't understand and said so.

Maura rolled over and took a sip of her wine, then settled closer in Jane's arms. "Her name was Jessica. She was also a pole dancing instructor. Jenyne introduced us and Jessica became my partner. The three of us used to have so much fun together. Between them, they turned me into a reasonable dancer."

"Reasonable? That's the understatement of the year! You were better than the other girls!" Jane chuckled

Maura grinned, mischievously, "Oh? Where you watching Detective?" Jane nudged her, playfully. Then she grew quiet again and said "I couldn't face the pole again when Jessica died."

"God, I'm sorry! How'd she die?"

" metastasized so quickly that she didn't really have a chance...I'm a Doctor and I couldn't help her. I felt helpless as I watched her slip away. Jenyne and I lost touch after Jessica passed. They were so very close, she considered Jessica to be like her sister. It was hard for all concerned." Maura hugged Jane closer to her, partly for comfort and partly to assure those brown eyes that flashed with a trace of insecurity.

Understanding hit her, harshly and she closed her eyes with embarrassment at remembering her jealous outbursts about pole dancing, "Oh God! I'm so sorry...I acted like an idiot about the whole pole dancing thing...I was kinda jealous."

Maura entwined her fingers between the Detective's and placed their hands over her heart. "I know you were and I understand. Besides, you didn't know, Jane. You have nothing to be sorry about. A sin is not a sin until you're conscious of committing it." Her green golden eyes smiled, gently.

" forced yourself to face something that reminded you of a painful time in your past! For what? To get yourself kidnapped by a psycho? The wonderful Boston Police Department?" Jane had been frustrated that they had been responsible for putting the Doctor in danger because of this case. Now she was angry at herself. If she could have resurrected Michael Dean, the sound guy, she would have shot him all over again.

Maura chuckled "No, not for the wonderful Boston Police Department...I did it for you."

"For me? Why?"

"...Because I wanted to help." Maura shrugged.

"But jeez! There has to be a line that doesn't get crossed, y'know? To protect yourself! I mean when d'ya say enough is enough...?"

Maura looked at her, deeply and smiled "Never...not to the one you love...or plan to spend the rest of your life with..."

~ The End

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