Oscar awoke to feel the sunlight on his face. He stretched and sat up looking about his room, his photos of his dad, his lamp by his bed, his pictures with emerald and his school bag sitting in the corner. He got dressed for school and pulled his rucksack over his back and headed off. When he arrived he met rose and carrie and they started chatting about their last mission they had been on. Oscar looked across the playground and spotted emerald. Her blonde flowing behind her as she walked towards him.
'Hey oscar' she called and he walked over to her.
'Hey beautiful' he said kissing her.
'Ugh, get a room you two' rose said laughing as they pulled apart and blushed. They walked over to them and started talking about how stark had ended up with a bowl of water being poured over him. Emerald and oscar had been given a stern talking to for joining skul but afterwards they filled a bowl with freezing cold water and placed in on his door.
'You should have heard him scream like a girl' emerald said and they all burst out laughing. Their communicators buzzed and the four of them headed of to base. They arrived down and looked about for frank.
'Hello?' emerald said and they heard someone trying to say something but it was muffled.
'Frank?' rose said as they went round the corner. Frank had a gadget in one hand and tape tied round his mouth. The tape was connected to the gadget and he had accidently fired it at himself. They laughed and oscar helped him get it off.
'New gadget from HQ' he said tossing it to the side. They went to the computers and frank explained there mission.
'These banks and being broken into and thousands of pounds have been taken, same amount and same patterns, you're job is to find out who's doing it and stop them. They nodded and searched through the bank details and security camera's. One caught emeralds eye and they went back to it. Three people as usuall but there was a fourth with them. He had a small brown messy beard and long thin brown hair. He was wearing an old green faded coat and was helping them pack the money into crates.(you know who it is yet?).
'Have you seen him before?' emerald asked pointing to him. Oscar looked more closely.
'Didn't he come into training once?, you know skul training' he asked saying the last part quietly. Everyone else had forgotten about it, apart from stark and himself.
'Yeah, i think he did, what was his name again?' emerald asked trying to think. Then oscar remembered.
'Vincent' they said together.;)
'Who?' rose asked looking at the tape.
'That guys name is vincent, he works for skul' emerald said zooming in on his face.
'At least we know who's behind the raids' carrie said printing the picture off.
'Frank...' she called and went to show him. They searched through the tapes after that and he was in all of them.
'So he's now helping them' rose said trying to find his file.
'He's got no records, no birth certificate and no medical records' rose said leaning back and sighing. This guy was good.
'So he's got no records, we can't find anything on him and he works for skul, can this get anyworse?' rose asked. They heard frank call out in suprise and then walk out with tape on his mouth.
'I had to ask' she said and they went to help him.