"If you had another lifetime to live after this one, how would you live it?"

Norway had genuinely been curious of the inner workings of his Danish lover and he always wondered how he'd respond to sophisticated questions. Of course it was fairly seldom for the Dane to take any of his questions seriously.

But all that had changed when Denmark was diagnosed with a cancer in his latest stage. It was too late to do anything, really. He only had so little time to live for. They were both lying down in Denmark's lavish meadow, observing the stars in the cloudless sky. The green meadow stretched for miles in all directions. Denmark had always claimed that it looked much better during winter, when the snow blanketed everything, and the ground looked so crisp and clean.

Denmark rolled over and looked at Norway.

"I'd find you again in my next life, and I'll live it out exactly the same way I've lived out this one."

Norway felt fresh tears spring to his eyes. It was dark, so Norway didn't bother to wipe away the tears.

"Even if it means, I'll have to die of cancer again, I'd go through all that just to be with you again," Denmark murmured, twining their fingers together.

A strangled sob escaped from Norway's lips. Although it wasn't he who was about to die, he felt as if a thousand glass shards had dung deep into his heart. Denmark wrapped an arm around Norway's slim waist and pulled Norway into a tender embrace.

"It's ok Nor, I'll see you in our next life time! And the next time we meet, we'll be happier! And I'll love you all the same." Denmark said, feigning happiness and then he placed a soft kiss on Norway's head.

"The next time we'll meet… We'll be happier... And we'll love each other all the same…"

Norway repeated the words softly to himself. Like a chant, or a wish about to come true.

A/N: Some sad tragedy thing. I hope you like it! I'm not sure if there's snow in Denmark or if someone who's dying of cancer is allowed to roam around free. But what's written is written. R&R please!

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-Edit: I was doing some math hw when it struck me how a multi-chaptered story could come out of this one shot. Like uhhh, Norway creates come machine that allows him to travel to his next life where he meets the other Denmark there. I haven't crafted much of it yet, but if the idea gains wide acceptance, i might just do it :) Give me your opinion! :D